Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Angel is Back!!!

Why hello there, my little piece of heaven! ^__^

As you might have known, I had a plan to teach in the public school at the later part of 2012. And now, I have been teaching in one of the top public schools not just in Manila, but in the Philippines for three months now. It's a little rough, but I am enjoying it. Coping and adjusting will take a long way to go and for sure, it will be a bumpy ride for me. Yet, I hope that I am doing a good job in educating my kids. ^__^

2013 had sure been a wonderful year for me. I must be honest, that it was also tough for me. Career-wise, it was a big jump. I've been so used to the online ESL system for years. Imagine, I've been doing this kind of work for five years. Working full-time in a new environment was a total shock to me. When I went to the Division Office and they told me to report to school that same day, I wasn't even prepared! I'll write about this on a different post. *Writes down on a notepad* =)

How awesome was my 2013? Let me share it with you... Please click on this on the image to view. ^__^

One of the many highlights of my 2013 was when I got hired as a school teacher. I would love to talk about my adventures in school next time!

It's mid-week! Let's celebrate! ^__^

P.S: It's still taking me a while to blog more, but I am taking it one at a time. You know, school's really busy and all, and it is my first year of school teaching. I hope you all understand. Please do look forward for my future posts and reviews! ^__^

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