Monday, July 09, 2012

Just Got Lucky Series: Firmoo Glasses

Happy Monday lovelies! ^__^

How was your weekend? I hope it was great! I shall be blogging about my weekend real soon! ^__^

But first let me show you what I won from one of Jannah's giveaways.

I won a pair of plano glasses from Firmoo! ^__^

I shall be reviewing this soon. Please watch out for it! ^__^

Are you having a blast today? Well, I am having fun, thanks to my newly Chroma Straightened hair! Although I still have 10 classes to finish today, plus a minor headache, I am eager to blog about a lot of stuff to share with you! ^__^

Are you having fun yet? ----> Hahaha! So Karaoke-ish! XD

Happy Monday, loves! ^__^

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aMz88 said...

i also have to review my firmoo glasses, did not take photo of the extra things included in the pouch hehe

~aiMee/aMz, <3

Lady_Myx said...

I won Firmoo glasses too! :) But I'm still waiting for its arrival here in Batangas :)

angelamhiere said...

Good to hear! ^__^

angelamhiere said...

Exciting! ^__^

Congratulations! ^__^

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