Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Weekend of June (Part 4)

17th of June.

The day I met the lovely Ms. Martha of The Beauty Junkee. ^__^

It was actually my cute nephew's 4th month birthday, so before we head to meet her at Bonifacio High Street,   we had yummy lunch at home. Hubby cooked fried chicken and my sister-in-law brought food trays at Red Ribbon. My phone was charging that time, so I wasn't able to take photos of the yummy food. =D

Then, we left the house to "explore" Taguig. Hahaha!

We took the train and from there, instead of taking a jeep going to Bonifacio High Street, hubby insisted that we take a cab instead. =D

It didn't take long before we met these lovely ladies... =)

Me, Arianne, Ms. Martha, Ms. Kat and Chan

We met up at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to pick up our goodies. I think I was more giddy to meet the gorgeous Ms. Martha. =)

In fact, hubby was teasing me that I might freeze in shyness again... His exact words were, "Baka manigas ka na naman, ha!" Hahaha!!!

He said that because the first time I met a beauty blogger, Ms. Michelle of Mrs. Martinez's Raves and Rants, I was truly stunned and... failed to take a photo. Bummer me! >__<

Then, when we attended the first ever event I attended as a blogger, I wasn't able to approach the bloggers that I follow. No photos of me and my fave bloggers. Huhuhu... I failed to meet Andy and Ms. Wendy... Whom I was so excited to meet... Huhuhu... By the way, that event was the Etude House Playhouse Pink Fair (Click on the link to check it out). =D

I wonder why I am so shy!!! TT__TT

Going back to the "meet-up-turned-mini-meet-and-greet" (as Ms. Martha called), I'm glad I didn't freeze in amazement. Ms. Martha is so pretty. She was wearing minimal makeup and her skin was amazing! Call me strange, but I can't help but be stunned by her beauty. She's very nice. She shared a lot of things about blogging and I felt I was already close to Ms. Nikki (AskMeWhats), Ms. Shen (Shen's Addiction), Ms. Liz (Project Vanity) and my other favorite bloggers. ^__^

I am happy to meet the other winners, too. I love meeting new friends. Oh! I also met Ms. Kat of Dear Kitty Kittie Kat. She just didn't recognize me. Hahaha! =D

We were hoping for Ms. Martha to have another meet-and-greet, and we also hope to be able to attend it. ^__^

Here's my EOTD. I kept it neutral - as always. ^__^

EOTD: Cream and Warm Brown

So pretty... I love it! I gotta have some matte eyeshadows! ^__^

Another photo before leaving... ^__^

FOTD: Oh! Why do I always take photos after my lipstick has faded? >__<

I'm gonna be sharing with you the goodies that I won from The Beauty Junkee's 3rd Anniversary soon.

Feels so good to blog! I'm glad to keep it up! ^__^

How are you? Leave a comment! ^__^

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Weekend of June (Part 3)

16th of June.

Night out with the hubby and friends after church! It had been a long time since I went on a night out with our friends! =D

EOTD: Eyeliner ala-Kryz Uy

I took a break from doing my makeup just to show the what difference curling lashes + putting on mascara makes. =D

In the middle of applying my eye make up, I decided to go quirky since it's a night out. I lined my eyes ala-Kryz Uy, one of my favorite fashion bloggers. ^__^

Her eyeliner style helps define her crease. As I already have a defined crease, the only thing I did was thicken the line a bit, like hers. =)

Photo courtesy of Kryz Uy's blog
Pretty, isn't she? ^__^

I love her style. And I fell more in love with her when she replied to my comment about encouraging her readers to pursue their dreams. It made me very excited read her posts since then. I thought, this lady doesn't have the beauty and talent, she also has a heart. =)

Do check out her link above to know what I mean (both about the eyeliner and fashion blog). ^__~

On to the party!

We came to our friend's house and to our surprise, she wasn't home. When we met her a little later, she told us that the event was cancelled at the last minute.

But it's okay, since the four of us got to bond somewhere. =D

The birthday girl and her man... =)

It was a fun night filled with juicy conversations about love, marriage and engagement, work and a juggle of memories in between. =)

More EOTD! ^__^

A little of the black liner and shadow has transferred to my crease... Can you see it? =D

EOTD: Cream + taupe + dark brown = 

Lipstick is gone!!! =D

Big eyes!!! =D

Camwhoring at 1:30am... =D
Uh-oh! Zit coming up!!! TT__TT

No, I wasn't tipsy that night. I had about two bottles of Tanduay Ice and the rest of the night, I drank... WATER! Hahaha!

Tanduay Ice makes my tummy ache. I think the acid content is high. Nevertheless, I need lots of water beside me to battle the pain when I have my first sip. =D

Took some FOTNs while hubby and friends talked over beer. Haha!

Yeah, we went to a bar. Guys were looking at me as I was only wearing a tank top topped with a cardigan paired with short pants. "Pambahay" outfit (something I would normally wear at home)? Not really. I just really want to go for a casual look. Hmmm... Maybe they think I'm still single?!? Hahaha!!! XD

Sorry guys, I'm taken! ^__^

One more post!!! ^__^

Do I look like I'm married? People get surprised when I tell them that I am already married... =D

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Happy Weekend of June (Part 2)

10th of June.

More Happy Weekend of June updates because they were so fun! ^__^

Let's start! ^__^

It's hubby's grandpa's birthday! My in-laws cooked Sinigang na Lechon and Lechon Paksiw...

Sinigang na Lechon: Yummy! ^__^

Lechon Paksiw: nomnomnom...

Dad-in-law also grilled some Tilapia... ^__^

Yummy lunch!!! ^__^

Cholesterol galore! Hahaha!!! >__<

My cute nephew hugging his Patrick the Starfish toy... =)

Huggies Endorser? XD

He looks like my hubby when hubby was a baby... so, I imagine how our baby would look like when we have our own... =D

Maybe the baby would look like my little sister-in-law or nephew above... =D

Nevertheless, hubby wants our baby to look like me. Hey Hubby! You're handsome, noh! ^__~

Hello Kitty Nerd Glasses on a bare face! =D

A little later, Hubby's uncle asked us to accompany him to SM North. In a flash, I changed my clothes and hopped to the car! Hahaha!!! XD

There she goes again... =D

Powder + Blush + Lipgloss = 

I am trying to show you my HOTD... But it's a fail... =D

HOTD: Hair Bow

My Hair Bow that day was successful... I just wasn't able to take a decent photo of it... =D

Me and Izza on our way to SM...

We actually just dropped by ACE Hardware and BonChon.

It was our first time to try BonChon. I've been reading about it a lot but haven't got a chance to try it out until that day. Hubby's uncle challenged my hubby and Mom-in-law to replicate the recipe. =D

I wasn't able to take photos anymore because my phone was already drained. =(

More posts on June weekend fun coming up! ^___^

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Happy Weekend of June (Part 1)

Hello! It's nearly July! ^__^

My June was a busy and a happy one! I was able to spend time with my hubby on weekends and he spoiled me with his home cooked meals! I want to catch up on my backlogs and share with you my June Weekends... =)

9th of June.

Let's start with...

My adorable little sister-in-law...

On the morning of June 9th, we went grocery shopping at the nearest SM SaveMore. My 1-year old sister-in-law loves riding the cart and doing funny and cute antics. Isn't she cute and "arte"? =D

FOTD: Powder + Lip Stain
I was supposed to have my L'oreal Chroma Straight Hair makeover done that day. An hour before the said schedule, Ms. Nikki of L'oreal Professionnel called me and informed me that the makeover was cancelled. Honestly, it killed my excitement but it's okay. =)

We just decided to go with my hubby's uncle to SM North Edsa.... =)

Lookie!!! NaRaYa bags! So pweeetee!!! ^__^

Naraya bags are so pretty and they look sturdy! I will convince the hubby to return there and buy me a pretty bag! I don't have much bags (since I work from home and I won't be needing them much anymore... hahaha!). I am thinking of buying some for me. I will be needing new bags soon. I MUST go to graduate school this year! =D


Next stop: Manels

I brought with me the GCs I won from Ms. Charles because that was mainly the reason why we decided to go all the way to SM North. There's no Manels branch at SM San Lazaro and SM Manila.

Izza and I goofing around while waiting for his "Kuya" choose for his new shoes...

She's such a cute (and not to mention HEAVY!) girl! ^__~

Hubby getting annoyed at the SA... When she learned that we'll be using GCs, she told us that items bought with GCs will be sold in their regular price... in an annoying way. =(

Hubby and Mom-in-law got annoyed because the SA and the staff were unfriendly. No wonder, their store doesn't have a lot of customers on that day even if there was a mall-wide sale on that day. =(

Anyway, Hubby didn't find a style he liked, so he told me to use the GCs instead. =)

Oh my! I haven't taken a pic of my new shoes! =D

Mom-in-law bought 4 packs of Kettle Korn in Sweet Corn and Original "Sweet and Salty" Flavor... =D

I love popcorn a lot! ^__^

Hubby bought me a dress at Cinderella! ^__^

I'll wear this on our Mid-Year Thanksgiving and the shoes that I bought at Manels... ^__^

Izza enjoying popcorn while the brother buys some drinks... ^__^

Funny that the first photo I showed was my little sister-in-law and ended it with her photo, too! =D

Fun day it was!!! ^__^

Watch out for more Happy June Weekend posts! ^__^

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Kindergarten Program (SKP) 2012 Graduation FOTD

Hello! Let me share with you the products that I used for my look on the day of the SKP 2012 Commencement Exercises (click the link to read about my experience)... ^__^

Sorry... makeup shown in the photos wasn't fresh anymore... I took it after the event, just before my classes... =D

Hanskin Mineral Magic BB Cream
Revlon Age Defying Spa Foundation
Avon Simply Pretty Dual Foundation
e.l.f Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder 

Natasha Beauty Eye Brow Pencil in Caramel Brown 
e.l.f Primer and Sealer 
Lancome mini eyeshadow quad (old one, maybe a sample) 
Fanny Serrano Four Colour Eyeshadow in Earth 
e.l.f Natural Eyeshadow Palette 
e.l.f Smokey Eyeshadow Quad 
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Lucky 
Nichido Girls Night Out in Blackest Black 
Milani Build-A-Lash Volume Mascara 
Wet N' Wild Megaplump Mascara 

Maybelline Baby Lips in Smoothing Cherry 
Cover Girl It’s Your Mauve (030) 
BR Cosmetics Lipstick in Bashful (22) 
Fanny Serrano True Light Liquid Lipstick in Light Petal

This look was actually slightly inspired by SNSD's "Twinkle" MV. The glitters at the inner corners (which by the way, was washed out by my phone's camera) were from Taeyeon's eye makeup look. See the cute gif photo below:

It's a Wonderful Wednesday, don't you think? ^__^

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