Wednesday, July 20, 2011

August is Just Around The Corner...

In exactly 30 days, I'll be celebrating my birthday...

Gosh! I can't believe it! I'm getting old! Hahaha!

Photo Credits

I'll be posting my wishlist one of these days... ^__^

My birthday month is coming! Woohoo!!!


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Monday, July 18, 2011

2NE1 and Life/Wedding Updates

Another video to look forward to from 2NE1...

Is it just me being hooked to 2NE1 or other girl groups are just busy...?

Anyway... Enjoy the video! ^__^

If you're wondering why I made another week-long hiatus AGAIN, I am busy with some wedding stuff. I hope you stay with me till my big day!

Note: This week's gonna be SOOO busy for me than usual. I got lots of classes plus I have to work on some wedding stuff. Please bear with me. Please don't hit the unfollow button. Please keep me happy!!! ^__^

I'm actually kinda depressed now. Okay, I'll stop there, don't wanna recall how stressed am I with the preps.

Whew! -__-

Hopefully, I could make some bridal make-up looks this week. Please keep your fingers crossed that I get some extra time to do that. I need your help so, I'll probably make a poll on it. =D

See you all around!

P.S: Make me smile, please, please leave me a comment below... =D

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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Park Bom-Inspired "I Am The Best" Tutorial

Here's the moment! In my last post, Woody and I posted a teaser. Well, here it is! Finally, A tutorial! ^__^

Before anything else, let me share with you some snapshots... ^__~

The inspiration... Park Bom

A closer look...

Pichur-pichur mode... =D

Me and curious Woody...

Products used

Purederm Magic BB Cream
Fanny Serrano Concealer in Cashew (used as both concealer and foundation)
Nichido Final Powder in So Natural
Fashion 21 Duo Blush-On (pink blush and brown bronzer)

e.l.f Eye Primer and Liner Sealer
Lancome Magic Voyage Palette (used the matte cream, taupe and black shades)
Fanny Serrano Four Colour Eyeshadow in Earth (used the bronze and shimmery cream shade)
Fanny Serrano Soft Eye Pencils in Black and Dark Brown
San-San Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black
Milani Build-a-Lash Volume Mascara in Black

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Moisture in Clear Glow
Milani Moist Matte Lipstick in Moon Over Paradise
Milani Glitzy Glamorgloss in Chic in Pink
Milani Lip Gloss in Hot Pink (I'm not sure about the name, it's completely erased! But I think it's Violetta(?)... One thing's for sure, it's Milani.)

Cheap Brush Set from Divisoria - face brush, flat shader brush, large and fluffy shader brush and angled brush
Marrionaud Blush Brush
Fanny Serrano Eyelash Curler

How to get the look? 

Here's how! 


Foundation Routine

I made a different video on how to use concealer as foundation. ^__^

Park Bom-Inspired Make-up Tutorial

Have fun!


Please do leave me a comment below! ^__^

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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Something's Coming Soon!

Woody, Aki and I got something for you... the pic above will give you the hint... ^__~

You'll find out by tomorrow... =D

Do come back for it!!! ^__^

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Saturday, July 02, 2011

2NE1 "I AM THE BEST" Dance Cover Contest Spot

K-Pop lovers!!! Do you love 2NE1?

Can you dance to the tune of 2NE1's new single, "I Am The Best"?

Take your dancing shoes, strut your stuff and win prizes from one of the hottest Korean girl groups!

See the video below for details!!! ^__^

I wish I could dance really well... I really wanna dance to the beat of this song!

I'm so hooked!!!

Check the video below to see the girl's uncut dance rehearsals... =)

Credits to: Official 2NE1 Youtube Channel
Visit the link to be updated! ^__~

내가 제일 잘나가!!!

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I Am The Best! - 2NE1

Last Saturday, I blogged about the teaser video on 2NE1's new single.

It's out!

Check out the video below and let's see who's the best!!! =D



CL: Oh My God!


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