Wednesday, July 25, 2012

FOTD and OOTD 071412: Volume Up!

Hi!!! Let me share my outfit and my F/EOTD during our friend's son's birthday celebration. =D

Let's start with my outfit...

Mon Petit Boudoir Zebra Corset Top (from Ms. Aisa)

My Reliable Old Black Jacket (which I bought a couple of years ago at St. Francis Square)

Skinny Jeans (from Divisoria)

My almost two-year old SM Parisian Gray Stilettos

Sam, my friend was amazed at the thought that hubby allowed me to wear a corset. Why not? I told her hubby was the one who chose this top for me! Hahaha! She said it really is good to have a hubby who has good taste in clothing! *wink, wink*

And on to my F/EOTD...



I love how my eye makeup turned out. It was inspired by HyunA's look in their Volume Up Music Video. As for the lips, I decided to go for a nude lippie. I'll save the gradient, vampy lips next time. ^__~


Vampy? =D



L'Oreal UV Perfect BB Max
Revlon Age Defying Spa Foundation in Light
MAC Strobe Cream
Avon Simply Pretty Dual Foundation in Almond
Nichido Final Powder in Natural
e.l.f Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder

Natasha Beauty Eye Brow Pencil in Caramel Brown 
e.l.f Primer and Sealer 
Fanny Serrano Four Colour Eyeshadow in Earth (used the warm brown shade)
Nichido Single Eyeshadow in Cool Silver
Wet N' Wild Mega Eyes Cream Eye Liner
Wet N' Wild Megaplump Mascara

Maybelline Baby Lips in Smoothing Cherry 
Bobbi Brown Lipcolor in Brownie
Fanny Serrano True Light Liquid Lipstick in Light Petal

I love this shot! ^__^

Going out on days like this makes me so happy because I get the chance to see the world outside. Hehehe... Aside from that, it gives me the privilege to use my cosmetics and dress up. Teehee! =D

What about you? What gives you the privilege to use makeup and dress up?

I'm not really feeling well now, but I feel the need to update my blog. The coming weekend would be really busy for me as I need to start working on my student's monthly reports. Please bear with me, okay? =)

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Nicole said...

The only thing that gets my make up groove on is my hubby being there to encourage me to be creative plus that he'll take my pictures and that he said that he likes it when I prettify myself... :) I love the outfit, it makes me feel like I'm in the safari. :)


Hazel☺ said...

that zebra corset is gorgeous! good thing you have a supportive hubby :)


angelamhiere said...

I agree with your hubby, dear. I always believe that we wives should stay pretty, not only for others, but for ourselves. =)

You've got a sweet and appreciative hubby there! You're so lucky! ^__^

Thanks for the sweet compliments! =)

Keep visiting, dear! ^__^

Bee Zeuqirne said...

Lookin' gorgeous there sis! I must admit..I was stunned *___* you look so fab!!!!

I think we're the same when it comes to the privilege to doll up. I always get hyped up when I know I have to attend an event or simply going out with bf on a movie date.. alam mo na..sabik sa labas! hahaha! :D Minsan lang makalanghap ng pollution kaya dapat mgnda! hahaha!

angelamhiere said...

Yep! Medyo nakaka-conscious, pero lakas maka-sexy at confident! hahaha!

Thank God He gave me the right one! ^__^

angelamhiere said...

Tomoh! Hahaha! Kaya lang, when I need to get myself dolled up, kaylangan maaga... nabobore si hubby sa tagal ko mag-ayos, eh! hahaha!

Thanks, Sis! ^__^

Mana lang ako sayo, eh! Hihihi... ^__~

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