Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIY: Donut Bun

Hello!!! I'm back with a DIY post! ^__^

Who loves donuts? I do! I love strawberry-filled donuts! ^__^

Today, I'll teach you how to make your own donut bun, not the kind that you eat, but the one you use on your hair. Yes! That's right! ^__^

I have always loved donning a bun. It can be classy, chic or cute, even if it's messy! It's a versatile hairstyle that you can wear almost every day! =)

You can purchase donut buns or make them at home! Yes! At home! ^__^


A pair of socks

The socks has to match your hair color for it to be less visible.

You can use:
large, long and thick socks for a big donut bun,


short socks for a small donut bun.

I chose to use a pair of long, thick socks. I want a big donut! =D

Oh! And be sure that the socks are clean!!! =D

STEP 1: Lay the socks on top of one another.

STEP 2: Cut the toe part.

STEP 3: Start rolling! =D

Start from the cut portion then go towards the part where you insert your foot. Make sure that it is even. =)

STEP 4: Sew the hem two socks together.

STEP 5: Fold and secure. Sew the edges to the body of the donut bun.

STEP 6: Just invert it and.... You're done! ^__^

Let's see the donut bun in action! ^__~

If you see a gap, just like that, just pin it. ^__~

Sorry if mine was messy... I tried this just before taking a bath. I didn't comb my hair neatly anymore... =D

Horrified? Don't worry, I made this tutorial a few days before the Chroma Straight Makeover. ^__~

Now, you can be glam as Mother Jennifer Lopez! ^__^


  • Gather hair and secure well at the base. 
  • For a sleek bun, apply hair products like serums or gels/wax, etc. (whatever floats your boat!). It will help tame your locks. ^__~
  • For casual or errand days, you can wear it as a messy bun. Just be sure to secure it so it won't fall off. =)
  • Wanna be cute? Wear your bun on different sides of your head! =D
  • Be creative! You can always accessorize! ^__^

There are a couple of ways on how to use it. Unfortunately, I can't show it to you anymore because you know, my hair had just been rebonded, so, I can't risk it. Sorry, my loves! =(

I hope you enjoyed making your own donut bun! ^__^

What's your favorite hairstyle? Share them below! 


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Jillsabs said...

So cute! I'm definitely trying this ASAP :)

angelamhiere said...

Thanks, Ms.Jill! Try it! ^__^

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