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Happy Weekend: Birthday Party! ^__^

*Photo heavy post! =)

Hello! ^_^

It feels so good to back! Following many blogs and reading them takes me a lot of time! You know, I get stressed when I don't get to finish doing something... =D

Another thing that stresses me out? Backlogs! I better make some catching up! ^__^

So, here I am, sharing with you what I did about a week ago. I went to a party... A baby's 1 year old party! ^__^

It was held at the classy Renaissance 2000 Condominium last July 14th. It was rainy that day but went ahead instead. The mom and dad were good friends of ours and they just arrived from Korea a few months ago. The last time I've seen this couple was last December, during their short visit here. Sadly, when hubby and I visited them, I suddenly had fever (maybe due to excitement) and little baby is already tired out of entertaining his parents' guests. Teehee!

First, hubby and I met two of our former colleagues (and really good friends) at SM Megamall. Then we took a cab going to the place. It was actually a quick 10-minute ride (well, it could have been a bit faster if not because of the weather and the traffic building up by the mall). The party was supposed to start at 5:30 but the guests probably got stuck in the traffic so most of them got arrived a bit late.

Selca shot while waiting and chatting with friends! =D

Will share my FOTD in another post. =)

Sam and Sir Henry, one of hubby's best buddy

Our table

Love the simple but classy arrangement! ^__^

The little baby boy is part-Korean, part-Filipino. His mom was our company's former Vice President that became a VERY good friend of ours (She's my Eonni or "elder sister" in Korean!!! ^__^). His dad was introduced to us on the day Eonni resigned. He was very nice! Although we met a few times only, it seems like we've known each other for a long time. I call him "Oppa" (or "elder brother" or "Kuya" in English and Tagalog respectively). =)

Doljabi Card

Placed on top of the napkins are Doljabi Cards for the guests. You may ask...

What is "Doljabi"?

Doljabi (돌잡이) - a Korean tradition done during a child's first birthday, wherein some items like the string, books, brushes, ink and money are placed in front of the child. It is believed that whatever item the child picks up will foretell his or her future.

The guests were asked to guess which item the little boy will pick. There are small icons at the bottom of the card like hardhat (Engineer), guitar (Musician), basketball (Athlete), airplane (Pilot), stethoscope (Doctor) and Money (Businessman... a very rich person! =D). I chose the guitar. I have a strong feeling he would pick that. Plus, his dad sings well and is a talented musician aside from being an English teacher + Engineer. ^__^

Eugene Quiz

Another fun activity is the Eugene Quiz. It is a quiz about how much you know about the little baby - from his birth to present! I immediately took the piece of paper and answered away! I tried hard to think about the things that I know. You know, I am always online so I am updated with them. I could see Oppa's posts and comment on their photos, so, I felt like I have a high chance of getting a high score! Gyah! I don't know why I always get excited and hyped up when there are contest and giveaways. Hahaha! You know how lucky I've been recently, right? =D

Message for the cutie Agi (baby)!

Sam-Imo's card

They have a cute display of their family photos. OMO~! Such a beautiful family!!! ^__^

Cake table with Tteok (rice cake), fruits and... Pororo Cake! ^__^

Isn't he so adorable? ^__^

After taking photos of birthday stuff, Sam decided to go out with me and explore the outside of the function hall. We also had a nice chat. Girl talk mode on! =)

OOTD: Mon Petit Boudoir Zebra corset top, black jacket, skinny jeans and SM Parisian heels

The view outside is nice... there's a pool but it's raining, so we decided to view it from the inside. =)

Sam had a great idea of taking a photo of the beautiful mirror... Of course, with us in it! =D

Aigoo! The mirror is lovely (as well as the ones in front -kidding! >__<) but... it's kinda dirty! Haha!

Trying to take a nice selca... =D
One more time!

When we returned, our other co-workers arrived already. ^__^

Looks like we missed each other a lot! Hmmm... I noticed something here: Admin! Haha!

HR Manager, Former Vice President (Senior of Eonni) and Hubby, the Trainer and Group Leader (The scary Trainer and Group Leader! Hahaha!!! Peace Hubby dear!) 

I said that because he was strict and particular when it comes to his job. Besides, when I moved to this company, he didn't give me special treatment. He treated me like the other applicants and employees. I admire him and I am very proud of him because of that. ~

Hubby, if you're reading this, don't grow your head too big, okay? Hahaha!

Happy people reliving good old days!

The bosses with Sam

HR Manager, Former Vice President, Q.A/Team Captain, Hubby and Sam

Smile! =)

The lovely lady in black is the mommy of the celebrator. She's my Eonni. 

My Eonni loves me a lot! Haha! ^__^

The program begins...

Oppa thanking the guests for coming. He said that it's like a double celebration for them, as it's the first time they've gathered their family and friends in a special occasion.

Oppa and Eonni got married in Korea, so, not every one was able to attend their beautiful wedding.

Eonni's turn! =)

Happy birthday, dear Eugene! ^__^

I really like the Pororo cake! ^__^

They're so beautiful! A picture perfect family. =) 

Unfortunately, hubby and I had to skedaddle right after dinner. He had to be at church by 8:30pm for the devotion, in preparation for the Thanksgiving. Sam updated me about what transpired during the party... and my guess that Eugene baby will pick up the guitar was right! ^__^

I missed these people a lot. In fact, I loved working with them. Although my hated part was, working with hubby (Yes, I do. But I did anyway! Hahaha! I could tell you how I amused his co-workers when they interviewed me.), I could say this was the best working place ever, love everything from the job up to the pay! But all things must come to an end. What's good is that we were able to keep a good friendship with one another. Just like what Sam said in her post in Facebook, there will never be another company like this. I agree. =)

We had a photobooth shot before leaving... =)

Notice anything? Hehehe... Sam said, I was consistent, being always at the center and in the picture! Wahaha!

Then, as I was writing this, I suddenly remembered the Funny Photo Game from the first episode of Running Man (A Korean Show).

Check it out below!

Cracked me up! XD

Sorry for the lack of updates, I am currently adjusting to my new sched... I am fully loaded these days so I will work out on how to squeeze in blogging into my schedule. Please be patient with me, okay?

To new followers, thank you and welcome to my little heaven! Make it your little heaven, too, okay? =)

How are you lately? Update me!


Stay safe and warm, every one! I love you! ^__^

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Nicole said...

ang cute nung mala fortune telling part... It's like the way of the monks in Avatar the legend of Aang, how they managed to determine who will be the next avatar... :) so did you win their giveaway? :)

angelamhiere said...

Unfortunately... ndi, eh. Just like what I said, we had to go home after dinner. The programme started after dinner, eh. My Eonni and HR Manager was already telling hubby to just leave me there, so we could chitchat pa. Hehehe... But hubby doesn't want to leave me... =D

But I have a feeling that I got a high score sa Eugene Quiz! =D

ChinaDoll said...

I love your new hair do!! Bagay na bagay..hihihi...the invitation is soooo cute si Pororo which reminds me of Haha lol...You watch running man din pala..ako im totally addicted!

angelamhiere said...

Running Man, Yes! Hahaha! Minsan tawa ako ng tawa dito sa kwarto, kala ng mga nasa labas, kung ano nang nangyayari sa akin... nakaheadset kasi ako kya d nla alam na nakakatawa yung pinapanood ko... XD

Gusto ko panoorin lahat ng episodes, kaso andami! hehehe...

Mishu sis! =)

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