Friday, August 12, 2011

My Birthday Wish List

With only 7 days left before my birthday, here are the things that I am wishing to have.

This is only my wish list. If someone would grant me any of these, then, WOW! Thanks a lot!!! If none, then, I would just save up for them after the wedding. =D

I’d post the stuff randomly.

Let me start off with…

Beauty and the Beast Blu-Ray 3D DVD

We still don’t have a Blue-Ray or 3D DVD Player, but I really want to have this. I super love Beauty and the Beast!!!

Urban Decay Naked Palette or the 15th Anniversary Palette

Why the Naked Palette? Because I love wearing neutrals every time I go out. I think it is safe wearing them on. You can go subtle to smokey!

Why the 15th Anniversary Palette? Well, aside from the lovely colors it offers, I am very attracted to the pretty box! I believe that although I am a neutral lover, I can come up with amazing looks using this palette! ^__^

Any MAC Product

I’ve never owned one until Ms. Nikki sent me some items as an advanced birthday/wedding gift… The only MAC product I have is the Strobe Cream.

A Good Make-Up Brush Set like Charm Pro Brushes

Charm Pro V.3

I feel the need to invest in good quality make-up brushes. I guess my make-up skills have improved already. I am ready to have a real set of make-up brushes! Hahaha!

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium U Style Flat Iron

When Honey and I were shopping at SM San Lazaro a couple of months ago, I came across the Hairstyling section of Watson’s in the department store and saw this lovely and multi-purpose hair iron. I learned the technique of curling the hair using a flat iron but it won’t seem to work with my Watson’s ceramic hair iron. TT__TT

I showed this to honey and told him that I’d like this as his birthday present for me. Hehehe… He only answered, “After the wedding”. Aigoo!

A New Phone: Apple IPhone or Samsung Galaxy S

IPhone 3gs

IPhone 4

Samsung Galaxy S II

Honey and I had been using our overused phones for about three to four years already. Mine (My ever trusty (Sony Ericsson P990i) has started to give up. I can’t take decent pictures anymore and I miss camwhoring so badly. It hangs sometimes and the on/off button is also starting to malfunction, too. While Honey’s phones (Nokia E71 and Sony Ericsson W__) got broken too. I think they were scared of heights! Hahaha! As of the moment, Honey is using an old Nokia ___ phone borrowed from his younger brother.

Portable Hard Drive

My laptop is getting over crowded with lots of files that I can't let go. I badly need a portable HD!!! TT__TT

Apple IPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab


Samsung Galaxy Tab

Well, this is not really a necessity. It’s just cool having these gadgets around! Hahaha! I actually have an A-Pad Tablet, but I rarely use it. I can’t install some games and I found it a little useless, as compared to the original and high-end ones. Well, I think it's good to have these to be able to blog on the go, sync my stuff with my laptop and do other wonders. =D

An MP3 Player

I love music a lot. I listen to music while I make reports, while I clean the house, while I take a bath, in between classes, before going to sleep – Music is life to me! Hahaha!

I want to pair the MP3 player with these cute Clipper Ear Phones

Well, these are the tangible things that I am wishing for my birthday.


Here are the intangible things that I want to have:

A peaceful and safe world

So commonly cheesy, right? But yeah! I am still hoping for the best! I am still hoping that the world would still be a safe place for my future kids. I know well that God won’t forsake us.

More Time

I am focused so much with my work as a teacher (and I don’t have any complaints about it) and I think I should have some time to spend for myself. I think I’ve been locking myself in too much and I feel the need to go out sometimes. I feel that I have to socialize! Hahaha!

Learn more about Make-up Artistry

Yeah! I am so into make-up now. I know how to put on make-up and do other’s make-up but I still want to improve my current skills. I also want to earn a certificate and venture into a new career. *wink, wink*

So far, these are what I am wishing for. So, if you’re planning to send me a gift, you can choose one above. Hahaha! – Joke! Kidding! I am not choosy in reality. I will accept any gift wholeheartedly with so much delight! ^___^

See you around! ^__^

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Touch Me! Touch Me!

Last week, I sort of announced that we have our prenup shoot scheduled last Sunday, August 7th. But due to the awful weather that happened the evening till dawn of that day, we checked if we can still continue with the shoot. Saturday night, it's still rainy and the wedding coordinator told us that if by 5:00am the weather is still the same, we would have to postpone the prenup shoot and reschedule it.

Come 5am the next day, it was still drizzling. The wedding coordinator sent us a message that we would resched the said shoot.

As you can remember from my post last week (read here), I had my nails done and wore a very neon pink with a hint of purple shade. The morning of Saturday, my mom-in-law (to be) noticed my cute nails but thought that it would be too bright for the shoot. Actually, I was really thinking of changing the color, since I would have to wear formal clothes. So, in the evening, after church, I hurried to the local salon (again) had a foot spa and a quick mani. Teehee! Two days in a row! Wow! While she was removing my polish, she gave me the box of polish so I could choose. In fact, I already know what shade I'm going for. I am going nude! Hahaha!

NOTW (Nail of the Week): Caronia's A Touch of Tan
Picture looks crisp? I used my sister-in-law (to be)'s camera... =D

I'd be probably wearing this till Saturday. Then, I'll have my nails done (again) in the same shade so that they'll look fresh in the photos. =D

I would be making a clothing haul soon... Maybe before the shoot. I forgot to mention that we went a little clothes shopping and found some fab finds in MEG SM San Lazaro and Divisoria's 168 Mall! =D

I have so much to update with you guys, but my internet connection is crappy now - so crappy that some of my students complain about the quality of my connection. TT__TT

Till then! I'd try to update more often... ^__~

My Facebook status says:

09 days to my birthday... 51 days to frever...


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Friday, August 05, 2011

NOTD(s): Oh Cabana Boy!!! (Swatch and Mini Review)

The coming days would be very busy for me and the fiance and the family...

Earlier this morning, I was scouring my cabinet for clothes that I could wear for the prenup shoot this coming Sunday. I was having some difficulties picking up what to wear, as I only have a few clothes. I rarely go shopping. This prenup shoot made me realize that I should go out and treat myself with my basic necessities! =D

Things to do this weekend is already scheduled, and I really made it a point to get my nails done before the shoot. So, I decided to go to the nearest salon, which is only a couple of minutes away from our house.

I brought along with me the Orly nail polish I got from Orly USA. Actually, I won this in one of Orly UK's  (then "@InstantArtist") Twitter contests. As far as I can remember, it was when I retweeted their status asking for new/more followers. Their Twitter account was still new, then. I sent them my shipping details and never heard back for a couple of months. I actually have almost forgotten about it but when I saw their tweets about the same scheme (of retweeting the message to gain more followers), I suddenly remembered my prize. So, instead of sending them a direct message, I tweeted them asking about the reply. Someone replied to me and asked me to check my DM inbox and they told me that they never received any shipping address from me. So, I had to resend my shipping address. A few days later, they told me that they cannot ship me my prize because they only send the prize around UK. Then, they told me that they'll contact someone from Orly Philippines so that they can give me my prize. I was actually not that interested anymore, but they told me that Orly USA will be shipping me my prize. As soon as I got the teeny box with the mani mini with it last June, I quickly sent Orly UK that I got the lovely thing. =)

♥♥♥ Mini-Review ♥♥♥

It's a lovely neon pink with shimmers and a flash of purple... It shouts "c-u-t-e"!!! ^__^

It's a little runny and liquid-y when applied, but two coats is enough to give you that pretty pink-purple pop of color... ^__^

When it's (almost) dry, the texture seemed a little matte, but since I'll count two more days before the shoot, I really opted to wear it with a clear topcoat to make it last longer (which I think will really do because I have this notion that high end polishes like Orly lasts longer than local polishes. Note: It's my first time to use an Orly polish.).

It dried quickly! A big plus for me because I had little time left to prepare for my next class. =D

♥♥♥ Overall ♥♥♥

I'll give it 5 out of 5 stars!


Pardon the bare face... Hiding my new zit with the tiny, cute bottle of joy! =D

 Mwuah! I love you, oh cabana boy!!! =D

Oh my! The wedding is in 56 days! Wow! Days are running fast and there's still so much to do!!!

My Facebook status says:

14 days to my birthday... 56 days to frever...


See you around!

 - ᴥ -

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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Two-Faced FOTD

I said I was busy with our wedding preparations... Indeed!

But today, I decided to unwind by experimenting with my make-up stash... =D

Here's what I came up with:

Two-Faced: I only put make-up on half of my face... that explains it! =D

Silver-Black Smokey Combo

Products used

Purederm Magic BB Cream
Fanny Serrano Concealer in Cashew (used as both concealer and foundation)
Nichido Final Powder in So Natural
e.l.f Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder

Lancome Magic Voyage Palette (used the matte cream, silver and black shades)
Fanny Serrano Soft Eye Pencils in Black and Dark Brown
San-San Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black
Fashion21 Waterproof Mascara with Lash Conditioner in Black
Milani Build-a-Lash Volume Mascara in Black

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Moisture in Clear Glow
BR Cosmetics Lipstick in Bashful
Fanny Serrano True Light Liquid Lipstick in Light Petal

Fanny Serrano Eyelash Curler

(I didn't use any brush... I only used my fingers, even for the blush! ^__~)

It's so interesting to see the transformation... On one side, you'll see a boring girl while on the other side, you'll see a fun, sexy and mysterious girl-next-door...

As you can see on the first picture, the left side of my face has some blemishes on it (which has already healed, with only one more to go), while the right side is clear. No dearies, the right side is not photoshop, nor   it was not because of the make-up. It really is clear now. The BB Cream and Concealer (used as foundation)  only helped in making it look more clear. =D

I promised to make some videos and F/EOTDs on my supposed to be wedding day make-up look, right? This isn't one of them, as I would be having a make-up artist on the big day! (Yay! Thanks to the Wedding Coordinator that we have, she gave it to us as a gift! ^__^)

Don't worry, I'll still make some FOTDs for you soon... I am just trying to avoid make-up now to give my skin some rest before the big day... =)

I will update you soon. =)

P.S: Hmmm... Maybe I can make EOTDs? What do you think? I really want to make an output on the ideas that sprung from my mind... hehehe...

Thanks for reading! Leave me some love! =)

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Monday, August 01, 2011

M.I.A Now... But Will Be Back Soon!!! ^__^

Anyone reading here?

I am MIA now but I will try to get back soon... I will just work up my wedding stuff, as there's only 60 days before my wedding...

I will also work on my birthday wishlist soon... Today is the first day of my birthday month... Yay!!!

I will try to update you soon... I'm so sorry, I'm just so busy...

Fighting! ^__^

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