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Garnier Pure Active Anti-Imperfections Cooling Roll-On Review

** Pictures were only watermarked, cropped and combined in collages. No alterations, photoshop, etc. were done. =)

*** Long and intensive review. This is not a sponsored post. Item was purchased sent to me by the company and what's written here are based on my own experiences and therefore are my pure and honest opinions. I wasn't paid nor compensated to write this review.

Another Garnier review for you peeps! ^__^

This item came together with the Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub that I got last May. It was only recently that I tried this product. 

If you read my posts about my Happy Weekend(s) of June, I was able to go out and have a good time with my hubby and friends (read about it here). I also went out to meet the lovely Ms. Martha of The Beauty Junkee (read the about it here.). Whenever I go out, I always want to look pretty and polished. As much as really wanted to, I want to go out without or with only minimal make-up. But how would I do that if I have bumps? TT__TT

Last June 15th, my nose is painful and hurts a lot. I knew right there and then that a zit (or two) will erupt on the surface of my skin. It was red and a couple of bumps were starting to appear, too. So, on the night that we'll be meeting our friends and on the day I was about to meet Ms. Martha, I couldn't help but conceal the redness and bump about to show up on my nose. =(

That was the time I decided to grab the Garnier Pure Active Anti-Imperfections Cooling Roll-On sitting on my desk...

What it claims...
Anti-imperfections action:
Concentrated in Purifying Salicylic acid, its fresh non-greasy formula quickly dries out imperfections instantly.

Anti-marks fading action:
Enriched with HerbaRepair™, known for its regenerating and repairing properties, it helps to improve skin, minimize redness and fade out marks.

How to use:
Apply directly onto and around imperfections and their marks as soon as they appear. Continue applying until they have cleared. Avoid eye area.

What I love about it...
  • Did lessen the pain and redness.
  • Helped reduce visible marks.
  • Dries up pimples fast.
  • Cooling sensation. It helps soothe the pain and irritation. =D
  • The tube is translucent, making it easy to see how much product is left inside. =)

What I don't love about it...
  • The smell is okay, but it can be too strong when you apply it around the nose area. So strong that it'll hurt your nose.
  • The packaging. The roll-on can be a bit unsanitary since you have to use the roller ball directly on the pimple and affected area. So, no sharing to others, okay? =D
  • You can have dry patches of skin if you keep using it from time to time. Since salicylic acid works as an exfoliant, it acts by peeling and sloughing away the dead skin cells. 

P199 for a 15 ml tube. 

Where to buy?
It is available at Watson's and Supermarkets nationwide.

Whom would I recommend this to?
People with acne-prone skin and other kinds of imperfections like whiteheads and blackheads. Handy for teens and students who want to have clear skin. Also perfect for times when you are preparing for a special event and there's a zit trying to be a party-pooper. =D


4 out of 5
Effective as it is as a product, but I hope Garnier could get over and move on with the roll-on packaging and come up with something innovative and sanitary. =)

  • Always make sure your face is clean before applying this product. You wouldn't want to make things worse, you know! =D
  • Re-apply as needed, but be sure the surface of the skin is clean (Sorry, I have to reiterate that. =D). READ: Make-up free.
  • If you want to get rid of your zit fast, be religious in re-applying it. 
  • Use under make-up, but as much as possible, avoid using make-up if you're trying to treat acne and such blemishes. Trust me, it'll help heal your pimple faster.
  • Wipe the roller ball before and after using it. (Yeah, I am a clean freak! XD)
  • Avoid touching your pimple. Why? Well, touching it often will cause you to bring more infection-causing bacteria to thrive on your pimple, making it worse.
  • Always make sure that what whatever you use for your face is clean. Sometimes. the cause of acne is also from the things that we use. Bacteria grows and hides in make-up and make-up brushes. Be careful and responsible for the things that you use on your face. =)
  • Always moisturize. Salicylic acid dries up the skin so better combat dryness with a good moisturizer.

Pics and Swatches:

June 17
This was taken at 1:30am, when we arrived home from my friend's birthday (read here).

June 17 (Evening)
This was after arriving from my meet up with Ms. Martha (read here). There were about two pimples there. The worse one at the corner is just well concealed. Plus, it wasn't that noticeable yet.

June 20
This was taken after showering. The skin is soft and the zit is already "ripe". I decided to take photos before using the roll-on.

June 20
I carefully patted the area dry with a tissue then surprisingly, the skin came off! It bled a bit. See what happens next...

June 20 
Out came yellow stuff from the area. I think everything came out! =D

After the bleeding stopped, I used the roll-on on the same area to completely heal it. I'm glad I did because now, there's no trace of that awful zit on the side of my nose. =)

I would have to agree with its claims. =)

I am glad Garnier came up with this amazing product. I just hope they could change the packaging. A sanitary one, please! ^__^

Have you tried this product? Did it also amaze you?

Share your thoughts! ^__^

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ChinaDoll said...

do you have a picture of the product itself sis?

angelamhiere said...

Ooops! My bad! Sorry, sis! I was so excited to publish this post, eh! Hahaha! Will put a photo now~! ^__~

aMz88 said...

i love this product, its the reason why i have acne free chin right now, i usually break out in that area and i gave up on using medicines so i went to derma, but it still had few little ones and redness, this helped it to go away, at first it will heal the pimple, then it will cause a red spot but if u continue to use it the red spot will also fade :) i did a review on this too hehe ^^

Bee Zeuqirne said...

it's definitely a must have! even to those who are not acne prone :) Will get this soon!

angelamhiere said...

I agree! ^__^

Xydraun said...

Hi.. garnier anti imperfections can heal pimple scars too?

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