Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nail of the Week: Purple Gradient Nails

Today, I shall share you my "Nail of the Week". In fact, I've been wearing this for more than a week already. =D

All of the polishes I used were from HBC. Wanna recreate it? Here's how:

1. Make sure your nails are clean and sanitized. File it to your desired shape. =)

2. Apply base coat. For me, since I don't have one, I used Caronia colorless nail polish. Let dry.

3. Take a duochrome pearl-pink nail polish like San San Nail Polish in Lilac Pearl and apply on entire nail. Again, let it dry. 

4. Get a piece of sponge and a small piece of plastic (to be used as a palette). You can use an old CD case like I did. =D

5. Put a few drops of pink nail polish. I used San San Tea Rose. It is actually mauvey-pink. Dab the sponge on the pink polish and dab on the middle half of your nail. Let dry.

6. Then take a purple shade. Put a few drops and dab the sponge there. Apply it on the tip of the nail, about 1/4 of the nail. I used San San Violet Glam.

7. Since my purple polish was a bit dark, I toned it down using San San Lavender Blush, a lighter purple nail polish. If I used Lavender Blush alone, the purple won't stand out and it won't look like a gradient. that's why I had to use a darker purple nail polish before Lavender Blush.

8. Top it off with your clear nail polish to smooth out the top coat and seal it. =)

9. Let it dry completely.

10. You're done! Haha! ^__^

Here's how mine turned out.

There you go! Thanks to HBC and Miss Kat V for these pretty nail polishes! I'll be posting a review soon! ^__^

Hubby thought it's a French Tip... What do you think? -___-

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50 Days After Using Maybelline Baby Lips Smoothing Cherry

Hi! Remember my post on my 7-Day test on Maybelline Baby Lips?

I just want to give you a quick update on how my lips improved in one month and three weeks time. =)

Without Baby Lips

With Baby Lips

 With Baby Lips

 With Baby Lips

With Baby Lips

My lips have lightened and became softer and smoother. ^__^

It feels so good to find a product that really worked for me! 

I love, love, love Maybelline Baby Lips Lipbalm!

I think I am gonna hoard more of these! Next time, I'll grab the Anti-Oxidant Berry variant. ^__^

Have you tried it?

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tis' The Time of The Year... Tips for Graduating Beauties!

Wondering why the title is like that? Well, it's the Graduation season in the Philippines! Four years ago, I have marched my way to the stage, and tearfully accepted my diploma. It was such a happy feeling! That moment made me feel so fulfilled, considering the hardships that I have experienced. 

Okay. enough of that. Although I want to recall how it felt that time, I'll refrain myself. I don't want you to feel all upset about the hardships I've gone through. Hehe...

This is my Graduation look. What follows are a few facts and some tips on how I achieved it. ^__~

My Graduation FOTD and HOTD

Let me recall how I did the makeup look above...


1. Makeup base - I want to make my makeup stay longer. It also helped make the application of mousse foundation smoother. =)
2. Foundation - This helped even out my skin tone and conceal some minor blemishes. Actually, I really didn't have much blemishes that time. =)
3. Concealer - Concealed my undereyes. I suffered a lot of sleepless nights due to demos and a lot of stuff prior to the event. I also slept a little the night before the graduation. Teehee! =D
4. Pressed powder - This "sealed" the foundation and gave a nice matte finish.
5. Eyeshadow - I went for browns, my go-to shadow color. 
6. Eyeliner - I lined the top and bottom lash line with black liner pencil, smudged it a bit to make it look soft. 
7. Mascara - Mascara will never be out of my list way back in College. My friends would always compliment my eyes as well as my long, fluttery lashes way back then. I curled my lashes well and coated it with about 2 swipes of mascara. =)
8. Blush - I guess I applied too much of it. Teehee! Anyway, I think it's just fine since my eyes and lips were muted. Nevertheless, be sure to blend your blusher well. You won't want to look punched on your graduation day. =D
9. Lipstick and Lipgloss - I went for pink lipstick and lipgloss. I used my Avon Simply Pretty lipstick in Buttercup. =)

(Courtesy of my sister-in-law)
1. Curled hair using a curling rod.
2. Gathered hair from the crown and made a tiny bouffant.
3. Pinned hair securely at the back of the bouffant.
4. Accessorized with cute hair pins.
5. Set with hairspray.


  • I barely slept in preparation for my graduation day. I think I slept for only an hour and a half. = D
    I know! I know! I should have had my beauty rest but I can't help it! I don't want to look so plain and drab on one of the best days of my life!!!
  • My sister-in-law helped me with my hair.
  • We had our celebration done at my hubby's (my then boyfriend) house. His family prepared every thing! 
  • My "guest of honor" is none other than the emcee of our graduation ceremony, our College Dean...! (Bongga!) Every one at home was surprised that I was able to take the dean with me. Hehehe... (Random fact: that dean was so close to our hearts that she was part of our wedding entourage - a dream she had ever since she learned that hubby and I started dating. Hehehe...)

  • Allow yourself to have time to rest. Get eight hours (or more) of sleep if you can! ^__^
  • It's good to have someone to help you around. It helps save some time. =)
  • Be sure to think of what you want to look like on your graduation day. I, in particular, have expected that most of my batchmates would wear heavy make-up (Read: with pops of color). I have nothing against it, but, it depends on how a person should wear it and of course, the occasion. I want to look polished that day, so, I opted to go with neutrals: I went on with my classic go to look: browns.
  • Wear sheer to full coverage makeup, depending on your needs. Be sure that it'll last all through out the ceremony. As far as I can remember, I think I used San San Makeup Base then topped it with Avon's Mousse Foundation. I set it with Avon's Simply Pretty Pressed powder. 
  • For a safe and classic look, go for neutrals: Browns, grays, black, silver, skintone colors. As much as possible, avoid wearing too much color on occasions like this. =)
  • Be sure to carry a pack of oil-blotting sheets and tissue with you. Also, bring few things in your makeup kit in case your makeup budged because of crying! =D

There you go! I hope these tips help! ^__^

I am thinking of recreating my graduation look... 

Hmmm... what do you think? 

Maybe I have to make one. =D

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Tomato Zombie Chronicles Day 1: Battle Against Acne Starts NOW!!! =D

I am heading out on a challenge to see if the all natural tomato mask will work on my currently acne-prone skin. My hormones are misbehaving recently probably because of my PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). This condition causes me to skip my "magic days" every other month, which leads to acne (and false alarm on having a baby) TT__TT. I guess pimples and nasty stuff erupt on my face because the impurities in my body is not flushed out monthly through my period monthly. =(

So, I am opting to go back to using my old low dose birth control pills (which I'll be asking the OB-Gyne when I pay a visit) to control my monthly period and as well as be able to get over the acne breakouts.

So sad, my skin didn't use to be like this when my monthly visitor used to visit on a regular basis. Well, I did use to have pimples prior to my period or after it, but not cystic ones.

I'll see if this tomato mask will help me improve my skin even a bit. ^__^

Tomatoes are known to be rich in lycopene, a vital anti-oxidant that prevents our cells from aging and being damaged by free-radicals. It also helps combat cancerous cell formation. Aside from lycopene, tomatoes are rich in vitamins. So better eat (or drink) up that tomato! ^__~

How to make your own tomato mask:
1. Get a medium sized ripe tomato. Cut it in half.

What to do with the other half? Eat it! Eating tomatoes are as good as applying it on your skin. ^__^

2. Mash the other half. I used a grater but I got only a little of the tomato flesh. Nevertheless, it's okay. Be sure to squeeze the juice, too!

3. Using the tomato skin/peel, slather the juice and flesh on face and let it sit there until it dries up.


  • You may apply the juice/pulp directly on your face or you can use paper facial mask that you can purchase in Daiso or Saizen. ^__^
  • Be careful in applying the juice. You may put a towel so the juice won't drip and stain on your clothes. =)

You'll know that it's being absorbed by the skin soon as the skin tightens. It's also normal to sting a bit because tomatoes have acids. However, if it stings a lot, wash it off immediately. The skin will be a bit red (because of the juice) while it is on your skin. Soon as you wash it off, it goes away.

4. Wash off mask with warm water. Pat dry with a clean and soft towel.

5. Don't forget to moisturize! ^__^

Here's how I looked like with the tomato mask on... =D
Click on image to enlarge. Some seeds were on my face... hehehe... =D

 Pardon the puffy eyes, I woke up at 3:20 in the morning to assist my hubby before he goes to work. =D

After washing my face...
  • Pores have shrunk a bit.
  • Pimples dried up.
  • Skin felt softer and smoother.

If this continues, I will definitely include this in my routine. ^__^

Hubby, better start a tomato garden for me! =D

Here's something for you, just for the sake of laughs! Hehehe... =D

Have you tried this all-natural mask before? How was it?

If you tried my recipe, please tell me down in the comments below! ^__^

Have a great day, every one! Now, time for me to make my reports! =D

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Book Haul

Aigoo! I didn't know I still haven't posted this! O__O 

After our spur of the moment "dinner date" last January 1st, we decided to drop by National Book Store just a few restaurants away from Inasal at Iba Pa (click the link for the review).

Seeing that they are having a sale, we browsed at the books that were displayed outside. For sure, there's something interesting to find.

Guess what? We did find something!

Well, not for us but for...

My grandfather!

The Life of Elvis Presley

My grandfather is a big fan of Elvis Presley and I'm pretty sure that he'll love this. He has a small collection of Elvis stuff at home.

Young Elvis strutting his stuff... He's so handsome!!! =D

Can you guess how much we got this book for?

It's only…. P50!

From P1,155 to P144.25 to P50!

So, hubby told me to quickly grab it. We decided to go inside and buy something for ourselves. I told my hubby that I want to start collecting TESL/ESL books. Sadly, we were not able to find any good TESL/ESL book (or maybe we didn't search good enough). A little later on, he saw this book and handed it to me.

Edith Hamilton's Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes

I have read this book way back in the university. We had a subject called "Mythology and Children's Literature" and we were required to read this book. I only borrowed a book from his classmate that's why I don't have my own copy. I've been very interested in Mythology even before entering the university. My grandfather has a hardbound mythology book (of a different author) and I used to read it. Being too interested with it, I used to dream about giving a Greek name to my future baby (or babies) because of its uniqueness.

Yay! My own copy!!! ^__^


Lastly, hubby was looking for Bob Ong's new book. I saw it from a friend's post in Facebook but sadly, I forgot the exact title at that moment. I remember the cover though.

Unfortunately, we were browsing the cahiers' counters  but they really don't have copies of the new book.

So, we decided to keep wandering around the bookstore and he opted to pick this...

 Pugad Baboy 5

Pugad Baboy 5 Special Signed Copy
Pol Medina Jr.! It's almost the same as having an autograph!!! =D

We got this for only P99!

By the way, for those who didn't know Pol Medina Jr. or the Pugad Baboy Series, it is a popular comic series way back in the 90's. =D

We went home with these...

After a couple of weeks, I teased hubby about the latest Bob Ong book, "Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin". He started bugging me about buying it and wanted to go back into collecting all of his books. I read some of Bob Ong's books, that's why I know why the hubby is crazy over them. Being the nice wife, I agreed. So, right after he went out from work, he went to Megamall to buy his books.

Hubby's "new" collection

ABNKKBSNPLAKO?!: Mga Kwentong Chalk ni Bob Ong

Ang Paboritong Libro Ni Hudas

Hubby now have the latest Bob Ong book… I suppose he's now a happy hubby! ^__^ 

Lumayo Ka Sa Akin

New books... =)


Hubby enjoying his Pugad Baboy Comic Book...

Y U look serious while reading a funny comic book? Hehehe... >__<

Now, I get to use the pretty bookmark my student sent me last year...

So pretty... ^_^

My hubby and I love books and we both want to have a mini-library when we have our own house.

How about you? Do you love reading? Can you recommend some books for me and my man?

Feel free to suggest below! ^__^

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FOTD 031512: Minimal Makeup (Three Items Only!) ^__^

Today is church day. I am happy because I was able to get up just in time to wake up hubby. He was late yesterday and I felt really guilty about it. =(

Although I had a difficult time sleeping last night (maybe... a. due to the cup of white coffee I drank in the afternoon; b. because of the excitement for my PinkBox contest entry or c. stomach giving me troubles), I was able to get up early today. Yay for that! But I'll probably feel sleepy later, so I better take a short nap later... teehee!!! =D

I had been planning to wear some makeup to church today but I got cranky so, I decided to just go minimal.

And it was a success!!! ^__^

FOTD and HOTD 031512: Minimal Makeup with Signature Bun

Products used:

Purederm Magic BB Cream
e.l.f Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder (Blush only)
Maybelline Baby Lips in Smoothing Cherry

This look took me less than five minutes to do. ^__~

I still plan to do something later... Hmmm... let me see... *Checks on Backlogs and Calendar of Activities*

How about you? How do you plan to spend your Thursday?

I hope to hear from you! Leave me a comment below!

Yesterday was White Day in Korea. Did you get some sweets from your loved ones? 

Me? Nah. I guess hubby was too busy with his job... =(

But I did get lots of virtual candies from my dear students!!! ^__~

Have a terrific Thursday, every one!!! ^__^

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♥♥♥ My Pinkbox Uniform Entry ♥♥♥

Hello every one!

I'm still alive! Hahaha! Sorry, I've been away again. I've been feeling strange lately. I know what you're thinking... hehehe... Don't worry, I'll update you on that. ^__~

One of the other reasons why I was also away was, I was busy doing something.

What was it? I decided to go back to drawing, one of my passions.

Pinkbox, an accessory company in the Philippines has launched a contest where in participants were asked to design the perfect uniform for their staff.

Seeing this opportunity, this has sparked my long lost love for drawing. I first drew ideas on my mind. Then, I bought a sketch pad and started drawing my ideas.

I drew eight designs, of which two of them were well drawn and the rest were rough sketches of my artwork. I asked my hubby and my sister-in-law which is the most appropriate design and they picked this:

I couldn't have it scanned because I was really busy at work so, I just took photos of it and put some color and design in Photoshop. I am a noob in Photoshop and was actually trying to see how to use the stuff there, hence, the blotchy and messy color... =D

Here's the result:

How'd you like it? For all of my designs, I really want to go for that doll-like look. ^__^

I hope you can help me out by:

1. Click: this link.
2. Like.
3. Leave a nice comment (e.g: “Wow! So cute!!! ^__^”)

And that’s it! So easy peasy, right? ^__~

Thanks a lot in advance!!! ^__^

♥♥♥ Wish me luck! ♥♥♥

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