Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bargain! Bargain!

Hello loves! ^__^

Remember my post here? I have completely forgotten to share with you our cheap finds at SM Clearance Sale. My in-laws are so good when it comes to bargain finds. Even my hubby is better than me when it comes to searching for cheap clothes and other stuff. Do you know that he's even better than me when it comes to haggling? =D

My Mom-in-law's bargain radar is real strong! Our trip to SM Clearance that day was impromptu, as hubby and I really had other plans, which is visiting our Tita Ninangwhich is my Aunt. =D

First we went to a shop at Avenida where I got a couple of denim shorts. That time, I think that I have gained weight, so, I had no other choice but to get a size larger than my usual size.


I chose denim because I really want to try the trend wherein leggings or stockings are worn under it. I usually see it in Korean and Japanese sites, shows and even fashion magazines. =D

Button up

Pink Seams

I haven't tried it but I am really planning to try that trend soon. The weather is crazy these days, so it is nice to layer instead. Ahhh... I want to wear it with a cute top or a loose top + cardigan or a sweater/hoodie + these denim shorts + leggings! ^__~

Guess how much each pair cost?

As far as I remember, they're only P80 a pair! =D

Next stop, SM Clearance Sale!

Sister-in-law and I got the same style in the same color. We have always been like twins. Funny, our helper was kinda complaining because we got the same clothes. She can't tell who owns which. Easy peasy! The one that comes in the smaller size is mine! =D

Next time, I'll share with you some of the stuff that sis-in-law and I have in common... =D

I love the ruffled sleeves!

I love how comfy this blouse is, but it is a bit loose. It's okay, better than skimpy! =D

I am kinda getting tired of wearing body-hugging clothes. I am not sexy or what. In fact, I gained weight due to my PCOS. On the other hand, people who have known me likes my current shape. Hmmm... Strange. They say I look better with a little more flesh now. o__O

Oh well! =D

Hubby found this bat-sleeved blouse and kept showing it to me. At first, I didn't like it. Another black blouse? What am I? Turning Gothic? >__<

Then I remembered my mission to add more items to my wardrobe... Plus wearing loose blouses... =D

One thing I don't like about this is, the bottom hemline. See the inverted triangle shape? Well, when I pair it with jeans, it makes me look small when the bottom hemline drops on the longer side. I am thinking of cutting it out. =D

Gigi Amore Tank Top

Blue Laced Tank Top

It was extremely hot during the time we bought this. I asked hubby, "Hey, what's with tank tops?" o__O

I hope you like our cheap finds! =)

Do you like bargain stuff? What was the cheapest item you have in your closet? Where do you shop?

I think my cheapest is P50! =D

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Aya said...

Nice haul! When was this clearance sale??? I missed it! Hahaha

angelamhiere said...

Oh! It was last May. =D

But you can always find a lot of sale items at SM Clearance (Quiapo). It's always sale there! =D

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