Thursday, July 26, 2012

Catch Me, I'm Falling!

Hello again! I am trying to distract myself now. I still feel sick. I think my body is having a hard time now (Magic Days; Time of the Month). I've never felt so sick while having my period. So, here I am, trying to finish up my backlogs with Psy's Gangnam Style playing in my background. =D

Curious? Let me introduce Psy! =D

I find the dance steps cute! =D

Anyway, Did you find the title of this post cheesy? It has nothing to do with anyone's love story. Hehehe...

It's my new love! It's my new Catch wedge! ^__^

So pretty, right?

I got this last June, during the Independence Sale at SM City North Edsa, during one of our happy weekends.  Read about it here. =D

The first time I wore it was only last Sunday, during our Church's Thanksgiving. Wedges make me feel fab without having to worry about tripping, falling flat on my face or spraining my ankle. It gives me the added height and the illusion of longer legs.

I love the cute stripes on its sides.

What I love about it is, it feels comfy and snug. The garter makes it fit perfectly so it doesn't fall off my feet. Walking on it is a breeze! ^__^

I got the color white so it would coordinate easily with my other clothes. =)

I plan to wear this with my dresses, shirt and jeans combo and even pair it with shorts on hot days. =) 

Just imagine... shorts + wedges... looks nice, right? ^__^

Spikey(?) Sole

Another thing that I like about it is, the soles. It is not slippery, therefore safe to wear even if I carry around a kid! =D

Catch is by Manels. Yes. I used my Manels GCs for it. It was intended for him but he decided to give way and let me use it instead. Awww... sweet, right? ^__^

Lately, I am into fashion... clothes, shoes, bags and accessories... I'm a girl! I see lots of really nice stuff in the net and I am drooling to buy them all! Hahaha!

Oh well! I'll try to make aegyo to Jagi... =D

"Jagi... my birthday is coming... I want more shoes and clothes... puh-leeese? Saranghamnida!"

I hope it works! Wahehehe... =D

I hope every one's well!!! ^__^

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Bee Zeuqirne said...

great catch! :)

Joy Calipes-Felizardo said...

Nice review about the wedge. I love wearing them also cause i'.m short. It csn go from casual to classy look!

angelamhiere said...

Yep! Thanks, Sis! ^__^

angelamhiere said...

I agree with you! Wedges give us the added height without worrying about comfort! =)

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