Saturday, January 01, 2011

Welcome 2011!!! New Year, New Life...

Yeah, late post but better late than never!
It's 2011!!! Just like what the title suggests, it's a New Year so we all must have a new page in our lives... =)
I think I would have to motivate myself to blog more. I gotta put my ideas to reality... =D
Okay. First day of the year. I am going to blabber about my New Year's Celebration...


December 31, 2010
Went to church at 10am for our Year-end prayer. After that, we hurried to SM San Lazaro to do last minute shopping for the New Year's Eve dinner. Honey and I shopped for ingredients for my infamous Tuna Fettuccine (for my relatives) and for the Macaroni Salad (at home). Many people were rushing. Some even got cart-fuls of pullman bread and luncheon meat... XD
After shopping, we had a quick lunch at Yellow Cab. Rushed home and I hurriedly cooked the pasta that we will be bringing for my relatives. While I was cooking, Jagi (Honey) gave Woody and Aki a bath. We took a little break because the day had been very exhausting for us. We went to my relatives house at around 6:30 PM. I had fun with my cousins. Being the funny girl that I am, I think it was the first time my Jagi saw me like that... I was dancing crazily (which I don't usually do) and I was screaming at my cousins like a crazy girl. Hahaha! They all thought that I was tipsy with one bottle of Tanduay Ice but honestly, I had a little body pain (which I normally experience for some weird reasons) when I drink stuff. I also felt a little dizzy after one bottle. I liked how it tasted like. =D We stayed there until around 10:00 PM because we waited for my sister to get home from work. ^_^
Grabbed from the ever reliable Google...
When we got home, we took a 15-minute rest and had dinner. Afterwards, we goofed around like little kids. And just like the usual "tradition" that they have, we lighted lucis, a kind of fire cracker. We then agreed to take jump shots. It took us several attempts before we were able to get the perfect shot... well... kinda... hahaha!!! XD
Jump Shot!!! Success!!!
Jan. 01, 2011
Woke up at 8am. Packed a few things and headed to Cavite to spend the rest of the day with my Honey's relatives. His cousin has real talent in cooking and baking! I wish I'm like her... =D (I will work on that this year... I swear. I will. I have to. ^__~) We fell asleep and when we woke up the food was ready! Hahaha!!!
It was fun there. I wish I could blabber more about this experience. =D
See you around! =)
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