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Beautiful Music with Manila Symphony Orchestra and Regina Buenaventura

Hello! I'm back with another lovely post! ^__^

Let me make up to my lack of posts last week. =D

I am not sure if anyone here knows about my love for music. I do! Haha! I won't be making the following covers if I don't! Hahaha!

Sorry if the songs are in Korean, I promise, next time, I'll sing English songs! =D

Anyway, last July 7th, I got the chance to see my cousin perform (again) on stage. The Manila Symphony Orchestra and the talented Regina Buenaventura made a collaboration for a night of magical music. It was held at the Philamlife Auditorium at United Nations, Manila.

Philamlife Building

Trying to be Ulzzang with my makeup, hair and glasses! =D

The people are starting to gather outside the auditorium.

Our passes (I believe they were designed by my cousin). =)

The passes were surrendered to the ushers then tickets were given to us. =)

The orchestra

Gyah! I'm trying to take a photo of my cousin but she got covered by the pretty hair of the violinist in front. I love her hair! It's nice that she keeps it that way. ^__^

Blurry photo!!! TT__TT

Enjoying the show

Smile! =)

Happy and proud cousin = All smiles! Hahaha! ^__^

I love watching my cousin and her company play beautiful music! =)

It wasn't my first time to watch Manila Symphony Orchestra (MSO) perform. I just couldn't remember how many times they have amazed me with their astounding music.

That night, the performance started with Dukas' The Sorcerer's Apprentice, which was, well, FANTASMIC! I mean, FANTASTIC! =D

Knowing me, I have always been enchanted by Disney music. I guess my ears have been trained to listen to classical music, thanks to my old Disney Soundtracks. While listening to The Sorcerer's Apprentice, my heart raced and I felt like fairy dust will appear followed by Mickey Mouse! I was so amazed that tears welled up in my eyes. Disney music (as well as classical music) never fail to make me feel awed and inspired!!! ^__^

The other classic pieces that they performed were Barber's Violin Concerto and Kodaly's Hary Janos Suite, which had me creating scenes in my head. There was even a time that my Aunt even tapped me and told me that She was thinking of a person being chased in a Chinese movie. =D

Here are a few facts about the songs played in the concert:

Dukas' The Sorcerer's Apprentice

The most performed and recorded of Paul Dukas' works. It is about a tale of a magician's apprentice who, is trying to make his own kind of magic but ends up with disastrous results. Disney acquired the rights to the song in 1937 and became part of the soundtrack of the 1940 film "Fantasia".

Barber's Violin Concerto

This was written by Samuel Barber in 1939, through the request of Iso Briselli, in exchange for $1,000. It was made up of three movements, of which the third one was not that appealing to Briselli. The latter found the third movement disappointing, being "not substantial" as compared to the first two movements.

Kodaly's Hary Janos Suite

A Hungarian folk opera based on the comic epic "The Veteran". It is the story of an old peasant soldier who returns to his village to weave tales of his heroic adventures. It was divided into six movements:  Prologue - The Tale Begins, First Adventure - On the Frontier Near Moscow, Second Adventure - In the Garden of Vienna Burg, Third Adventure - A Battlefield at Milan, Fourth Adventure - Vienna Burg and Epilogue.

The Manila Symphony Orchestra

I was trying to get a decent photo of my cousin... but fail! TT__TT

Bravo! ^__^

Looks like my cousin knows that I'm taking a photo of her! =D

Mr. Arturo Molina the Conductor and Ms. Gina Medina, the Concertmaster

Mr. Arturo Molina, acknowledging the orchestra

Hubby, Me and the kind Ms. (Teacher) Gina Medina

Of course, I won't miss a photo with my cousin! ^__^

Can you tell where our eyes are? =D

Me, my Cousin and my Aunt

Because I really can't get over my makeup that night...

Okay? ^__^

It was truly an enriching experience for me and the hubby. It pays to enjoy performances like this once in a while. It is relaxing and for me, it inspired me a lot. Whenever I listen to music like this, I regret not having learned to play the piano. How I wish I could still learn to do so. In fact, I envy hubby because he knows how to read notes and play the organ. One day, I will reunite with the black and white keys and play good music. For now, I must be serious when hubby teaches me. =D

Since hubby and I enjoy music like this, we shall train our future children to also embrace classical music. =)

What about you? Do you enjoy classical music? Can you play musical instruments, too?


P.S: I recorded the songs that night, but I'm not sure if I could share it here. I'll just update this post or write a separate post on it once I get permission to do so. ^__^

I shall also update you on when the next concerts will be. Please do watch out for that! ^__^

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