Monday, June 07, 2010

♥♥♥♥♥♥ My Desktop ♥♥♥♥♥♥

I just wanna share my desktop display...
Look at this stuff... Isn't it neat...?
Ariel is one of my favorites among the Disney Princesses... =)
I never thought I could post an entry today... I am very busy...
I got a lot to blog about, but I am too overloaded with ideas that I can't write about them because of my job... Besides, I had to transfer to my old station because of some changes with the teams. Anyway, I might start a Wedding blog regarding our wedding preparations... So, you better watch out for it... ^__^
If you have any suggestions, just message me through my C-Box, twitter, or comment below. ^__^
Special thanks to CoLine, who always encourage me to keep writing. ^__^
Don't worry, I'll blog soon.
I love you all!!! ^__^


OMG!!! I didn't notice that it's already my 50th blog entry!!! ^__^

I'll try to keep writing...! =)

Hmmm... any ideas or requests for my future posts? ^__^


Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Songs I Listen to Now...

I have this love for K-Pop and Korean styles... maybe I got it from teaching Koreans. =D I just find them so cute!!! Anyway, here's what I listen to: Wonder Girls' Two Different Tears and Caribbean Bay's CF theme by SNSD and 2PM! ^__^
Wonder Girls are so cute in this video. Plus the fact that Bobby Lee is included in the video made the video funny to watch. =D
SNSD and 2PM are featured in Caribbean Bay's CF (Commercial). Caribbean Bay is part of Everland, one of the famous and biggest resort-theme parks in South Korea. The girls and of course, the guys are so sexy, they make me feel so envious! =D
Although there's an English version, I will (and have to) practice singing Two Different Tears in Korean. I will sing it for my students as a challenge (and a prize as well!) ^__~
Wish me luck!!!
Sugar Apple (Wonderful Generation)
Wondergirls (Official Youtube Channel)

Yo, Bo!

Friends, wanna know about my line of work in a fun(-ny) way? If you're interested in reading comic strips and stuff like that, then this is the thing for you. Check out "Yo, Bo!", a comic book about Bo, an English Communications Specialist, like me. Read about his adventures and of course, misadventures... hehehe... You can check out the site here. Creators are my friends and co-workers, Sam (a fellow blogger - actually, she's my GL... ehehehe...), Big Mark and Norby. Hope you enjoy reading about Teacher Bo (because I did)... He represents us! Hahaha!
Meet Teacher Bo
BTW, I think they'll be putting a part there where my Honey will appear. I'm so excited! Wish they include me... hahaha!!! Here's the link about Honey. ^__^
Tell me what you think about the comic book. ^__^

I'm So In-Love!!!

The weather makes me feel so in-love... add up the great Korean movies that we have seen... i don't know if Honey notices it but I've been staring at him with starry, fluttery eyes... =D

FOTD 060210: Simple Browns
HOTD 060210: My Sassy Girl Chun Hyang (Korean Drama) inspired hanging buns (I want to have some curls less the heat. ^__~)

Yeah... he notices it... actually, he's scared of what's going on with me... Earlier in the cab, I was telling him lots of things (like I used to)... from our wedding day plans to make-up... I told him that I want to invest in something, like an online business or maybe becoming a freelance make-up artist. If that happens, and if on our wedding, I would have to put on the make-up of my bridesmaids, then, I would have to buy good stuff, as his mom suggested earlier. (Woohoo!!! Thanks for that UBER GREAT, FANTASTIC idea, future mom-in-law!) She also wants to recommend me to be the make-up artist on the wedding of Honey's cousin's wedding this year. This is it! This is the start of my make-up artist career! Hahaha! It makes me feel so giddy!!! Then in the middle of my dreamy sighs, he said... you scare me... You're like a Korean woman (in the movie we watched last night - We only saw this movie, "Bizarre Love Triangle" or "철없는 아내와 파란만장한 남편 그리고 태권소녀" (in Hangeul). One of the characters, Eun-hui, was extremely ambitious and selfish. No offense meant to my lovely Koreans. We SUPER LOVE Koreans, honestly. ^__^). Add up the actions that Koreans do when they are trying to be cutesy-cutesy... ^__~ I don't know, I just noticed it myself, too... XD

I also kept on saying "I love you" to Honey, which he finds weird (Hey, I used to be sweet and still sweet towards him but he finds my actions weird these days... hahaha!) He was telling me to stop because I scare him and he finds it really weird. I even ask him to do specific things. Hahaha! Scares him, thinks I'm preggy! Fail! Hahaha!!!

Anyway, this cold weather makes me so in-love... or is it the coffee I'm drinking? ^__^

Have a happy June, my dear friends! ^__^


What do you think about the following:

♥ Opening an online business (I have to think of a way to earn extra income... We are saving up for our wedding and I also want to keep some for myself... ^__^)

♥♥ Starting a wedding blog (shows updates on our wedding and the planning stages)

♥♥♥ Becoming a freelance make-up artist (I think I have what it takes to become one... It's my talent, it's my passion... why not put it to good use, right? ^__~)

♥♥♥♥ Get a haircut this weekend (I want to try a new style, but a wearable one... So, I am in the hunt for nice hairstyles. ^__^ Read: Need help!)

BTW, thanks to Eki, for allowing me to use some pics from her site... I wanted to have a wearable haircut and her style is totally awesome! I hope Honey approves of some of the hairstyles that I found. Check out Eki's site here. ^__^

Friends... meet Eki. She's such a doll, right? ^__^

Please leave a comment... I want to know your opinions... =)



Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Cold, Sleepy Tuesday!!! Summer is over!

Yawn!!! Hahaha! I literally yawned as I was typing this line... The weather is cold, wet and really nice. I can say, I'd prefer this kind of weather when I had to stay indoors. I like summer but the intense heat last summer had cause a little trauma on me. Trauma! Too much to say! Hahaha! Anyway, the weather these couple of days are making me so drowsy... I wanna sleep all day! If only I could stay home and sleep and be in front of the computer to browse and blog... (That would be until I get a laptop of my own and quit this job. Soon, I would quit and work in a real school...)
FOTD: 060110
Asian look... I am wearing a cute mini-dress and leggings with these boot-like shoes... (Oh dear! I forgot it's name!!!) then I wore the blazer hanging on my chair... I felt like a Korean in my outfit... ^__^
I am so lazy today to make a long post... hehehe...
Hmmm... I wanna go home and sleep all day... eat all day... daydream all day... ^__^
What do you usually do on cold, rainy days?
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