Friday, July 30, 2010

Teaching 101

I used to be a student and if I'll be given another chance to study, I'll keep going back to school to learn more.
I have a passion in both learning and teaching. Guess I'm really meant to be a teacher.
If you want to be a good teacher, remember this:
Learn to respect your student.
Better start with something as simple as that. =)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

Random Stuff... =D

I can't stop writing, although I mentioned in my previous post that I'll do so. XD
So, I'd write about random stuff...
One of my former students, which I really love, sent me an e-mail. It makes me so happy receiving messages from people that appreciate me. ^__^
I miss you too, Ivy! ^__^
My online shop is still pending. I can't work on it yet because I am still trying to figure out the basics for such business. I'll sell different sorts of stuff. I'll sell authentic make-up from the US (MAC, NYX, etc.), clothes, accessories and gadgets. So if someone out there is reading about this sentiment of mine, please help me out. Please, please, please!!! O___O
I left Hyun-Ae with Honey's mom today. I don't have to worry that much. I'm pretty sure she's having tons of fun playing Plants Vs. Zombies. ^__^
Talk about Hyun-Ae, I've got some programs installed in her. I got Photoshop, Sony Vegas and Acoustica MP3 Mixer. Problem is, I still can't work with them because I still don't know how to use them. =D
Can someone help me? I plan to edit pictures for Honey and I plan to design our own wedding stationary. ^__^
I hope someone could help me with Photoshop, Sony Vegas and Acoustica MP3 Mixer... =)
I'm hoping God send me an Angel who could help me with some of the things I mentioned here... =D

Mastering the Art of Simplicity

Happy Monday! ^__^
I am so happy and in-love today. =)
Well, although Honey and I are together 24 Hours a day, and work on the same company and live in the same neighborhood (compound, should I say? =D), we can't have a lot of quality time together because of many things that we have to mind around us.
I totally missed him a lot. As in.
Maybe it was also the reason why I was acting up a bit too much lately... =D
Anyway, he was so sweet this morning, with a bit of his annoying self... Hahaha! So, what made my morning? Well, just a warm hug from him. Yes, A hug and it melted all the ice queen growing in me. I just went a bit teary-eyed and told him that I missed him... =D
Sorry, I think I shouldn't be blogging these things here. Hehehe... Especially if Norby is around. Hahaha!
Anyway, as my title suggests, I think it's just appropriate to include it here. I mean, part of it shows simplicity. How? Well, simple things in life that are priceless. His embrace is enough to make me smile throughout the day. =)
Now, let's hop on to make-up. (Yeah, it's a big leap from life issues to make-up... Hahaha!) I think I am now mastering the art of simple make-up. I have been sporting simple day make-up since i-don't-remember and I am loving how it turns out naturally each day. I love the Asian-Korean-Japanese no make-up look these days because it accentuates my features. I love drawing a wing to emphasize on my favorite part of my face: my eyes. ^__^
If you have been paying attention to my posts, I always place emphasis on my eyes. I started doing this when people start noticing my eyes. Okay, I am not boasting about them but a lot of people told me that I got a beautiful (???) set of eyes. Me not sure. If that's the case, okay. I would keep emphasizing them. ^__^
I also realized that I am getting better at the eye-lining and line-flicking department. =)
Ahhh... simple things... makes me smile... =)
Here are some pics. Be the judge. ^__~
FOTD 072610: Simple Asian-Korean-Japanese Make-up
Say Kimchi!!! =D
A close-up... =)
I wanna share my outfit for the day but I can't take a decent shot... =''"( I'll try to ask Honey to take a picture of me later and I'll post it soon. I think I haven't shared a real post on my outfits. =D ...Honestly, I don't have a lot of clothes. I don't really have a lot to wear and another realization. I have to add some items in my wardrobe. =D
I'll share more stuff with you soon. I can't write further because I'm getting colds and it's (literally and figuratively) cold here in the office, giving me serious back pains. Many have left already.
So, which make-up style do you like? ^__^

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The 53rd Monthsary Date... + What Honey Brought Me + Small Ranting Over Hair + FOTD

If you've read my post yesterday, you would be aware that Honey and I celebrated our 53rd Monthsary. =)
Last night, after work, we headed to a very, very, cheap Hamburger Stall (which we usually do with our friends) along San Miguel Ave. I made a little joke like, "Honey, is this how we'll spend our 53rd Monthsary?" and laughed it off. After eating, our friend Sam, paid the bill for us as a treat! Hahaha! She also took a picture of us together, which I was really planning to have. Seriously, thanks, Sam! ^__^
Honey! Smile! Don't eat yet! XD
Dates are fun, and girls love going out with their loved ones. However, in our situation, we can't really spend a lot of time together going out because of some reasons. Mainly: we are saving up for the wedding and our work schedule can't let us go on dates, unlike when we were in the AM shift, we can wander around the mall and go somewhere else after 2 PM...
Anyway, I don't mind not going out on dates with Honey. I know for sure that we will have time for it soon after the wedding. Dates aren't just for BFs and GFs, right? Dates are for everyone! ^__^
Today, Honey made it up to me. He brought me a couple of yummy Choco Donuts from Country Style. =)
Yummy Donuts! ^__^
Awww... Thanks, Honey! ^__^
My post yesterday also showcased my newly murdered, I mean, newly chopped hair, right? And I was a little disappointed with the results. Really. This morning, I took a bath earlier than the usual time I do so I can blow dry my hair. And guess what? My hair didn't get proportionately cut. Darn. A big FAIL! Looks like I really have to go to a real professional. ='''(
Aw! My Locks! =(
Oh well, it's my fault. I should have gone to Tony and Jackey's or Hair News. Now I wanna cry over my cut hair ! Lesson learned: Never, never, never, ever let an unprofessional touch your locks. Save up and go to a good salon!
I wouldn't let it ruin my mood today. I'll just munch on my choco donuts... =)
Gonna be munching on these... ^__^
Here's a simple FOTD for you all! ^__^
FOTD: Simple Asian/Day make-up(?!?) =D
Have a nice cold afternoon! ^__^

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Honey Bear and the Princess's 53rd Month Together

Hello!!! Today is a very special day. ^__^
It's our 53rd Monthsary. I am happy because we have lasted this long. I am hoping that this love of ours continue to grow stronger till our last breath...
Our first pic together...
This is my 60th post. Hahaha! I promised to blog more as soon as I get a laptop but my body is not cooperating... I still haven't started on my online shop... but am already in the process of doing so... I had Photoshop and Sony Vegas 7.0 installed on my Hyun-Ae but I still don't know how to use them. I realized the process was complicated. =D
Hmmm... I really don't know where to start because I am not feeling really good today. "Magic Days" are coming, I guess (If you are a Korean, you'll probably know what this mean. Most of them use this phrase to describe one phase in a woman's life... There you have it, a clue. =D).
I haven't made much posts because aside from the fact that new students that had been added to my schedule, this terrible pain on my lower half body almost kills me (I've been diagnosed with PCOS earlier this year and that's another suspect for this pain)... =(
Oh! Remember the post I made last week? About the Parcel? I got it last Monday evening. ^__^
Honey told me that it's a very small package. Really small. Despite of its size, I was really excited to take hold of it. Packages always delight me! ^__^
He said that his mom had to pay P40 for the tax. When we got home, he handed me the envelope but when he saw that I placed it aside for a while (deep inside, I was uber excited! I kept on inspecting the envelope! Hahaha!), he took it and opened the envelope, that kinda frustrated me... hehehe... Then he saw the 3 ml bottle of CELLNIQUE's B.LIV OFF WITH THOSE HEADS inside and showed me the product. I know, it's small. But hey! I got it for free!!! And with all the reviews that I read about it, it's really worth the P40 that his mom paid for... hahaha! I just told him that it's not available in the Philippines. =D
Off with those heads!
I'll make a mini-review of it soon. ^__^
Another update (Alright! There I go now! Ideas are pouring out!)! I got up early today and went to the salon to... finally get a HAIRCUT! I also had my nails done, I brought our THE FACE SHOP's PK-101, a frosty pink color. ^__^
EOTD 072110: Take a peek... =D
I have been planning to go to Tony and Jackey's in their SM San Lazaro Branch but it's a bit pricey.... So, I decided to just go on with the local salon near our place just to get a haircut. You know, I've been dying to get a new style since I'm starting to get bored with my hair. I made a research for some hairstyles that I want to get come the day I'll chop my hair. So, Hyun-Ae was with me and I showed the hairstylist the style I wanted.
He said it was difficult for me to get full bangs since my hair goes parted at the sides. I showed him the other pictures and without any thoughts, he started sniping my hair. As he was doing it, I feel that my heart is pounding really fast. So much for a darn haircut! I'm so scared of getting haircuts because I don't usually have my tresses cut. The last time I did so was already a year ago!
He said he was having a difficult time cutting my hair to the style I wanted. As he was saying it, I am getting nervous and more nervous. I was also thinking, "Why the hell was it difficult to copy? I showed him several pictures of the same style and all he had to do was to put some layers...". Maybe he couldn't get it right because he just woke up. I was starting to get pissed off. My hair isn't that glorious but I still love my hair. After cutting portions of my hair, he told me that he wouldn't trim the back part because the sides of my hair wouldn't look right if he would chop off the back. I decided to agree than to regret having the process done in their salon. Hello! I will get married in barely nine months! I can't afford to have short hair now. Even if I would like to, I just can't. I want to have long tresses on my wedding day.
So, he blow-dried my hair and I hopped on to my next part: Mani-Pedi! ^__^
Well, I can't say much now, I am just plain happy to get my nails done again! I haven't been to the salon for quite a time now and I missed having a Mani-Pedi. I also missed having foot spas. Oh... How I wish I could do this again regularly. (I'll post pictures of it soon... I'll retouch the polishes, the one who did my mani wasn't good at painting) =)
When I got home, Honey gave a sign of approval. I am glad he liked the style. I have been asking him about the hairstyle that would look good on me. I always bug him about things like these because I am mainly doing it not only for myself, but also for him. I wanted to always stay pretty in his eyes. ^__^
Before going to work, I pulled my hair into a pony and realized that some parts were not proportionately chopped off. Darn! If this doesn't go well, I would have to really go see a professional.
My new hair style... =)
So, what can you say about my hair? =D

Monday, July 19, 2010

Exactly a Month Before my Birthday...

Gosh... time flies so quickly! Would you imagine, I'm turning 26 YEARS OLD already!!! O__O
I remember last year, Honey's parents prepared a little party for me on my 25th birthday... I wasn't expecting that but they always surprise me with something... =)
Birthday curls...
=D ...Just had a pictorial (for the company website... hahaha!)
Food! Palabok and Cake! Yum-yum!!! ^__^
The Birthday cake from the (soon to be) mom-in-law...
I just felt so special that I couldn't get enough of taking pictures of my birthday cake! =D
My sisters
My sister, Diane... =)
And April, the youngest...
Michiro (Honey's cousin): Can I eat now?
Michiro: This is yummy...
Michiro: I can't wait for the food to be done... I'll do it myself! hehehe...
I am wondering how to celebrate my birthday this year... It will be a Thursday.... =)

Norby Ela: The 24-Hour Comic Challenge

Hi Guys! ^__^
I just want you to take a peek on our friend and co-worker Norby Ela's work, "Bakit Astig ang Pinoy". He accepted the 24-Hour comic challenge and I was pretty impressed with the outcome! Great job, Norby! ^__^
Keep up the good work, E-Pal! Ooops! PAL! XD

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Parcel? Hmmm...

Hi there! I'm blogging in the office... hahaha!
I can't use Hyun-Ae (my laptop) a lot these days because my fiancé's family is still too obsessed with her. Hehehe... My fiancé too, is too fond of playing DOTA and Plants Vs. Zombies. So, I don't have much time to spend with Hyun-Ae.
Anyway, I have a lot to blog about... =)
Oh! This morning, a postman came and looked for me. Wow! It's the first time since I first got a real mail (well, its not totally a mail, it's a Registry Notice). The first one was from the Philippine Regulations Commission, which includes the result of our Licensure exams. And that was nearly two years ago! Hahaha! So, I took the notice and since then, started wondering about who sent it. I didn't win any contests or giveaway and I didn't give my address to anyone else, except for details needed for the free samples of some products. Aha! Maybe that's from one of the companies that I sent my details to. Hmmm... My (soon to be) parents-in-law both work in the Central Post Office, and while I was thinking about what and where the package was from, my (future) dad-in-law had a little chit-chat with the postman. Hehehe... When he returned, he was nice enough to tell me that he'll claim the package for me. He'll get it for me on Monday, because there's a special event in our church tomorrow and they wouldn't go to work tomorrow. (My fiancé's family are ALL Church Choir members; All of his relatives in his father's side are good singers. ^__~ ...they also want me to join them. *^-^* SHY! Hahaha!)
A parcel?!?
Hmmm... Who sent it? What is it?
I wonder who sent it...
I feel excited and nervous. I wasn't expecting anything from anyone. Well, this is the second time that I will be getting a package. Hahaha! The first time was when my students from Jeju Island, Korea sent me some presents last Christmas. =)
I really wonder where it was from and what's inside it...
Better stay tuned, I will surely blog about what that stuff is. ^__~

Friday, July 09, 2010

Counting Sheep Because I Can’t Sleep…

Hello World! (Hehehe… I sound like a contestant in a beauty pageant…)

It’s almost 1:00 AM and I still haven’t gone to bed yet. I don’t know why, but I have been awake for almost 20 hours already! I better get some time to sleep because if not, I might (and probably!) wake up late tomorrow and won’t be able to do the things that I’m supposed to do… So, while I lure myself to Slumberland, I’ll blog for the meantime… =D

Alright, where do I start? Hmmm… Oh! If you guys are curious why I’ve been so stressed lately at work, well, the reason is, the owner of the company decided to shut down the “main” office, which is located in Ortigas. He decided to continue the operations in Cebu for some reasons. I wouldn’t want to elaborate much on that for now, since I want to send myself to sleep. If I do talk about that matter, well, it’s just going to keep me up. So, better leave that thing next time. A part of their decision was to leave a few teachers to maintain the branch here in Manila. Last Tuesday, they gathered the “chosen ones” and I was included.

That, I can consider a blessing since my Honey and I have to really save up for the most-awaited wedding. (Why most-awaited? I’ll explain soon.) In fact, his mom, who has undergone cancer treatment, is anticipating that we can still save up that fast until April next year. It’s a real pressure on us. We still haven’t opened up the issue yet because for sure, his mom would get frustrated again, like before, when she realized that we could have saved a lot for the wedding already, had it not been because of her sudden illness. Since Honey wasn’t there at that moment, I comforted her and assured her that it’s fine with us, that no one wanted it to happen to her. Honey and I wouldn’t want her to worry again, so, we decided to keep the office issue to ourselves until we find the right moment. I hope it would work.

Oh my… How I wish we could really save up fast. That’s why I’m thinking of starting an online shop and other sorts of stuff like getting a part-time job so that we can earn fast. Any suggestions?

Sorry ladies, I don’t know why I am writing about these sorts of stuff, where-in I should be sharing nice stuff with you, ayt? Well, I guess, it’s really my little piece of heaven…

Now, now, now… let’s change the mood. I wouldn’t want to bore my precious followers. I am thinking of posting up some tutorials and a few more things. Do you like any of my FOTDs? Do you want me to make tutorials of them? ^__^

If you got some suggestions, just drop by my blog and/or leave a comment. Feel free to use the C-Box on the right. Don’t hesitate to follow me on twitter, too. (Might as well just drop by my blog… I have a confession regarding twitter… =D … A couple of months ago, I got a “love letter” because of twitter… Hehehe… So much for being in the know! Hahaha! I hope that would be the first and last memo that I would ever get… Hahaha!!!)

About the wedding blog that I am planning, well, just stay tuned because I’ll be discussing some stuff with Honey Bear before I set up a blog… Please support me! ^__^

I only have 31 followers but I am happy to have all of you with me. I may or may not host a giveaway, but I hope that you stick with me till the end…

Wanna be a bit cheesy… I want to thank Honey Bear for agreeing and supporting my decision to get a laptop… I told you, he spoils me in such a way! Honey bear, thanks a lot!!! We are always together but I miss you so much because we are so tired to discuss some matters. I hope we get some time to sped for ourselves…

So much for this post, I better rest now. It’s 1:33 AM already. I gotta wake up early and prepare materials for my students later. Good morning every one! Sweet dreams! ^__^

This is angelamhiere, signing off. ^__^

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Oh Crap! I Need Help!

I have been very bothered with my blogger page. I noticed this when I started editing stuff on my posts and the spaces go weird. I think I better revamp my layout and back-up some files. I gotta use a simpler one and fix the bugs this weekend. Awww... Honestly, I am not really good at this. I need help... =(
This is really getting into me. I was actually planning to do more posts this weekend but it seems that I have to fix the whole blog first. So, friends, if ever you notice that there are weird stuff going on and changes with my site and layout, please bear with me.
I will accept help from anyone. Oh... just when I was about to blog a lot and start working on my little store, things got complicated with my own site... (Okay, maybe not that complicated; but I am not a computer engineering major and as much as I wanted to learn how to design websites, I don't even know where to start and what codes to use...) ='''(
FOTD 070710: Browns
Sad... Worried...
Sad... Worried... Stressed...
Sad... Worried... Stressed... Helpless... ='''(
Please help me... =(
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