Friday, April 16, 2010

FOTD + Hair: SNSD's Taeyon Run, Devil, Run Look

Finally! The look that I have been dying to try!!!
I have been really planning to put on this chic look, inspired by SNSD's Taeyon. The first time I saw her eye make-up, I was like, "Wait!!! I need to take screen shots of that eye make-up!!!". Until Sugar Apple from Wonderful Generation ( posted the pictures of the Black Soshi Concept. Thanks a lot for that, dear! ^__^
Oh! So Sexy!!! ^__^
Taeyon: Who would run from this pretty face???
Last week, I got the make-up I ordered from our friend. I got two Mary Kate and Ashley's Shimmerize Illuminating Powder Shadow plus Liquid Liner, one in Shimmering Gold and another in Shimmering Pink. I used the Shimmering Gold's Black Liner in applying the upper and lower wings in this look. ^__^
Hope you like it! ^__^
Look at the lines... So chic!
A serious salute pose... Ehehehe...
Don't I look like Hyoyeon here?!?
Is my take on her look okay?
The cute Nyan-nyan pose... Can't get enough of it!!! ^__^
Please comment or send me a message if you like it... I'll edit the Tiffany Inspired Make-up this weekend... ^__^
주말 잘 보내 (Have a great weekend!)!!! ^__^


audrey said...

this makeup looks great on you; you did a really job, very beautiful :)

angelamhiere said...

Thanks!!! ^__^

I was actually recording a video while I was putting on make-up... I also fixed my hair like Taeyon's on that video... ^__^

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