Saturday, October 30, 2010

♥♥♥ Happy Birthday, Honey! ♥♥♥

It's my Honey's birthday today! I made a simple present for him and I hope he likes it... ^__^ ♥♥♥ I ♥ you so much! ♥♥♥ !!! WARNING!!! Sorry if my voice is crappy... I knew that many people will be able to view and hear this, so I am so conscious while I was recording... =D What do you think? Please leave a comment! ^__^ Have a great weekend, lovelies!!! PS: I wish to update my blog more often but my schedule is getting jam-packed!!! To my new followers, WELCOME! ^__^
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Friday, October 15, 2010

What’s in My Make-Up Box? (Part 1: Face)

I don’t have much make-up like other people would think. I only have a few which I can work and experiment with.

Unlike most beauty bloggers out there, I don’t have expensive nor high-end brands in my box (Yes, box. Because I literally put them inside a box. You’ll find out later.)… Most of the popular make-up brands that I own were just given to me, like the two Lancome eyeshadow palettes that I have (which, was given to me by my grandmother).

Yes, yes, they are inside a Disney Princess Box. ^__^

Warning: Don’t be surprised with what’s inside my box (is it a Pandora’s box? Hehehe…)… I hope you enjoy my post. =D

(I decided to divide the post into parts… hehehe… =D)

Let’s start with the products that I use for the face…

I tried using Garnier on the very first day of August, because I ran out of my HG Skinfood Aloe Sun BB Cream (which is an all-in-one for me). My budget isn’t enough to get me another tube of that precious BB Cream (which lasted me a long 10 months!). So, I bought a sachet in Mini Stop to bring it to our “Last Hurrah”. Me don’t wanna dry up and me wanna keep moisturized, so I tried it. Before Garnier, I tried Myra Facial Moisturizer but it gave me pimples and it made my face oily. As a confession, I have never used moisturizers in college because I am clueless on what is suitable for me. I was also too busy to care about skin care routines. To be honest, in college, I only needed body lotion and cologne, aside from make-up. When I started working, I decided to get myself a moisturizer because I am already in my 20’s and wrinkles would start drawing soon. That’s when I tried out Myra Facial Moisturizer. I gave up for a while but reading blogs and watching Youtube gurus with their flawless and wrinkleless faces made me make a stand. I HAVE TO GET A MOISTURIZER!!! =D

*Mini Rant*
The next day of our “Last Hurrah”, we all went back to Manila (all the way from Laguna) to work. It was a Monday. And guess what? When I opened make make-up pouch, some of the product have spilled!!! Oh well, that’s the downside of products in sachets… you can carry them anywhere but you have to be aware that once you open them, you have to either transfer the contents to a resealable pouch or a small plastic container. =’(

So far, I am loving it and I am still using it until now. It did lighten my skin without making my face look too white. I haven’t bought a tube yet, but I always grab a sachet. =D

I bought this product last September. Since I don’t have any liquid foundations and make-up base or face primers or stuff like that, I still can’t get over using the BB cream. It is so multi-functional for me, acting as a blemish concealer and make-up base/ foundation. So, I decided to look for an alternative to my Skinfood Aloe Sun BB Cream. I read stuff about Purederm BB Creams and products on some blogs and got interested. So, when I got my first salary for my home-based job, I shot my Honey the twinkle-twinkle-little-stars-eyes and convinced him to go to Watson’s before heading home. He couldn’t resist me because of my cuteness… hahaha! Joke! I found another BB Cream being sold at Watson’s but there was no one there to talk to. I saw the small stand filled with Purederm products and a lady talked me into buying it. At first, I was not at all convinced, because she was not that really convincing. I decided and relied on the blogs that I read.

*Mini Rant*
Actually, the lady was quite annoying, she was blabbing too much that she was already saying things that were not supposed to be said (like, the company gave them products to test themselves but she sold them because she doesn’t have money… Irrelevant, isn’t it? And she went with me to the counter to get the number of the product and she was still convincing me about the effects of their BB Cream. I was like “Hello! It’s my second time to use BB Cream already. I researched on it even before the first time I bought it.” But don’t think of me as rude, I didn’t tell that to her face, I just said it in my mind… hehehe… It’s just a bit irritating because she was blabbering too much. No good. Not a good trait for a salesperson. Anyway, although she wasn’t good in sales, I still bought the product.

Don’t worry, I didn’t nag at the girl. I NICELY talked to her. =)

I bought it and giddily went home with my new baby. It took me a week before I could ever use it. Why? Because I stay home and didn’t use make-up that often. When I first tried it, I was so happy with my purchase because it worked well with my skin tone. =)

I will make a review on it next time. ^__^

Garnier Light Moisturizing Cream + Purederm Magic BB Cream = Love!

I used to buy pressed powder from Avon and I loved their Simply Pretty Line. Actually I have been using Avon products since high school. When my grandmother would order her skin care products, sometimes, she asks me what I want or need. Sometimes, she would just buy me some things. That’s when I first started using pressed powders and lip balms. Way back in high school, I only use pressed powder (or loose baby powder) and lip balm (sometimes sheer pink lipstick). Contrary to my classmates and teachers’ beliefs that I shave my brows and line my eyes, the only beauty routine (?) I had in high school were that. Shaving brows and putting on make-up was not allowed in our school. Some students don’t follow but it’s safer to go by the rules (Am I not a goody-two shoes? =D).

I continued using Avon pressed powder for teens until college. So, imagine that… I’ve been using it for 11 years! Four years in high school, one year in Business Administration (my first course which I eventually gave up because it wasn’t really my passion), a year when I stopped schooling (and tried to work in a fast food but failed because of some reasons), another four years in Secondary Education (which I finished last 2008), and another year when I started working after graduation.

I just stopped purchasing the product because I don’t know much Avon dealers near our place. So, by May this year, Honey convinced me to just buy a pressed powder in the department store, because it is more convenient.

*Mini Rant*
I think Honey finds it inconvenient to pre-order from a dealer and get frustrated if my order is out of stock after waiting a lot. Besides, he’s the kind of guy that “if you want to something and you really need it or like it, buy it right away”. He doesn’t want to hear me rant things like “I wish I bought it” and stuff like that… He’s not an impulse-buyer, but he’s just the “whatever-makes-you-happy” kind of guy. Hehehe…

I got the shade “Honey” (ironic? XD), which I think is just right for my complexion. It didn’t give me break-outs. It gives a smooth finish to my skin. I have hit the pan twice and I think of getting another one next time. ^__^

By the way, Honey is better at bargain shopping than me. ^__~

Maybelline Clear Smooth Pressed Powder and Purederm Magic BB Cream

I bought this last year, because I was out of blusher and a special occasion in our church was coming. I don’t have time to go shopping that time and I don’t have anyone to shop with. I passed by a local beauty supplies shop (HBC) and decided to give their products a try. I was looking for the hair product that Honey’s mom bought once. Unfortunately, they don’t have a big bottle of it and they only have the ones in sachet available. I remembered that I needed a few products for myself. When I saw their New San-San Collection, I was drawn by the pretty colors and cases. The nice and cheerful sales lady told me that their new blush suits my skin tone. It was a gradient of three lovely colors: pink, lighter pink and peach. I also looked for a pink lipstick. After getting some things, which costs me less than P500, they gave me some freebies. ^__^

*Mini Rant*
Hitting the pan already!!! Gotta decide on what to buy soon!!! Must be good for my coming wedding… Any suggestions? =)

I am always in-love with pink, coral and peach blushes because they give me that nice glow, in my my opinion. My skin tone isn’t too white to be using too much pink but it isn’t too dark either. You can judge it from the pictures that I post here in my blog… =D

Another HBC product but the targets of this line are tweens. This one was given to me by my Honey’s sister. She used to love it but when she found another blush love, she gave it to me. It was slightly used, with the pressed powder still full. All of the three pans contain cute pink-colored lip crème, cheek blush and yes, pressed powder. I don’t like using the pressed powder as it is supposed to be, since I am not that fair-skinned. =D

*Mini Rant*
Hmmm… I think what I I don’t like about this that the sponge is too sponge-y, it feels rough and the texture reminds me of scotch-brite. The brushes are too small, too. Yet, I understand that these are for, well, TWEENS. XD

The packaging is cute. It’s got a big mirror that you can use to see your whole face. The colors are so girly, and I think they suit me. Compact if you just want to stick to the “face powder-blush-lipgloss” routine, but too bulky if you are going to include it with your other essentials in your make-up bag. The pressed powder is pink and it doesn’t suit my skin tone, so, I use it as blush sometimes, to just give me a little glow when I am not in the mood to put on make-up. ^__~

Pink Power!!!

So that’s it for my “What’s in my Make-up Box” post. Next post will be about what I use for my eyes. Stay tuned! ^__~

P.S: Welcome to my new followers (Yay!!! 41 lovely followers!!!). Sorry I am not a good blogger but I am trying. I am busy with my classes (I’m a teacher) and wedding preparations. I hope you understand. =)

I will try to keep up with blogging. =)

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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Back to Childhood Days...

Earlier (Actually, that was since last week... and then I got very sick and I when I got better, the lazy bug bit me and that's about it!), I was thinking of doing a tutorial on my simple everyday make-up Gyaru-style. I didn't have the time to do so because after I have ironed and fixed my hair into cute pigtails, I thought of doing it after my class, after which, I have an hour break.
Now, What happened???
Honey came home I was actually annoyed at him screaming my name all over again. It is so annoying because he knew that I have just finished my class that time. The annoyed me immediately went down after I have finished fixing my templates and reports. And there he was, with his nasty cigar smell, pointing at the table. Guess what is it... Kimbap from Kaya Restaurant! Yippee!!! I gave some to his brother and uncle but they just tried them. I ate the rest. I should be happy but I was quite disappointed with it. The last time I took home kimbap from that same restaurant, everyone was satisfied. I can't even put one slice in my mouth. But now, the slices had become thinner and the taste was rather bland. I think Honey thought I was joking that it didn't taste good. I am serious. It really didn't. I didn't finish all of them because they were yummy, but I finished all of them because I am just plain H-U-N-G-R-Y! Better read that word. XD I love kimbap so much that I know how delicious kimbap taste like.
Kaya Restaurant's Kimbap
So, out of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, I'd give it a bad ♥♥♥♥. ='''( So, that was the reason why I wasn't able to film a tutorial. Gosh... When will I ever get things done? ='''( I still have almost one and a half hour to film a tutorial. What do you think? Nah! Maybe I should do it tomorrow morning. =D With regards to my hair for today, one of my students found it cute. Hehehe... That's it for tonight! Hope for another post later! ^__~
FOTD: Like a little child's glow... =D
Kimchi! ^__^
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Monday, October 04, 2010

I'm Such a Bad Blogger... =(

Yeah, I know. I am. I have not been blogging much and I have a lot of plans. I wanna write, make videos and many sorts of stuff but I can't because I have other things to do. Add the fact that I got very sick recently... ='''( So today, I am promising myself that I will try to accomplish my plans, whatever it takes. Aja! Fighting! I can do it! ^__^ I should be happy because as of today, I already have 40 followers! Imagine that? 40 followers... I don't even get to write some stuff... I am not that happy, I am ashamed of myself for having 40 followers that don't get to read much on my blog... I am so sorry, my followers, I've been such a bad blogger... but I do love you with all my heart!


But don't worry, I will do my best to be a better blogger for my 40 precious followers...

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