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An Elixir From A Goddess: Krave Minerale Panacea Olio Nutriente Full Review

** Pictures were only watermarked, cropped and combined in collages. No alterations, photoshop, etc. were done. =)
*** Long and intensive review. This is not a sponsored post. Item was purchased sent to me as a giveaway prize and what's written here are based on my own experiences and therefore are my pure and honest opinions. I wasn't paid nor compensated to write this review.

Hello every one! It's the first Monday Tuesday of the second half of the year! Whew! We're half-way through 2012! =D

It feels good to be back after being sick last week. I caught colds and flu and I just knew I had to battle it so I had loads of calamansi juice + vitamin c + medicines. Good thing it worked because I hate having colds. Imagine the excruciating headache plus having difficulties breathing. Aigoo! I may not be completely well but I am far better than last week! ^__^

Gyah! Last week, I was originally planning to post a lot of stuff, and now, I got tons of stuff to blog about! Talk about backlogs... hahaha!!! 

Oh well! Let's start! ^__^

Do anyone here remember my tutorial on my "Quick and Easy Top Bun Tutorial"? If not, better check it out! Hahaha! =D

Some pretty ladies commented about my hair, which was a bit surprising. I thought, "Really?" I told them that I shall be sharing it but it was only this time that I got the chance to do so. =)

Wanna know my secret? It's none other than... Krave Minerale's Panacea! ^__^

I've been using it for a few months now and I am in love with it. It was sent to me a few months ago as a prize for guessing the answer of the name of the Greek goddess of remedy, which is apparently, the same name of Krave Minerale's new and latest product. Being the Mythology buff that I am, I tried to recall the names of the Titans, Gods and Goddesses, even the muses and characters from Greek Mythology that I have learned from College. I had to double check my answer, too. You know, Greek Mythology can be tricky, so I just have to double check my answer. Haha! Yeah, yeah, that's how competitive I am... XD

Guess what? Yeah... I won! Haha! XD

Little did I know that this small bottle of wonder would change my life forever! =D

My Hair and Skin Background:
Ever since I had PCOS (short for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), my skin had been prone to break outs. I've been forever looking for a way to control them. I have hormonal imbalance, and no matter how much I take care of my skin, acne, white heads and black heads would sprout from time to time. I can still remember *play "Love Story (Where Do I Begin)" in the background here* that before I had this condition, my skin was perfectly fine; I didn't break out that much. =(

On the other hand, my hair was dry and frizzy that I would always put it in a bun. It has been about two years since I last had my hair relaxed, hence, the unhealthy, unruly hair. I used to put use hair treatments as conditioner every day, just to have that silky soft hair. But what happened instead of having soft and smooth locks? I over-conditioned it, I guess, making my hair oily and heavy, causing oil and product buildup. =(

Here are my HONEST thoughts about it...

When I received the "potion", it was housed in a cute box and the cap was sealed. However, the oil spilled a bit during shipping, but probably a few drops were just wasted. There was no instructions or package insert telling how to use it, so, I had to wait for posts from Krave Minerale and check back their FB page to find out how to use it.

How to Use:

  • For Hair:  Massage the oil into your scalp & leave it for at least 10 minutes before taking a bath. In my case, I let it seep into my hair and scalp and let it stay there for about 20 minutes or more, depending on my class schedule. I sometimes tend to get lazy, so, when I have little time to take a bath before a class, I teach first and let Panacea stay in my hair until I get to take a shower. =D

  • For the Face: It can actually be used in various ways. I use it at night, as a serum. When I learned that Panacea works wonders on acneic skin, I hoped that it would also work wonders on me. However, when I read that it should be used with Krave’s Cupine Aloepa Facial Wash, I felt sad, as I can't buy one yet. Until I read from Andy's blog that she used it with her current skin care products, I decided to try using it with Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub. I use Panacea nightly, after washing my face. =)

What I love about it...
  •  It really made my hair soft, shiny and fuller! There's less hair fall when I shower and after brushing my locks. ^__^
  • I don't use hair conditioner a lot these days! I only use it once in a while. =)
  • It can serve as hair serum when having bad hair days (which is rare) or if you simply want to let your hair down! =D
  • No split ends. The last hair cut I had was way back in February. Thanks to Panacea and putting my hair in a bun while slumbering, I get no split ends! ^__^
  • Although it is 100% Hemp Oil, it doesn't really feel heavy and greasy on the hair and skin. ^__^
  • It did help improve my skin's texture. My skin is more softer and supple. Premature fine lines? Erased! =D
  • I noticed that when I apply it, some whiteheads fall off occasionally.
  • My skin felt invigorated and soft in the morning.
  • It works GREAT as a serum and moisturizer.
  • It has serves a lot of benefits. 
  • All natural! Check this link for more info! ^__~
  • Cruelty-free! ^__^

Neutral... As I don't have anything to say to not love it! =D

  • The smell bothered me at first. But now, I can't sleep without having the smell of it on my face! People who like fragrant skin care product would find it unappealing, but hey! It does work wonders! I think I am now addicted to it's leafy, Moringa oleifera-ish scent! Hahaha! ^__~
  • Available only online. You're lucky if your neighbor is a Krave Minerale Distributor. =D Anyways, Krave has a growing number of distributors, so fret not! ^__^


For only P475 per 20ml (net weight) bottle, you will reap a lot of benefits! Plus, it will last you for months! =)

Where to buy?

You may visit Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals on Facebook and check their growing list of distributors. =)

Whom would I recommend this to?

Perfect for people with (According to  Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals):
  • acne
  • aging skin/wrinkles
  • fine lines
  • dry & rough skin
  • psoriasis
  • dull skin
  • eczema
  • dandruff 
  • scaly scalp
  • falling hair
  • thin hair
  • dry & lifeless hair


5 out of 5
My hair and skin loves Panacea! ^__^


  • In applying Panacea on hair, massage the oil thoroughly. when applying it on your face, you can do two kinds of motions: gentle massage and tapping motions. Use the tips of your fingers in massaging the oil, imagine you're playing the piano. =D
  • Concentrate on problematic parts on face. For example, since flare outs appear on my cheeks most of the time, I put concentrated amounts of Panacea on those areas.
  • Be sure you use clean hands before applying Panacea. You wouldn't want to make things worse, you know! ^__~
  • Try Krave's Skin Feeding Program. Check out their FB Page or ask a Krave Minerale Distributor for assistance on what Skin Feeding Program suits you. I want to try it myself, but maybe after I finish up my Panacea, so I could buy a complete set. ^__^

*Click on the photos to enlarge.*

April 4th
See how shiny and bouncy my hair is? ^__^

June 12

June 15

June 22 (After a Week)
See how the acne dried up and shrunk?

First week of Panacea
My face: I love how Panacea keep my face acne free! To think that these were photos taken during my first week of use! ^__^ 

Today, July 3rd: A photo before sleeping and ending this post. 
My imperfections have lessened and I believe that I must take more careful steps in clearing them up. =)

Whew! It took me half a day to finish this post! Glad to finally finish writing my review on Krave Minerale's Panacea! ^__^

Have you tried Krave Minerale products? 
Any thoughts? Share them below! ^__^

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Kath said...

Hi Angel, mabuti magaling ka na :D I'm looking for a moisturizer right now pero I'm using the Camellia Oil from Camaru Naturals. I want something to lighten naman my blemishes from dried pimples. Thanks for sharing :D


Thanks for the review! This looks interesting and would love to try it one of these days... I have acne and falling hair problems... boohoo. So hopefully this can solve them. Thanks again for sharing! ♥

angelamhiere said...

Thanks, sis! So far naman, ok cya in treating acne and blemishes. =) First time ko gumamit ng serum/oil for my face so, it was wonderful that it worked for me. ^__^

You're welcome! ^__^

angelamhiere said...

Try mo, sis! First time ko gumamit ng ganito and it's nice that it worked. Since magka-PCOS ako, I felt sad about the condition of my skin, kasi, it wasn't that prone to blemishes and acne naman before my life with PCOS, eh. It helps to have a good selection of skincare regimen and I am on my way to building my own formula! ^__^

Fighting, sis! ^__~

Myrted said...

I have an oily skin.. and it sucks 'coz having such kind of skin calls for a high maintenance. Mukhang effective to ah, can it be compared to tea tree oils of TBS? something like that din ba sya?


angelamhiere said...

Hello! =)

I haven't tried The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oils yet, but Panacea works well in combating acne. It serves a lot of purposes and for me, it primarily acts as an all-in-one product, helping me fight acne and moisturizing my skin as well. =)

AteeNadj Nadj said...

This MUST be the product for my acneic skin. I'm now convinced trying this after those photos of yours Angela :)
Thank you so much for the review, you have helped a lot girls who have acneic skin, like me.
Btw, love you black shiny bouncy hair!

Nadj <3

angelamhiere said...

Thanks! It's actually a bit embarrassing to show these pictures, but this is the only way that I could help and show people what products work and not, then be it... =D

I hope you could try it yourself! ^__^

And thank you so much for the compliments! ^__^

AteeNadj Nadj said...

No. You shouldn't be because its the only to show that a certain product is really effective if you have the before and after pictures. I have a Krave products too that I should review but thing is I forgot to take the photo of my face before using it. This Panacea Oil is what I really want to try. Once I try it, I will share my thoughts about it. :)


angelamhiere said...

Thanks a lot, sis! That was really encouraging! ^__^

Michelle said...

very nice review! i have heard a lot of good things about that product.
you sold me! i would love to try that product soon! :)


angelamhiere said...

Thank you! I'm glad to help! I hope you could go back to tell me your own experience! ^__^

aMz88 said...

Great review and results :) i just followed ur blog, looking forward for more posts ;D

~aiMee/aMz, http://amz88.blogspot.com/ <3

angelamhiere said...

Thanks a lot! I appreciate it! ^__^

Anonymous said...

I have PCOS, too... it's only now that I discovered it since I went to an OB-Gyne. I have been battling acne for a decade now.. :( Good thing, I came across your blog. It's very helpful.. my hair is so dry and frizzy , too.. might as well try this product. thanks for making a review :)

dinna said...

Fantastic review!

Today's my first time to use Krave's Skin Feeding System (for non-acneic oily skin), and I agree with you that the Panacea Oil does have a distinct smell that I could not quite pinpoint. It smelled to me like a seaweed or some maki wrapper. LOL. =D I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it would be effective on me just as it is on you. :) I have tiny bumps along my jawline that just wouldn't go away. Hopefully, Krave is my heaven-sent answer to my perennial problem. :) Sana lang hindi ako mahilo or magsawa sa amoy nya. ;)

angelamhiere said...

Having PCOS is very challenging. Just be strong. =)

Thanks for dropping by! =)

angelamhiere said...

I hope it could also help make your tiny bumps go away! ^__^

Don't worry, you'll eventually get used to it. =)

Bryan Larrosa-Garcia said...

Thank you Ms. Angel for this review.. will definitely try this product. Do I need to shampoo my hair after applying this on my hair and scalp?

angelamhiere said...

You can do it before a shower... And yes, you can shampoo after 10 minutes. =)

You can also use this like a hair serum, to keep your hair shiny. Cheaper alternative to Kerastase, huh? ^__~

Pinaywriter said...

I want this!!!! I want this kaso mahal and I really don't know how to purchase stuff online eh. Pano ba un?

angelamhiere said...

Sam, cheap na yan as compared to other products out in the market. And I swear, effective cya! ^__^

Need help purchasing this? I can help you! ^__^

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