Friday, April 30, 2010

Less Posts This Previous Week....

A sad day for every one (especially former AM Shift People)...
I didn't post much this week because I was focusing on my classes and I am upset... I'm terribly upset because today's the last day of our beloved VP in our company... I got attached to her because she was very nice and stood up like an "언니" or "eonni" (big sister) to me.
Hmmm... Feeling blue (really, I am!!!)
I don't say we're that close - there's something between us that clicks when we talk and send messages to each other. I message her to let her know what I feel about things happening around us. She cheers me up during times that I feel I'm to busy to prepare activities and materials for my students. My Honey is the one close to her. He buys her puto (rice cake - yes, puto... A Korean who loves puto!) when she's upset and stressed. That's how things go in our company - we're like a big family (Not to mention the bad elements around... Hahaha!).
Hmmm... I'll miss you a lot... ='''(
Do I look upset?
I really feel bad about her decision but if its going to be good for her, then, so be it. All I can do is to mourn and get on with my own life and learn how to get along with the new manager. Anyway, I think (and hope) he's nice. =)
Bye, Eonni!!! ='''(
No good...
And so, life has to go on....
Quick FOTD for my sweeties... I have to stay pretty even if I'm sad!!! =D
(I decided to go natural with hints of gold and bronze today. I didn't put on mascara since mine flakes and is actually not waterproof. If I cry, I'll look horrible!!! x__x)
Hair of the day... Nice, huh? Check it in this link. Thanks Cinthia! ^___^
Take care, my sweeties... Have a great weekend... =)
P.S: I might not make posts this weekend... And, I might get my new dog "Aki" (a Shih Tzu) tomorrow. It makes my adrenaline rush... I'll show pictures of Woody and Aki as soon as I have Aki. ^__^

Sawan's 259 Followers Giveaway! Whoopee!!!

Here's another cool contest! Sawan is celebrating her growing number of followers by having a giveaway!
Click for the details! ^__^
Just take a look at these goodies and for sure, you'll also drool over these items!!!
Drool worthy!!!
Check out her cool site here... ^__~
Wish me luck!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I miss drawing... T__T (Plus quick FOTD)

Aside from putting on make-up, one of my loves is drawing...
Quick FOTD: Lush Greens
I am an anime fanatic since way back in elementary days. My friends and classmates would ask me to draw Sailor Moon for them. I also like inventing my own anime characters.
One of my "fans" is my mom. She was, or should I say, still very proud of me. When I was in my first year in college and I decided to sneak out to visit her, mom asked me to draw an angel for her to display at her office station. She's got tons of angel figurines crowding her station and home. She talks about me and my sisters a lot, especially me and my achievements in her office; so, they all know that I can draw well.
A year ago, when we met at home, mom asked if I still draw, I told her, I don't have time anymore. I stopped drawing since I started working. She told me that I might lose my touch for drawing. Awww!!! I don't want that to happen!!! It's one of my precious talents!!! =(
I'm wondering and worried about my drawing skills... =S
Ever since mom mentioned it, I got so enthusiastic about buying tools and stuff and improve my skills. So far, what I got was the first two issues of "The Way of the Manga"... I really wanted to buy a dummy but it doesn't fit my budget anymore. =(
Take a peek at my Manga guides...
Nevermind the messy hair... hehehe... (I'm sick...)
I think the last time I was ever able to accomplish and keep a copy of my drawing was... OMG! I don't remember!!! x__x
I drew this picture when I was on my last year in College. I was having my practicum that time. It still has a date (and my sign!): December 15, 2007
She's so pretty!!! My high school students actually noticed her...
And so, I just sketch and sketch. I can't even finish one figure. ='''(
I wonder when will I ever get to draw? =(
NOTE: I'll try to draw something for our VP and Korean Manager. They will be leaving and we'll miss them a lot... =(
Aja! Fighting!!!

Lady Danger's 150 Follower Giveaway!

Ever since I entered the blog world, I have been trying to win some contests. So far, I haven't won yet... =D
Anyway, is there anything to lose?
This is the latest contest that I'll be joining: Lady Danger's Mac Giveaway.
Here's what's in store:
You can choose 2 of the following MAC products:
(to clarify that's 2 MAC products in total not 2 of each! :)
If you also want to join, here's the link. =)
I'm so excited... I hope to win... ^___^
Wish me luck!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Run, Devil Run Cover... for Student! *^__^*

My birthday present to my student... ^__^
It's was my student's birthday last Friday... and as I have promised her, I told her that I'll sing Run, Devil, Run.
Let me share with you how it went... (Pardon my voice... I was VERY nervous!!!) XD
Run, Teacha, Run!!!
Oh... My voice sounds different here!!! =S I have colds last week and I passed it already to Honey... hehehe... XD
Well, I have fun singing for my students... It's a challenge singing Korean songs! ^__~
(I hope to get some of your comments... hehehe...)

Sunshine Award from Mikki!!! ^__^

It's my first award ever! Thanks, Mikki! ^__^
Gotta share the blessing! I'm passing this on to my lovely blogworld friends:
and lastly, I'm returning it to...
Mikki!!! ^__^
What to do:
1. Post the logo on your Blog
2. Pass it to 12 bloggers that inspire you!
3. Link the bloggers and let them know!!!
Share the love!!!

Black Soshi Tiffany-Inspired Make-up Tutorial... FINALLY!!!

I can now share with you the video of my Black Soshi Tiffany-Inspired Make-up! ^__^
Sorry about the quality, I don't understand why the video was like this... It used to play well when it was raw but when I edited it, it was awful... anyway... I hope you like it... ^__^
This is my very first make-up video... =D

Friday, April 23, 2010

Back to Zero...

I think I have to work on my Tiffany-Inspired Tutorial this weekend... either I edit the video... or, start on a new one... =s
Wish me luck... I really want to share it with you... It's just that I am too busy at work...
Sorry, sorry, sorry!!! ='''(

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yummy Pesto Cheese Sticks and Cheese Pandesal

My Honey bought some yummy bread from Pan de Manila. We both have been craving for the unforgettable Pesto Cheese Sticks... He also bought so soft Cheese Pandesal... It made me so happy! It was good that he passed on these goodies before my tons of classes... ^__^
Mmmmm!!! ^___^
Thanks, Honey! ^__^

Face and Outfit of the Day: Summer Look!

FOTD: Not Too Shimmery Semi-Matte... ^__^
I wanted to wear something very simple because my outfit is quite okay... besides, I am wearing some accessories so, it would be very noticeable if I put on too much of it (make-up is considered an accessory; I remember my cousin counting the things she wears because she has this that a person should wear a certain number of accessories... I don't remember the number, anyway...)
I realized that I can now fill my brows neatly. I used to need a ruler so I can come out with perfectly angled brows.
I was inspired by Fuzkittie's Poetic Blue eye color. However, I don't have blue shades, so, I only followed the shimmery pink shade on the inner corner and applied a dark green shade (similar to the olive green only darker) on the outer corner.
I didn't line my lower lash line with with eye liner since I want something simple. I only used liquid liner on my upper lash line so I can give definition to it. I think my eyes look too pale when I don't use any liner. Then, on the lower lash line, I swept a little white shadow then added sparkly black shadow on the outer corner. It looked so soft! I love it! ^__^
I finished off with peach blush, pink lipstick and lipgloss then mascara. I am using Avon Super Shock Mascara. I had a long time combing the wand through my lashes because they tend to dry out. When it dries out, it becomes flaky, therefore, some of the particles fall on my cheeks and my eyes... I decided to put on mascara on my lower lashes and viola! My eyes looked dreamy! ^__^
So far... I love my make-up today... ^__^
Outfit of the Day: Off-Shoulder Galore?!?
It's so hot! So, I opted to wear a shoulder bearing top that we bought from Jewels in SM San Lazaro. I also wore the acid-washed jeans that we got from the ever reliable... DIVISORIA!!!
I rarely visit Divisoria because I am not very much familiar with the place. It sometimes makes me feel ashamed because the person who knows every street there is none other than... my Honey! XD
Well, I am very amazed with this place. As much as I want to, I can't go there because I am either too tired or busy to drag myself there.
I never thought that place got lots of awesome bargains since you can find lots of people from different walks of life... ehehehe... Anyway, if you have a thousand pesos, you can already buy lots of things with it. ^__^
So, thrifty ladies and those who wanted the most for their hard-earned moolah, head to Divisoria and indulge!!! =D

A New Manager... Watch out!!!

We have a new Korean manager... and I know the reason why (Sam, don't bother to ask because I won't speak up! Hahahaha!!! XD) He looks so serious... well, maybe because its his first day. I hope he's as cool as our dear Ms. Kim...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

♥ One of my Loves... WOODY!!! ♥

Hi, Every one! ^__~
Woody-poo!!! ♥♥♥
One of the things that makes me happy is my little baby, Woody (Click to see his Dogster Account...). He is a Mini Pinscher given to us by a friend as an advance wedding gift. ^__^
So handsome!!!
Smile!!! =)
I have always wanted to have a dog but my fiance's mom used to not like dogs that much, especially if we have to buy it. I'm glad she likes Woody and she loves him more than any other dogs! ^__^
Here's a cute shot with Mom and Dad (in the background... hehehe...)
Woody is very playful and he is smart. He sleeps beside me. He can't sleep without me and he is such a darling especially when he sees me around. He is also a spoiled brat! Hahaha!!! Sometimes, I wish that he is just a real kid, so I can have a real baby.
Woody: I'm about to sleep, Mommy... Okay, just a few shots... ^__^
This is such a cute picture... ^__^
I love Woody. And even if we have a Shih Apso (Cross Breed of Lhasa Apso and Shih Tzu) coming this May, I will still love Woody. He is my baby. =)
By the way, we already have a name for the new dog.. it's "Aki", short for "Akihiro". ^__^

Happy 50th Month, my Honey Bear!!! ^__^

April 21, 2010... Our 50th Monthsary...
Today, my Honey and I are celebrating our 50th Monthsary. I'm happy we've come this far. I love my Honey so much and I am so thankful because God made us cross our paths... ^__^
Yabyu, yabyu!!!
Despite our arguments, the trials and tons of hardships... whenever I look at his cute, chubby face, my heart melts at the sight of him...
I love you, Honey Bear!!! Till our Zillionth month!!! ^__^
*** I don't have a gift for him yet... Any suggestions? ^__~

Something to Uplift Teachers Out There...

Teacher Sayings, Quotes and Proverbs
Hey, I am a teacher by heart... might as well share these quotes and proverbs to you... ^__^

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Waaah!!! My Tiffany-Inspired Make-Up Tutorial!!!

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy...!!!
Huhuhu... I don't know what happened to the Tiffany-Inspired Make-up Tutorial video that I'm working on... All I know is that I transferred it to a flash drive and the things that I've done with it are G-O-N-E!!! Now, I have to start all over again... Huhuhu... Sorry, ladies... You have to wait a bit more... maybe another weekend... huhuhu... =(
Eeeee!!! I have to start again!!!!!!
Crying pose... =(
What am I to do now?!?
Back to zero...
I'll work on it, promise!!! Fighting!!! Aja!!!

A Birthday on Friday!!!

Run, Teacher, Run...
As I was teaching one of my pretty students how to read dates properly, she reminded me that her birthday is on Friday, April 23rd. I asked her what presents does she want to get for her birthday and she replied me with material things like accessories and clothes. I can't send her anything on that day and usually, I sing for my students. I asked about her favorite singers and I became giddy when I learned that she likes SNSD. Pretty student told me she likes Run, Devil, Run.
I promised her that I'll sing for her on her birthday.
Wish me luck! ^__^

Monday, April 19, 2010

Consecutive Classes Madness...

An update on my Monday Consecutive Classes...
My student went to Teddy Bear Museum today! Wow! I saw some of the pictures in the net... I want to go there!!! ^__^
I love teddy bears! I wish I could go to Jeju Island!!!
OMG!!! One of my students told me to study Korean! She said she'll give me a test! Hahaha!!!
I have to study these in just ONE NIGHT?!?
Oh, by the way, that student is only SIX YEARS OLD!!! She's actually a clever and smart girl... one of the best students that I have. ^__~
Next student asked me to help her with her school work...
Student was absent.
Student was able to follow through the lesson but a bit slow. In my opinion, it is a good sign of improvement. ^__^
So... that's how a portion of my Monday went... ^__~
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