Thursday, December 22, 2011

What Do You REALLY Love About Your Body?

Popular bloggers Ms. Nikki, Ms. Sophie, and Ms. Wendy among others have posted a video and their own thoughts about what they loved about their friends' and their own bodies. I admire these girls, as they are truly beautiful. However, I was quite surprised to read about their own responses to the question.

Honestly speaking, Ms. Sophie's post here was the one I was very touched with. She wrote about her sister, who had a skin condition when they were young. I really teared up while I was reading it. Why? Well, simply because I had a similar condition.

This video was a campaign by Dove. Watch and get ready to reflect on one question that will follow...

So... What do you love about your body?

The video really made me reflect on what I love about myself. I always envy girls gifted with clear, white skin, nice set of twins and pretty face - and the feeling still occur at times. I am insecure. I feel jealous of other people's beauty and I barely see it in myself.

Just like Ms. Sophie's sister, when I was a kid, I had a skin condition that caused me to have wounds all the time. Since I had that condition at an early age, I rarely get the chance to wear shorts and skirts when I was young. I have always felt ashamed of showing off my legs because if my cousins make fun of me, what more if other people get to see my nasty scars? So, I always wear pants ALL THE TIME.

In short, I was so insecure because unlike my sisters and cousins, I can not be as normal as them. I cannot be as fashionable as them. I used to feel really scared to wear P.E shorts even when I reached High School and College. Let's say that I had some self-esteem problems, too. Up to this moment, insecurity still hits me.

Me in 3rd Year High School

I also feel for people who gets bullied because of their physical abnormalities - in fact, we shouldn't call them abnormalities. I just can't think of a proper term in describing it. =S

So I always tend to appreciate beauty in others - just because I can't see it in myself. Okay. I sometimes overdo it... hehehe...

I have only learned to appreciate my own beauty lately, when I got some compliments from other people... and when I won Ms. Photogenic and 2nd Runner Up in a school pageant. *teehee - kahiya (embarassing), huh? hihihi...* =D

The first time I appreciated my OWN beauty...

Simple gestures of praise boosts my confidence and gives me the courage to flaunt what I have.

Until now.

So, whenever I get good comments from other people, I remember and try my best to enhance or improve that part of me.

I have relearned a lot from this video. No one is perfect. We all have our own flaws. Love thyself, but not to the point that all you see is yourself. Learn to accept thy flaws. Embrace what you have and learn to cultivate it.

I may not have the perfect physique, but I am thankful for the knowledge, the talent and the heart that God has given me. =)

Ahhh... it feels good to say the things above. ^__^

Ladies and Gentlemen, don't let other people let you down.

Smile and be proud! God has a purpose for everything!

Thanks to Ms. Sophie for sharing her sister's story. It was very inspiring. =)

To my hubby, thank you for accepting me for the way that I am; despite my flaws and insecurities, you always make me feel beautiful and sexy in your own way. I love you so much! ^__^

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy 70th Monthsary, Yubu! ^__^

Happy 70th Monthsary to the love of my life!

More months and years to come for us!!! ^__^

I love you so much!

One of our old pictures - When we were still a bit thinner... Hahaha! XD

See you later, hubby! Mwuah! ^__^

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Thanksgiving 2011 FOTD

Some people are wondering why we are still celebrating Thanksgiving when majority of the population are preparing for the Christmas holidays.

You see, we don't celebrate Christmas in our religion. =D

I love Christmas and it makes me sad to think about that part. But hey! Christmas is for every one, right? I've grown a big part of my life and celebrated Christmas. It's only the past 3 years that I don't get to celebrate Christmas.

Moving on, last Sunday, December 18th, was our Church's Thanksgiving.

I really planned to go to church glammed up. So, the night before the occasion, I curled my hair using the Japanese curling foam and slept in it. My husband has to be at church in as early as 4:30am. I took a bath as soon as he left home and prepped myself  right away, hoping to catch the 6am service. Unfortunately, when I got downstairs, my sister-in-law is still sleeping and told me that mom has left already. I actually wasn't sure about the time of the service so, I decided to go for the 10am service. Haha!

I wore a brown tube dress and a brown cardigan-ish blazer (similar to those you see in Korean shows). I paired it with my silver shoes.

I decided to go (again) for my HyunA-inspired makeup, but this time, a little more intense. How I missed wearing black eyeliner on my waterline! I think it had been years since I last did it. Haha! =D

And look how it turned out!

Pa-sweet? >__<

While killing time, I took lots of selcas (Konglish term meaning "self camera").

I love it! ^__^

After the church service, my sister-in-law asked us to accompany her and Izza (my baby sis-in-law) to her workplace for the Kid's Christmas Party. Guess what? My make-up lasted all day! ^__^

Here are the products that I used:

Purederm Magic BB Cream
Fanny Serrano Concealer in Cashew
Revlon Age Defying Spa Foundation in 003 Light
Mac Strobe Cream
Nichido Final Powder in So Natural
e.l.f Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder

e.l.f Eye Primer and Liner Sealer
Nichido Pearl Eye Shadow Palette (used the white and shimmery pink shade)
Fanny Serrano Four Colour Eyeshadow in Earth (used the brown shade for the brows)
Lancome Radiant Smoothing Eye Shadow Quad - Divine Hold in F40 (used the gold and bronze shades)
Lancome Magic Voyage Palette (used the taupe and black shades)
Nichido Girls' Night Out in 01 Blackest Black
Wet n' Wild Waterproof Mega Plump Mascara in Black

Milani Lipstick in Moon Over Paradise
Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Brownie
Fanny Serrano True Light Liquid Lipstick in Light Petal

If you'll notice, I have replaced some of the products as compared to my previous FOTD post here. Hey, it's a special event! I might as well use the best products that I have in my stash. ^__^

Leave me some comments, okay? ^__^

See you soon!

More updates to come!

I realized, I got looooots of old FOTDs from the past lurking in my hard drive... what should I do with them? Leave a comment!

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FOTD 072111: Best Thing I Never Had

I rummaged through my blog and saw this simple looking but clean FOTD draft...

This was inspired by Beyonce's Best Thing I Never Had MV.

You know, at that time, I was a little crazed over wedding make-up. I was actually supposed to put on my own make-up on my wedding day only if it wasn't for our wedding coordinator that included a make-up artist in our package. ^__^

Glowy and Clean is the look! ^__^

You can still see some of the acne marks that I had at that time. =(

The coverage was so sheer because I only used BB Cream as my make-up base/foundation. I was going for that dewy, glowy finish.

Uyyy... Parang wala lang! Haha! - Screensaver mode? XD

I don't remember much about the products that I used for this look but as far as I can remember, I used my Purederm Magic BB Cream, Mac Strobe Cream and my Fanny Serrano Concealer in Cashew for the Face.

I looked like a real angel when I sported this look. Actually, one of the reasons why I also tried this look on was it was our monthsary. ^__^

What do you think? I hope you liked it! 


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Friday, December 16, 2011

Trouble Maker!

No, I'm not mad. Haha! My title is the inspiration of my FOTD for today. Teehee!

It's inspired by HyunA and JS's new MV, Trouble Maker.

My inspiration

My own version
Sorry,  the colors had been washed off...  But I swear, the colors were awesome! ^__^

I even got a compliment from my student! ^__^
Student: "Teacher is pretty today. (followed by three flowers)"

*EEEE... kahiya (embarassing)! My poses look so provocative! XD*

These were the products that I used to get this look...

Purederm Magic BB Cream
Fanny Serrano Concealer in Cashew (used as both concealer and foundation)
Nichido Final Powder in So Natural
Fashion 21 Duo Blush-On (pink blush and brown bronzer)

e.l.f Eye Primer and Liner Sealer
Nichido Pearl Eye Shadow Palette (used the white and shimmery pink shade)
Fanny Serrano Four Colour Eyeshadow in Earth (used the bronze and shimmery cream shade)
Lancome Radiant Smoothing Eye Shadow Quad - Divine Hold in F40 (used the gold and bronze shades)
Lancome Magic Voyage Palette (used the taupe and black shades)
Nichido Girls' Night Out in 01 Blackest Black
Wet n' Wild Waterproof Mega Plump Mascara in Black

Milani Lipstick in Moon Over Paradise
Fanny Serrano Moisturific Lipstick in Frost Rose
Fanny Serrano True Light Liquid Lipstick in Light Petal

Yes, I did use a lot of eye shadow palettes for this look, but it turned out pretty subtle! I swear! ^__^

I hope you like the look! ^__^

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Ulzzang Sister-in-Law FOTD 111811

FOTD 111811 (Click to enlarge)

This was what I wore to my little sister-in-law's 1st birthday party...

My husband's relatives complimented me on this look, they told me I looked like a Korean... haha! =D

A lot of guests gave nice compliments on my makeup and talent on putting on makeup. Funny, it took me almost an hour getting myself done and they saw me for only a about half an hour! >__<

Ahhh... I missed making FOTD posts!

More of my Ulzzang-inspired FOTD...

Taken with my webcam...

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Friday, October 21, 2011

FOTD and HOTD 102011: Golden Ulzzang Look

I just felt like being pretty the day before yestersday... So, I did the no heat waves to my hair and did my make-up in as fast as 15 minutes at 5:00 in the morning... =D

Golden Ulzzang Look

Products Used:

Purederm Magic BB Cream
Revlon Age Defying Spa Foundation in 003 Light
Nichido Final Powder in So Natural
e.l.f Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder

e.l.f Eye Primer and Sealer
Cover Girl Professional Eye Enhancers in Burnished Gold
Fanny Serrano Soft Eye Pencil in Black
Wet n’ Wild Mega Plump Waterproof Mascara

Fanny Serrano Soft Eye Pencil in Dark Brown

The Body Shop Born Lippy Cool Mint Lip Balm
BR Cosmetics Lipstick in Bashful
Fanny Serrano True Light Liquid Lipstick in Light Petal

Sorry, the color is all washed up. My cellphone camera is already broken and I don't have any other camera aside from my webcameras... =D

My hair here reminds me of "Bangkok City" by Orange Caramel...

Tutorial on this look is in the works. ^__~

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Friday, October 14, 2011

A Sneak Peak of my Wedding Day

Hello there, beautiful people!

September 30th is the most awaited day of my life. My Honey and I tied the knot two weeks ago.

Here's a sneak peak of how I looked like on my wedding day.

Photo taken by our official wedding photographer

What can you say? Philippine-based readers, wanna book my wedding photographer? Just leave me a message or visit my Facebook page. ^__^

I am having little adjustments on being a wife now. So far, I got no problems with it. ^__^

I'll just get some things done and keep adjusting and when I get my writing mojo back, I'll be back with a vengeance! XD

Have a great day, ladies!

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Friday, September 09, 2011

What I Wore Today

Today, technically yesterday (Thursday, the 8th), I got kinda hyper that I didn't know what to do. I got stuck between recording a song (cover), filming a tutorial and blogging.

My Attempts:

I have tried recording a couple of times but I guess I need to practice more and memorize the lines of the song. Shhh... be quiet... I'm preparing a secret song number for my groom for our wedding day! =D

Since I am still trying to save my skin from break outs and such horrible stuff, I only swiped on a mauve lipstick and topped it with a nude lipgloss. Later on, i got irked with the new zit that appeared on my face a couple of days ago. I decided to dab on some BB Cream to reduce the pigmentation... =D

Cover Girl It's Your Mauve (030) + Fanny Serrano True Light Liquid Lipstick in Light Petal = 

The resourceful and hopeful in me resorted to using the webcam to take a shot of my lips... Please bear with thee... =D

In the afternoon, I got the package from one of my students! It's a box of seaweeds! Hahaha!!! ^__^

Zit less visible? Thanks Purederm BB Cream! ^__^
Munching on a piece of laver... Nomnomnom!!! ^ ᴥ ^

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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Angelamhiere's Little Heaven on Facebook!

Sorry for being MIA on blogging. I got lots of stuff to blog about, but I am super busy. I'll try to update you from time to time.

Anyway, I'm here to announce that I already created a Facebook page for my blog.

Come join me!


See you around!

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Thursday, September 01, 2011

New Hair? HOTD 090111

Weee!!! It's the first day of September!

Just 4 weeks and a day more!


That's a total of 29 days!

On the 30th, I'll be marrying my prince. =)

The nearer it comes, the more excited and sleepless I get! Hahaha!!!

Anyway, I missed blogging so much. I got lot of things to tend to that the things that I wanna blog about are all just stuck in my head... Gyah! TMI?!! Overload of ideas?!? Hahaha!!!

Don't worry, as soon as I get some free time, I'll be posting stuff for you loyal readers out there. =)

Today, what inspired me to blog is my new hair.

Check it out!!! =D

What do you think?

Maybe you're thinking, "Oh Gosh! It's less than a month and she had her hair cut short?!?"

Well, well, well... You're wrong! I didn't cut my hair! It a  faux bob. I just thought of doing so because I wanna try something new with my hair... haha!

I'll be making a schedule for a specific post so I could keep my blog as well as my readers. I'll include a tutorial of this look if you like to. =)

Keep the love coming, hunnies! Please leave a comment or two! ^__^

Happy First Day of September, beauties!!!


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Friday, August 12, 2011

My Birthday Wish List

With only 7 days left before my birthday, here are the things that I am wishing to have.

This is only my wish list. If someone would grant me any of these, then, WOW! Thanks a lot!!! If none, then, I would just save up for them after the wedding. =D

I’d post the stuff randomly.

Let me start off with…

Beauty and the Beast Blu-Ray 3D DVD

We still don’t have a Blue-Ray or 3D DVD Player, but I really want to have this. I super love Beauty and the Beast!!!

Urban Decay Naked Palette or the 15th Anniversary Palette

Why the Naked Palette? Because I love wearing neutrals every time I go out. I think it is safe wearing them on. You can go subtle to smokey!

Why the 15th Anniversary Palette? Well, aside from the lovely colors it offers, I am very attracted to the pretty box! I believe that although I am a neutral lover, I can come up with amazing looks using this palette! ^__^

Any MAC Product

I’ve never owned one until Ms. Nikki sent me some items as an advanced birthday/wedding gift… The only MAC product I have is the Strobe Cream.

A Good Make-Up Brush Set like Charm Pro Brushes

Charm Pro V.3

I feel the need to invest in good quality make-up brushes. I guess my make-up skills have improved already. I am ready to have a real set of make-up brushes! Hahaha!

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium U Style Flat Iron

When Honey and I were shopping at SM San Lazaro a couple of months ago, I came across the Hairstyling section of Watson’s in the department store and saw this lovely and multi-purpose hair iron. I learned the technique of curling the hair using a flat iron but it won’t seem to work with my Watson’s ceramic hair iron. TT__TT

I showed this to honey and told him that I’d like this as his birthday present for me. Hehehe… He only answered, “After the wedding”. Aigoo!

A New Phone: Apple IPhone or Samsung Galaxy S

IPhone 3gs

IPhone 4

Samsung Galaxy S II

Honey and I had been using our overused phones for about three to four years already. Mine (My ever trusty (Sony Ericsson P990i) has started to give up. I can’t take decent pictures anymore and I miss camwhoring so badly. It hangs sometimes and the on/off button is also starting to malfunction, too. While Honey’s phones (Nokia E71 and Sony Ericsson W__) got broken too. I think they were scared of heights! Hahaha! As of the moment, Honey is using an old Nokia ___ phone borrowed from his younger brother.

Portable Hard Drive

My laptop is getting over crowded with lots of files that I can't let go. I badly need a portable HD!!! TT__TT

Apple IPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab


Samsung Galaxy Tab

Well, this is not really a necessity. It’s just cool having these gadgets around! Hahaha! I actually have an A-Pad Tablet, but I rarely use it. I can’t install some games and I found it a little useless, as compared to the original and high-end ones. Well, I think it's good to have these to be able to blog on the go, sync my stuff with my laptop and do other wonders. =D

An MP3 Player

I love music a lot. I listen to music while I make reports, while I clean the house, while I take a bath, in between classes, before going to sleep – Music is life to me! Hahaha!

I want to pair the MP3 player with these cute Clipper Ear Phones

Well, these are the tangible things that I am wishing for my birthday.


Here are the intangible things that I want to have:

A peaceful and safe world

So commonly cheesy, right? But yeah! I am still hoping for the best! I am still hoping that the world would still be a safe place for my future kids. I know well that God won’t forsake us.

More Time

I am focused so much with my work as a teacher (and I don’t have any complaints about it) and I think I should have some time to spend for myself. I think I’ve been locking myself in too much and I feel the need to go out sometimes. I feel that I have to socialize! Hahaha!

Learn more about Make-up Artistry

Yeah! I am so into make-up now. I know how to put on make-up and do other’s make-up but I still want to improve my current skills. I also want to earn a certificate and venture into a new career. *wink, wink*

So far, these are what I am wishing for. So, if you’re planning to send me a gift, you can choose one above. Hahaha! – Joke! Kidding! I am not choosy in reality. I will accept any gift wholeheartedly with so much delight! ^___^

See you around! ^__^

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