Friday, July 20, 2012

My Birthday Wish List for 2012

Yay!!! It's exactly 30 days before my birthday! ^__^

Are you wondering if I'm excited? Well, not really... I'm really kinda nervous because I'm close to hitting the big 3-0. You know, a woman's bio-clock ticks and it it's ticking me off! =D

Although I'm scared to give birth, I still want to have a mini-Angel or mini-Deo. One time, hubby and I were talking about thoughts on having kids and he mentioned that it's okay with him to have even only one child. For me, I have always wanted to have twins, despite my fear of child birth. =D

Anyway, let's discuss that next time. I'm actually here to share my birthday wishlist. ^__^

I'll list them randomly. ^__^

I hope you are reading this, Hubby!!! =D

Here they go!!!

Sorry Hubby Love, this is number one on my list! =D

Makeup! One of my (and probably yours, too - =D) greatest loves. Recently, I found out that my stash needs a splash of color. I noticed that my palettes are all neutrals. I only have 2 purple shades and a metallic blue one. So, I am wishing for any of the following:

Photo Credits
Coastal Scents 252 Ultimate Palette

I visited the Sleek Site and saw the lovely I-Divine Palettes. I want to collect them all! But since I wanted to have colorful shades, I picked the following. By the way, when Kim of Kimpossibly Gorgeous mentioned the Sleek Snapshots palette, I searched it and you know the end of it... Fell in love with it!!! =D

Photo Credits
Sleek Acid Palette

Photo Credits
Sleek Ultra Matte Palettes

Photo Credits
Sleek Snapshots Palette

How I wish I could really have these palettes! (Save, save, save!!! Hahahaha!!! =D)

Okay. If anyone would want to give me a present, I'm okay with any palette that has colorful shades... I'm not choosy! Hahaha! =D

Next up...

Photo Credits
Charm Brushes

Photo Credits
Real Techniques Brushes

I really want to have any of these brushes. I think it's time for me to invest in good quality brushes. ^__^

Lately, I'm into fashion and home decor. There was even a time that I really couldn't sleep, I decided to draw in my mind my dream home. I've also been pinning some bedroom inspirations in Pinterest. =D

Photo Credits
Jenni Epperson Fashion + Food

Who wouldn't love Ms. Jenni? She's one talented woman! She inspires me so much! From fashion to being a good homemaker, I'm hands down to her! She's the kind of woman I want to be. ^__^

Photo Credits
Sony Cybershot HX7V

I want a lot of things! There are more in my head but for now, these are stuff that I really want for my birthday. I got lots of ideas and inspirations but I only have two hands and little time on my hands. Most of the time, I blog while having classes so it could keep me sane. I love my job a lot but there are times that I get so drained and exhausted that I sometimes lose focus. Whew!

I'm in for surprises and if you are kind enough and would want to send me a gift, anything would do! It doesn't have to be exactly the things above. Hahaha! In fact, I'm not actually expecting people to send me something after this post. I just wrote this to share some stuff that I want for my birthday. =D

Oh, if you're curious about what was on my list last year, click on this link to find out! ^__~

Let's see how blessed I am... We'll find out on my birthday! =D

When's your birthday? What's on your list?

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MaryJane Tauyan said...

haha that's a very good haul!! i don't wear much make up or I'm not into colourful palettes but I'm still a girl! whenever i see make up palettes they look awesome and gorgeous!! maybe i shud put this on my list also and try to learn! that camera is a big one!! lets fingers crossed that your hubby will be reading this!! god bless dear! xx

angelamhiere said...

Thanks! Yep! I hope he reads it well! Hahahaha! Thanks for dropping by my blog! ^__^

ChinChin V said...

nice wishlist!!i also want those charm brushes. and the jenny epperson book :)

angelamhiere said...

Thanks! I'll keep my fingers crossed!!! =D

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