Thursday, December 02, 2010

The End is Near...

I'm not talking about death here, my dears. What I mean is, the end of the year is speeding up... I failed at many things, like keeping up with my blogging. Come next year, I will do my best in maintaining my blog and updating you with stuff.
It's the second day of December and I wanna start writing consistently even before the year ends...
Here are a few updates:
We have a new baby at home and I'm the babysitter. Honey's mom adopted his cousin's baby.
Our old nanny/housekeeper is gone. So, I am always left at home with all the tiring chores.
I am still teaching at home. Tiring, yes; but it is fun.
A couple of weeks ago, I got reunited with my High School friends and batchmates. Guess what? my supposed-to-be love was very happy to be able to keep in touch with me after almost 10 years...
I bought some stuff from the Fanny Serrano line of cosmetics. I will be using them on my friend who will get married on Saturday.
I am so exhausted and lifeless as I write this entry. I need to unwind. I need a break. A date, maybe?
Can someone suggest some good ways on how I could relieve myself from stress? I am really almost giving up! ='''s
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