Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just Got Lucky Series: Mon Petit Boudoir Corset and Skirt

This is the sixth post of seven "Just Got Lucky Series". =)

I am so into fashion blogs these days. Maybe because I want to upgrade my style. I feel like I got a lousy style. Hehehe...

My go-to outfits would always be the shirt and jeans combo, sans the accessories.

On days that I need to go to church, I would go between dresses, skirts and blouses.

You'll find that I usually wear the same kinds of clothes each time. =D That is because I rarely shop.

But this year, my goal is to "upgrade" my closet. I plan to improve my style. I'll grab some basics and add some accessories to amp my style.

And to help me with that, I decided to follow some fashion bloggers. One of them is Ms. Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibriums. I love her casual style, exactly my style! If I got more pairs of shorts and  my legs are flawless and toned like hers, I would definitely flaunt it! =)

With that said, my next plan is to keep my skin smooth and hoard on a few pairs of shorts! =D

Last March I won in one of Ms. Aisa's giveaways. Here's what I won courtesy of her and Mon Petit Boudoir:

A cute zebra printed corset and a pretty blue skirt! ^__^

Both will probably be part of my church wear. The corset top could also be part of my "night out" outfit. ^__^

The tag of the skirt...

Could it be a coincidence? When you turn the tag the other side around, it spells "Aisa"! ^__^

Who is your favorite fashion blogger? 

Share them down in the comments section below! ^__^

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just Got Lucky Series: Majolica Majorca + Korea Cosmetics Goodies

Fifth Part of the "Just Got Lucky Series".

Yay! Korean Cosmetics Goodies! Don't you just love them?

I won Korean masks, cleansers, and creams along with a Majolica Majorca Dress Glove Cream from Des of Chic and Sassy Homemaker.

Her giveaway rule was so easy! She only asked for a suggestion for a nice hand cream/lotion. I have shared with her Body Shop's Dewberry Mure Sauvage Body Lotion which I also love. Turned out that she also loved Shea Butter, one of the ingredients of the delicious smelling lotion that I got!

Yay!!! ^__^

Skinfood Aloe Mask Sheet

Innisfree Apple Juicy Liquid Foaming Cleanser

Tony Moly Masquerade White Eye Mask

The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Aloe Vera

Skinfood Platinum Grape Cell Essential BB Cream SPF45 PA+++

Baviphat Peach All-in-One Waterfull Cream 
(Yeah, "WaterfuLL" -spelled that way! It's Konglish!)

Skinfood Black Raspberry Eye Cream (Wrinkle Care)

Majolica Majorca Dress Glove Cream

A love note! ^__^

I haven't tried a couple of these brands yet, and I am excited to try them out soon. I am thinking of using them one of these days! ^__^

Des is so nice to leave me a short note. I love receiving notes! ^__^

Do you love notes? I do! I love notes as much as I love comments! ^__^

Make me feel loved! Leave a comment down there!


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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just Got Lucky Series: Garnier Eye-Roll On

Fourth part of my "Just Got Lucky Series". =)

I am a big fan of Garnier. I love how it takes care of my skin at an affordable price. I have been using Garnier skincare products since August 2010. 

I love Garnier so much that I "stalk" it on Twitter and Facebook. *Just kidding!* >__<

One good thing about Garnier is that they engage with their consumers through their social sites. It's nice that they try to reach out to their consumers. =)

What else is fun about Garnier? They share lots of skin care tips and provide useful information about their products. They also educate their followers about the active ingredients of their products. =) 

Garnier also cooks some giveaways and contests at times, especially when they are launching a new product. Lucky me, I've won twice in their giveaways. 

These were what I got:

I have already used this before. It works well when you put it in a fridge before rolling it on your dark circles. Really does wonders!

I shared the other one to my sister-in-law, since she's always up at night. =)

Have you tried this before? Did it work?

Thank so much Garnier! You already know why! ^__^

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dream High!

Just a quick post!

And before anything else, I wanna greet my Jagi a... 

Happy 74th Monthsary!!! ^__^

We've been together for 2,251 days now!!! =D

I am a little inspired to put on make-up these days... and I am glad to come up with two cute looks from the Korean Drama Dream High.

First Look:

FOTD: Jiyeon*-Inspired Makeup from Dream High 2

HOTD: Wrap-around Dutch Braid

I wore this makeup last Thursday. I did this in about 10 minutes. I got about 45 minutes to spare before 8am, so, I decided to create this look. ^__^

*By the way, I think the prominent dark outer-v is Jiyeon's signature makeup...

Wow... I look so cute and young here!!! Is that really me? =D

Second Look:

FOTD: Go Hye Mi-Inspired Makeup from Dream High 2

HOTD: Go Hye Mi's Ribbon Clip with Fishtail Braids 
(From Episode 1)

I wore this look yesterday. One of my co-teachers complimented on my fishtail braids. She even asked me how I did it! =D

No one noticed that my look is inspired by a K-Drama character. Oh well, maybe they don't watch TV that often... =)

Dream High has been airing in the Philippines since Monday. ABS-CBN got the rights for the show.

It's a great show! That's the reason why even after a couple of months has already passed when I finished watching the K-Drama (I prefer watching it in Korean, with English subtitles... ^__^), I still can't get over it. In fact, I wanna watch it again! ^__^

Have you watched Dream High? In Korean or in Tagalog? 

Do you find it addicting? =D

Who's going went to the Etude House Playhouse at SM North today? I'll be there... See you!!! ^__^

P.S: I'll be making a tutorial on these looks next week. Please do watch out for that! ^__~

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Just Got Lucky Series: San San Nail Polish Goodies

Third installation of the "Just Got Lucky Series"... ^__~

I have actually won this loot last January but was able to pick it up by the end of February. See? I was that busy. =D

I was supposed to pick this lovely prize that I won from MissKatV and HBC's Happy Beautifil Christmas Campaign at SM San Lazaro. However, the HBC shop there has been closed already. So, HBC had to forward it to the nearest shop within the area, which is HBC Blumentritt. As you know, I don't have the chance to go out that much. I was already about to ask our house helper to pick it up for me one Sunday, when my mom-in-law asked me a favor to drop by Manila Green Park to pay something there. HBC Blumentritt is just a few blocks away from the site, so, I decided to walk towards that direction despite the scorching heat.

Stuff I got:

Raspberry Peach - red orange with shimmer 
Lilac Pearl - duochrome pearl and purple 
Violet Glam - dark purple
Lavender Blush - light purple with shimmers
Tea Rose - shimmery old rose

The staff of HBC Blumentritt is really, really, really accommodating. They have even mistaken me as a Chinese! Blame it to the high bun and full bangs! I guess the eyes have played a part, too! Hahaha! But, I think I look more like a Korean, with my eye shape... well, nevermind! They found me cute! I was giddier when I returned home! Imagine, they never have guessed that I am already married! =D

They're so pretty in 60's style! ^__^

I wasn't able to use the polishes right away. But when I did, I got to use FOUR of the polishes in creating a gradient nail art using Lilac Pearl, Violet Glam, Lavender Blush and Tea Rose. You can check it out here. =)

Picspam of my San San Nail Polishes

Still a "Miss"! Yay! =D

San San Nail polishes are available at HBC Stores Nationwide. You can now also order ONLINE! =)

Have you tried San San Nail Polishes? 

What are your thoughts about it? What are your favorite shades? ^__^

A huge thanks to HBC and Miss Kat V! ^__^

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just Got Lucky Series: Saridon Gift Pack

This is the first of my "Just Got Lucky" Series. It's about a series of my winnings last March... ^__^

Last February, my dear Ms. Nikki of AskMeWhats emailed me that I won in her Saridon contest. I found it really cool! Imagine, no need to buy stocks of meds *joke*, especially my dear Saridon Paracetamol which works well for me when I get 40 degrees of fever. =D

I have won:

5 blister packs of Saridon
1 bottle of Rogin-E
1 bottle of Calci-Aid
1 bottle of Berocca
10 tubes of Bepanthen Rash Cream

All I did to win this cool loot was to share my headache story. True enough, Saridon really helps me ease the pain and it does make the fever go away.

If you didn't know, whenever I get a fever, it reaches a scorching hot 40 degrees. It usually happens when my cellulitis triggers. I chill and since the concentration of the inflammation is on my right leg, it makes walking a difficult task for me. There was even a time when I was already on my 4th year in college when I got so sick that I have to stay home. My boyfriend (now hubby) had to carry me around the house, even to the comfort room.

I decided to share my blessings with my hubby and even with our neighbor. I gave hubby the Berocca and Rogin-E. When hubby and his folks saw the Calci-Aid, they told me that it's good for me. I was diagnosed with Mild Scoliosis way back in high school. I gave a couple of Bepanthen Rash Cream tubes to our neighbor's baby. I kept the Saridon Blister packs for emergency purposes. A few days after receiving it, mu hubby's uncle got sick so I gave him one. ^__^

Picspam of my Saridon/Bayer Loot

Here's the winning answer:

Screencap taken from Ms. Nikki's site

P.S: I would like to say thanks to Ms. Jenny Rockwell of ROAR Communications. She had been very nice and accommodating to my emails regarding the prize. =)

A good example of a PR/Marketing Company! ^__^

Stay tuned for more "Just Got Lucky" posts! ^__~

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