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Just Got Lucky Series: The Beauty Junkee's 3rd Blog Anniversary Giveaway

On the night of June 5th, before going to sleep, I felt the urge to check my personal Facebook page on my new smart phone... Hubby was already sleeping while I was silently scrolling through my page in the dark...


I got a message on my Facebook page wall coming from Ms. Martha, The Beauty Junkee, telling me to check my email. And I hurriedly opened my email inbox from my phone and excitedly opened the message with her name on it.

She chose me as one of her recipients on her 3rd Blog Anniversary Giveaway. She told me that one of the winners didn't respond to her email, so she had to chose another one. =)

I felt so giddy that I tapped hubby and told him that I won! =D

Me: (After reading Ms. Martha's email, eyes opened wide and felt giddy) Jagi!!!
Hubby: (Still sleeping and grunting in reply) ....
Me: I won!!! I won!!!
Hubby: (Snored)
Me: (Ignored his snores and still felt giddy) =D

Honestly, I had a harder time going to sleep that night, and my tweets that night were true. =D

I marked the day of the meet-up on my calendar in my smartphone, as winners from Metro Manila are supposed to pick up the prizes personally from her. =)

The venue was in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig. It was the first time that me and hubby would go there. We first took the PNR Train, from the station a few blocks from our street then when we got off Nichols station, the hubby decided to take a cab in going to the venue, for several purposes: he doesn't want to be late for the meet-up because of taking a jeepney ride and, we made a boo-boo of forgetting to bring an umbrella on a dark, cloudy day.  (You know, if you take the jeep, there's a chance that you'll get lost. He usually take a cab when we go somewhere we are not familiar with, especially when we have to meet someone. I am the adventurous type, and I like searching for various ways on how to get to a place commuting. =D Hence, the reason why instead of taking a cab from our place, I insisted that we try taking the train ride. Besides, there's no traffic when taking the train. =D It was my second time to take the PNR train. 

Eventually, it started drizzling when we got off the train, so we had no choice but to hail a cab. =D

In the cab, hubby started teasing me about the meet-up. He said, I might freeze again in shyness. =D

I told him, "Never again!" Hahaha!!! XD

We got to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf by 4pm, I'm not sure if I was the first to arrive but we sat there and waited for a tiny bit. I saw Ms. Martha with the loads of goodies for us and she immediately handed me my loot. We sat down and waited for the others. Like what I said in my previous post, she was very nice. ^__^

Sorry I blabbered a lot! Hahaha! Now, let me share my loot! ^__^

I won the Woman on Top Gift Pack. ^__^


 A bagful of goodies!!! ^__^

 Let's take a peek of what's inside... ^__^

 A pretty red laptop bag from LapDance

 Perfect for Hyun-Ae (my lappie)! ^__^

 Another loot! ^__^

What's inside?

 Beauty Products and GCs!!! ^__^

 Nivea stuff: Extra Whitening Body Milk, Daily Face Fluid, Whitening Foam, Extra Whitening Deo Roll-on

Wow! Most of them are whitening products! =D

 Royal Effem Delight Fluid Bronzer

 Covergirl goodies: Lash Blast Length, Liquiline Blast and Natureluxe Gloss Balm

I actually got 2 Natureluxe Gloss Balms. I gave the other one to my sister-in-law. =)

Flawless GCs worth P2500! ^__^

I'll be sharing these with hubby and the in-laws! =)

I hope I could save one for my birthday on August! =D

Wait, there's more!

Ms. Martha gave us some L'oreal samples. =)

L'oreal Youth Code Pre-Essence, Revitalift Night Repair Essence and UV Perfect BB Max

I'm so excited to use these goodies! Oooops! Actually, I have tried the L'oreal UV Perfect BB Max yesterday! ^__^

Photo from my instagram: tried out the loreal bb max today... i love how it gave me a nice, healthy glow! ^__^...

Super Thanks, Ms. Martha! I love my prizes a lot!!! ^__^

Am I lucky, or what? No! I'm blessed!!! ^__^

Ever won in a contest/giveaway lately? Share them below! ^__^

P.S: Remember my Back-to-School Series? I don't think I could still make posts on school hairstyles because I will be having my L'oreal Chroma Straight Makeover (courtesy of Ms. Shen and L'oreal Professionel) on Sunday. I will be busy this weekend but I will try to film the hairstyles that I listed down on my notepad.

I really wish I could still film these hairstyles! -__-

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Nicole said...

yeah, I won a giveaway once, it was from ms. nikki tiu of ask me whats.. and I remembered the same feeling when I won again in ms. chay of my kichay kit's giveaway.. I can't wait for sunday cause I wan to meet her in person and to get hold of the makeup loot :) It was already nightime when I saw that I won and I had the same reaction from my husband and the same giddy feeling at the same time not being able to sleep agad cause of the good news! :) you're soooo lucky to have met ms. martha...

love your posts and more power to your blog girl!


angelamhiere said...

Wow! I also won from Ms. Nikki's contests before! Not once, but maybe a couple or more times! =D

I want to meet Ms. Nikki na rin, eh! Kaso, our scheds won't meet. Like I always tell her, "Di kami pinagtatagpo ng tadhana!" XD

It feels good to win, noh? ^__^

Thanks for the follow, dear! I super appreciate it! ^__^

Keep visiting! ^__^

Kath said...

Lucky and bLessed! Wow, you got wonderful items pala. Will wait for review on the skin care and makeup you got there. Ako din I won from Ms.Nikki. Hehehe! Pinagtagpo ba tayo ng tadhana sa winnings?hehehe

Nanalo din ako kay Ms. Shen- I know you're excited sa Sunday. Enjoy :D

angelamhiere said...

Yay! Cute nung "Pinagtagpo ba tayo ng tadhana sa winnings?" Hmmm... Baka nga! Hahaha!!! =D

Super excited!!! ^__^

Diwata Luna said...

Wow you are so lucky! I also just won my first giveaway -- a Firmoo coupon code. :)


angelamhiere said...


I guess I am! ^__^

I also won a pair of Firmoo glasses! Have you checked it out? ^__^

I'll be writing a review soon... ^__^

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