Thursday, May 07, 2015

New Layout

This will be a quick post. I have to go to church in a while. 


Hooray for a new layout! I have to remove some clutter from my blog and I still need to add a few stuff but I am happy that slowly, my blog is coming back to life... 

Thanks to Ms. Tipsy and Mr. Ponggo of the Googly Gooeys for the boost of inspiration and confidence! Now, I am not only inspired to write, but I am also now inclined to go back to my love of arts. Please, do visit their blog for a lot of fun, quirky, and inspiring posts! Click on this link to go to their site. They are so adorbs!!!

See you all soon!!! ^___^ <---such a="" big="" face="" fat="" haha="" happy="" p="">

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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Fill in the Blanks

I couldn't think of a good title, so, just fill in the blanks! Hahaha!

Anyway, the past few days, my hands have been itching to blog. However, I decided to organize and transfer my files from my laptop to an external hard drive. I have been using my laptop since 2010, I had the motherboard changed last year, and as much as I needed to buy a new one, I can't afford one right now; we have to prepare for our baby's arrival. ^_^

Today, I spent time preparing a few materials and gathering new ideas for my class this year. I want to prepare ahead of time so that when June comes, I would have less time to worry about. Also, I want to be able to spend more time with baby when he comes.

Oh! I am so excited!!! ^_^

I think this pregnancy has inspired me to do a lot of things. Even going back to blogging. I super admire mommy bloggers like my beloved Ms. Shen and Ms. Nikki because they were able to juggle their careers, blogging, and mommyhood. I wish I could do that too. 

Going back to blogging, I deleted my old files, ones which I was supposed to write about a couple of years back. I told myself, "I'm giving myself another chance in blogging. I will start from scratch, just like how I started years ago."

To start anew, I browsed for free blogger layouts. unfortunately, I couldn't find "the one".  How I wish I have the time and energy as well as the talent to design my own page. I want to start fresh that instead of trying my hand at designing, I wasted my precious time looking for the perfect design. I found gorgeous but affordable designs, but I am afraid to purchase one for some reasons. So, my blog design would have to wait. What's important is, I am writing again. :)

But I hope someone would be kind enough to help me with my blog design and all things blogging. :D

So, what do I write about next? My pregnancy? My teaching career? 

Please join me as I embark into a new journey in my blogging life. 

Wow! I feel so relieved! Finally! I was able to blog again! Woot!!! ^_^

Yup! I had my long tresses cut short! :D

Till my next post! 

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