Friday, October 26, 2012


I've been feeling under the weather these past few weeks... but I am struggling to fight this feeling. There are actually tons of backlogs on my drive... But I just can't get myself to write a post in this state. I wouldn't want to do something half-heartedly... I've always wanted to give my best in everything I do.

 So, next month, I will try my very best to update my blog... 

I really want to share a lot of things with you... Just take the FOTD below as an example...

Looking happy? Nah... It's just a mask...

Wish me luck! I need all the inspiration and motivation I can get...

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just Got Lucky Series:Escada Collector's Edition Eau de Toilette

The day before my birthday, I got a text message from Mary and Maria Online Boutique. I was surprised to find out that I was the very first winner of their Freebie Friday.

It made me very excited, learning that I was the first winner (yeah, shallow, eh? Hahaha!!!) of their giveaway series. Plus, it is like a birthday gift for me!

Escada Fragrance Set

Comes in: (from left to right)
Rockin' Rio
Pacific Paradise
Sunset Heat
Moon Sparkle
Ocean Lounge

I love this set, but I'm saving it along with my Estee Lauder Pleasures Body Lotion for special occasions. ^__^

Thank you, Mary and Maria Online Boutique! I truly love the set!!! ^__^

Please visit Mary and Maria Online Boutique's Facebook Page here.

I am currently struggling to keep my blog running. I hope you understand.

Thank you for continued support! I hope you could keep visiting my blog! ^__^

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Just Got Lucky Series: Kikay Stuff from the Peachy Pink Sisters

Trying to keep my blog alive by making short posts... It's halfway through October already and all my backlogs are all from August... whew!

Must post 5x a day tomorrow from now on!!! =D

Now, let me share you the lovely loot I won from Dawn and Liz of the Peachy Pink Sisters! ^__^

Wish Nail Stickers
Strip It Sugar Wax (the classic one)
The Healing Garden Passionate Rose Body Mist (Romance)
Covergirl Lipstick in Soulmate

I love packages with notes on them!!! ^__^

Dawn has personally brought these goodies in our house on the day of my birthday. ^__^

She made me so kilig!

Look how she made me all the more kilig! =D

Thanks, Dawn! Thanks, too, dear Liz!

You have made my day so special!!! ^__^

Whew! I better make more posts today! I got so many things running in my mind now! See you later! ^__^

I really gotta get my blogging groove back!

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Just Got Lucky Series: Encara BB Cream

Sorry for the lack of updates... I've been so down lately... 

Oh well! Let me make it up to you this time...

Who loves BB Cream? I do! So, I was so lucky to win one from Ms. Aila of Makeup and My World! I got this the day before my birthday. ^__^

As of now, I got three tubes of BB Creams. And  Encara BB Cream is my 3rd tube. I haven't opened it until this post. ^__^


Thanks, Ms. Aila! 

Do you love BB Creams? Which is your favorite?

Gosh, I better get the motivation I need to post! I have tons to share!!! Please inspire and motivate me, friends!!! =D

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Friday, October 12, 2012

The Search for the 10 Women of Confidence Is On!

Confidence - according to Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, "is a feeling or consciousness of one's powers or of reliance on one's circumstances". 

It is what fuels us modern Filipinas to achieve our dreams. And to celebrate the Filipina of today, Tupperware Philippines has created the search for 10 Women of Confidence.

Guess what? One of our blogger loves, Ms. Sophie Uy is nominated! ^__^

For those who are unfamiliar with her, she is the founder of Beauty and Minerals, the awesome Charm Brushes (that I have been dreaming of) are her babies and she's got another "baby" on the way! *wink, wink*  Do watch out for that!!! ^__^

This lady has all it takes to be a Tupperware Brands Woman of Confidence! She's one of the inspiring women that I look up to! ^__^

So... how to make her get to the top 10? It's so simple! ^__^

Step 1: 
Go to the Facebook Fan Page of Tupperware Brands Philippines and "Like" it.

Step 2: 

Step 3: 
Click start.

Step 4: 
Look for Sophia Uy and click LIKE to vote.

And that's it! As easy as that! ^__^

You can vote as many as 5 times a day. Voting period runs from October 8th-15th, 2012.

Hurry! Show some love for Ms. Sophie!!! ^__^

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Fairy Tale Wedding Memories (Part 3)

Annyeong! ^__^

I'm back with the third part of my Wedding Memories Series! For the fourth part, I think I shall be talking about my suppliers and whatnots. So if you are getting married or you have any wedding queries, shoot it up and I will try my best to answer it. ^__^

So, after the wedding ceremony and post-ceremony photo shoot, we braved the traffic jam of a Friday night going to West Avenue for the reception. Yay! Dinner time! I can't forget how hubby and I are whispering to each other about food, and how hungry we both were. In between takes, one of us would ask "Isn't it over yet? I'm starving!" to which, the other one agrees! =D

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fairy Tale Wedding Memories (Part 2)

On our way to church, we were caught in a little traffic jam due to a fire.

See the huge smoke?

We had to reroute to avoid getting late for the ceremony. We want everything to start on the dot. Surprisingly, my parents and I arrived first before my groom and his family. The people were starting to worry because my groom hasn't arrived yet. I stayed in the car and waited for their arrival. My mom even started making jokes like, "Why? Did he run away? It's okay, we'll take our girl home!", which, I laughed at. I knew how much hubby loves me and wouldn't run away. =D

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Fairy Tale Wedding Memories (Part 1)

September 30, 2011.

A very important day in my entire life. This was the day that my life has changed forever...

It was the day I got married.

Let me share what I remember about the big day...

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