Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Weekend of June (Part 3)

16th of June.

Night out with the hubby and friends after church! It had been a long time since I went on a night out with our friends! =D

EOTD: Eyeliner ala-Kryz Uy

I took a break from doing my makeup just to show the what difference curling lashes + putting on mascara makes. =D

In the middle of applying my eye make up, I decided to go quirky since it's a night out. I lined my eyes ala-Kryz Uy, one of my favorite fashion bloggers. ^__^

Her eyeliner style helps define her crease. As I already have a defined crease, the only thing I did was thicken the line a bit, like hers. =)

Photo courtesy of Kryz Uy's blog
Pretty, isn't she? ^__^

I love her style. And I fell more in love with her when she replied to my comment about encouraging her readers to pursue their dreams. It made me very excited read her posts since then. I thought, this lady doesn't have the beauty and talent, she also has a heart. =)

Do check out her link above to know what I mean (both about the eyeliner and fashion blog). ^__~

On to the party!

We came to our friend's house and to our surprise, she wasn't home. When we met her a little later, she told us that the event was cancelled at the last minute.

But it's okay, since the four of us got to bond somewhere. =D

The birthday girl and her man... =)

It was a fun night filled with juicy conversations about love, marriage and engagement, work and a juggle of memories in between. =)

More EOTD! ^__^

A little of the black liner and shadow has transferred to my crease... Can you see it? =D

EOTD: Cream + taupe + dark brown = 

Lipstick is gone!!! =D

Big eyes!!! =D

Camwhoring at 1:30am... =D
Uh-oh! Zit coming up!!! TT__TT

No, I wasn't tipsy that night. I had about two bottles of Tanduay Ice and the rest of the night, I drank... WATER! Hahaha!

Tanduay Ice makes my tummy ache. I think the acid content is high. Nevertheless, I need lots of water beside me to battle the pain when I have my first sip. =D

Took some FOTNs while hubby and friends talked over beer. Haha!

Yeah, we went to a bar. Guys were looking at me as I was only wearing a tank top topped with a cardigan paired with short pants. "Pambahay" outfit (something I would normally wear at home)? Not really. I just really want to go for a casual look. Hmmm... Maybe they think I'm still single?!? Hahaha!!! XD

Sorry guys, I'm taken! ^__^

One more post!!! ^__^

Do I look like I'm married? People get surprised when I tell them that I am already married... =D

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