Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bridal Make-up Dilemma

I shall be doing my own bridal make-up.


We are trying to be practical. Cost-cutting. Plus my mom-in-law (to be) prefers how I put on my make-up.

I am very worried.

It is a big deal for me because bridal and photography make-up is way too different than regular day-to-day make-up.

I'm happy to hear my future mom-in-law as well as their relatives give good comments on how I do make-up on myself and other people (as I usually do my sister-in-law (to be)'s make-up for various events, but I worry that I won't do well on my wedding day. I want to be pampered as much as I want, but I was convinced by the idea that my make-up style is safer than by being done by someone else. Not that I don't trust their skills, it's just that they tell me that I already know my face that much so there's little chance for me to commit boo-boos.

Honestly, I was also drawn in by the idea of ...

"Instead on spending thousands for a make-up artist and you can only wear the make-up for a day, why don't you just buy the things that you need and do it yourself? You are talented and you already know your face very well. Besides, after the event, you can still use what you have bought, so there's no waste of money."

Teehee! Sorry make-up artists! My mom-in-law and her in-laws told me that. I was attracted to more make-up, too! Hahaha!

Lucky lady! I wish I could also be pampered the same way on my big day!

Last Saturday, my fiance's aunt and I had a trial. She did my hair and make-up. She was surprised that there are plenty of things to apply now, as compared to her time. She's a beautician but not that updated to the modern make-up artistry world. She still uses the old-fashioned way of make-up application - make-up basics only, if you know what I mean. After doing my hair and make-up, she told me to show her how I do my own make-up. They were impressed at how nicely I blended the colors (Sorry, I wasn't able to take a snapshot of it. Anyway, I'll be recreating it next time.). So, she decided to just do my hair and assist me on retouching my make-up.

Anyway, I better start practicing on how I'll do my make-up as I am still undecided to how I want it to be. I am clueless! =D

The Duchess of Cambridge did her Bridal Make-up herself... so will I.

And if Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge was able to make herself look stunningly radiant on her big day, so can I!

Fighting, Teacher! Aja! ^__^

Any suggestions and comments, please feel free to do so!

Kindly leave me a note in the comment box...


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30-Day Blog Challenge: Day 16-30 (The Finale! >__<)

Hiya peeps! ^__^

How are you? Well me, I'm fine, very fine! Actually, I feel so giddy because although the past month was tiring for me and the boyfie (sounds like Suzy! =D), we are so happy to have accomplished a lot of things! I will fill you in with some of the details as soon as I get the photos from the camera. ^__^

So, let me now have the next installment of my 30-day challenge!

(Note: Just as I explained earlier, my blogging was delayed, as I was very busy last month...)

Day 16: A Song that Makes You Cry (or nearly)

Hmmm... What song makes me (or nearly) cry? Let me see...

I would have to pick the song "Journey" by Lea Salonga.

Why? It reminds me that I have gone through a lot of trials in my life. I am sure, I will still have more in the future; I just hope I can survive each and every one of them. =)

Day 17: An Art Piece (Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, etc.)

This was an artwork of mine. I made this July 06, 2oo3.

I have loved drawing ever since I was in Elementary School. In fact, I used to want to take up Fine Arts in the University. I just chose to be practical. =D

Sad to say, I don't have the time to practice anymore. TT__TT

Day 18: Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

As of now, what tickles my fancy is my passion in teaching and learning new things. I also can't believe that I'll be married in *109 days! =D

*86 days now (May 25, 2011) ... darn Blogger! Sorry if it's kinda confusing! TT__TT

A lot of things are running in this little head of mine. I wish I could do all of them, but I don't have the time and the energy to do so. As of now, they'll be ideas until maybe after the wedding... ^__^

Day 19: A Talent of Yours

Hmmm... I can't say I'm a talented person, I am just trying hard! Hahaha! (Pa-humble effect? XD)

But I can sing (a little), draw a bit... I also used to write poems... I can be creative with some craft stuff... If I can choose only one talent to display, I will choose...

My (in)ability to sing... =D

*I'll just update this post with a song cover of mine.. Any special requests? Write it in the comments box! ^__^*

Day 20: A Hobby of Yours

For now, my hobby would be reading blogs and surfing the internet. I love updating my Facebook and tweeting, too! ^__^

Proof that I love surfing and reading blogs... =D

Experimenting is also another fun thing for me. I like learning things on my own. =D

Day 21: A Recipe

Some of you might know that I am not a goddess in the kitchen. I know a few dishes, but I am either scared (to waste money and ingredients) or just plain lazy... Haha!

But hey! There is a simple and healthy pasta dish that my Honey loves (to think that he's an adventurous cook than me)! ^__^


250 grams fettucine noodles

3 tablespoons butter

2 cans tuna in oil

A bunch of broccoli, removed from the stalk

2 tablespoons chicken broth
3 tablespoons Parmesan cheese
salt and white pepper to taste
Crushed basil leaves

How To:
1 Cook noodles according to package directions.
2 Melt butter over medium-low heat. Toss in tuna and broccoli. Season with salt and white pepper. Sprinkle some crushed basil leaves.
3 Add stock to butter, followed by pasta and cheese. Toss to coat. Add some pasta water if sauce is too dry.
4. Garnish with cheese. Serve and enjoy! ^__^

My very own Tuna Fettuccine... ^__^

Day 22: A Website

Hmmm... I want to be fair for this part. I'd choose...

I like this website because it makes learning Korean language easier. ^__^

If you're interested in Korean language and want to learn by yourself, check it out! ^__^

Day 23: A Youtube Video

아싸! =D

I super love this video. This is also from This is a cute video teaching various popular Korean expressions. =)

If you can read my Facebook and Twitter posts, you'll quickly know what is my most used Korean phrase... Can you guess? Post it in the comments box! =D

*Day 24: Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

What keeps me busy these days? Well... here's my schedule:

There... maybe now, you'll understand why I can't blog that much... I spend most of my free time with Izza. =D

Actually, this schedule is now a bit better, as compared before, when we didn't have a nanny. =D

*Day 25: Your Day, in Great Detail

Hmmm... today, (May 11th) was tiring for me. Although I didn't teach in SKP today, I felt exhausted for we went home at 3am this morning coming from the memorial chapel. For those who don't follow me on twitter, my mom-in-law's best friend (who's going to be one of our Principal Sponsors in our wedding) came from the US because her aunt died last week (May 5th). Before getting home, I was asked to sleep beside Izza and give her medicines before going to bed. I woke up at 4am when Izza started wailing so I made her milk. I was awaken at around 6am by the nanny ogling the baby beside me. Seems like she wants to play with her but I think I said "Just let her play. Don't carry her unless she cries". So, she left her alone. Then at around 9am, I was awaken (again) by the nanny dressing up Izza. So that's the time I got up. =D

I went online at 11:30am. I checked my e-mails, Facebook and twitter. I also checked my Churpchurp. I am still puzzled at how it works. =D

Before eating lunch, I prepared my work station and stuff. I popped a pill for my cough and colds which later made me uber drowsy for the next three classes.

I was actually planning to give my babies a bath but I was pressed for time for my first class. During the class, I was really sleepy. Darn Neozep Forte! TT__TT

No choice, I had to take a nap after the first class. I asked nanny to wake me up at 3:15, 15 minutes before my second class starts.

She woke me up at 3:15 but I am still sleepy. I found out that she used my lappie without asking permission to do so (I left my laptop open, so that if ever I get up late for the class, all I have to do is to sit in front of the computer and click the video call button). A little later, she went to me to check if she has logged-out her account. I got pissed but I was still drowsy to lash out on her (just exaggerating it, I don't really lash out on someone not unless it is a very serious mistake... =D) I tried to stay calm because the drug is taking over me. The effect lasted another *sarcastically* good one and a half hour. My eyes were shutting down that I had to close my video screen. =D

Good thing I had a 30-minute break after the class. I took a quick bath just to freshen myself up. Looks like I really have to sleep off this flu! >__<

After the 30-minute break, I got three classes and another one hour break (8pm KT student doesn't have Wednesday classes and 8:30pm KT student postponed her class today). I took a little break away from the computer screen. I had dinner at the same time. I decided not to take my medicine because I still feel the drowsiness from the previous tablet I took. =D

Although my eyes are puffy and drowsy, I still try to finish this post. I really wanna accomplish this challenge! Better late than never!!! =D

*Day 26: Your Week, in Great Detail

This week had been very busy for me and the family. Last week, I went to SKP for three consecutive days but I took a break last Thursday, which is my holiday (May 5th - Children's Day in Korea) to fix and prepare some documents needed for the wedding. I didn't go there on a Friday too, because I don't really have to go there on a Friday. My subjects - Language and Reading - are scheduled from Mondays to Thursdays. There was no SKP class last Monday, because there was a typhoon.

Two of Honey's relatives died last week. Those two people were in-laws, in which, their spouses are the relatives of my fiance. The first one was buried last Tuesday or Wednesday (I think).

Come Thursday, May 5th, another one passed away - the aunt of my mom-in-law (to be)'s best friend.

Anyway, last weekend was the burial of my fiance's grandfather. We all went to the cemetery. Afterwards, I had a trial on my wedding hair and make-up. Honey's aunt did both, but later on she asked me to put on make-up on myself, because she wants to see how I do my make-up. She liked it. Actually, everyone was impressed by my make-up skills. She decided to just do my hair instead and just assist me on retouching my make-up on the big day. I shall be doing my own make-up on the big day. ^__^

Mom-in-law (to be)'s best friend have to go home all the way from the US to be able to arrange her aunt's funeral here in the Philippines. She arrived last Sunday. I also had to go to church twice to accompany her (Take note: I have already been to church last Saturday night because we thought we will be picking her up from the airport). Now that she had to take a leave from work, it seems impossible for her to return on August. Honestly, we are quite worried that she might not make it on our wedding day. But she is still hoping to be able to attend. She had been one of the people who are anticipating our wedding, in fact, she volunteered to be our Ninang (Principal Sponsor). I hope she could make it. o__O

I was also on a "holiday" (May 10th - Buddha's Birthday) yesterday. Me and Honey accompanied his grandma's niece (a distant, distant relative) to the university to fix her little issue with a prof. Since the dean is our close friend and also one of our Principal Sponsors, we seek her help in this matter. We got home in less than two hours. Ate late lunch and headed to the memorial chapel just two blocks from our house. I had a "station" there, where I set up my laptop and my broadband. I gathered all the pictures that were taken and uploaded them to our Ninang's Facebook for her relatives in the US to see. We went home at 3am already. (Read Day 25)

I wasn't able to attend the funeral service today because I had classes. I shall be uploading the pictures and editing the videos throughout the weekend. That is, if we will not be going anywhere. =D

Aigoo! That was a very tiring week for me! =D

*updated = May 11

*Darn it! I already posted this last May 12th!!! I had to reblog because Blogger wasn't able to repost it! TT__TT*

*Might as well keep it short...*

**Day 27: Your Month, in Great Detail

My month of April was very tiring but it was fun. I enjoyed shopping for the things that we need for the big day. Since Honey and I work during weekdays, we have to devote our weekends to shopping and planning. Although we were both exhausted and we were not able to have our "we" time this past month, it's still okay. Why? Well, seeing these lovely things around me helps me imagine how things will be like on the big day. =)

**Day 28: This Year, in Great Detail

Hmmm... What can I say? Well, I think this year is what I should call a "Year of Change". Why? Well, it's the year when I will start my married life. I still don't know what will happen next after the wedding, and I still can't believe that I'll be married! Hahaha! But, I am hoping to be a very good wife to my future husband... =)

**Day 29: Hopes, Dreams and Plans for the Next 365 Days

I hope to be a good and loving wife to my future husband. To be able to cater to his needs (and of course, sometimes, demands). As for the baby, of course, we do have plans of having a little Angel and or little Deo or maybe both... but after a couple of years. =D I hope our marriage lasts more than a lifetime. ^__^

I dream of having our own space, and I dream of becoming like my favorite aunt; a role model mother and wife. I dream of being able to cook and bake for my family, be able to keep the house clean, be able to make my family wear neatly ironed clothes. However, Me and hubby would still attend social events, despite the hustle and bustle of household chores. As for our career, we would keep teaching, and stay true to our chosen field.

I won't hope and wish of these for only the next 365 days, but, for the rest of our married life. ^__~

I may not forget to mention that I want to be active in blogging and meet my virtual friends in the near future. ^__^

**Day 30: Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

Now that I have reblogged everything... let me cheer you up with this...

Awww... cute Izza!!! ^__^

Thanks for reading! 


My next post would be something wedding related... hopefully, I could post my wedding stuff and make-up hauls... ^__^

*updated = May 25

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Perks of Being a Patient Teacher

Today, I received something unexpected from one of my dear students...

I'll update this post later, I will take "a little more decent pictures" using my phone's camera.

Stay tuned! ^__~

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Gyah! I have to reblog the posts I made last week... I feel anxious because I took time to accomplish them in one day, I even made two posts last Thursday (May 12th).
The posts were:
30-Day Blog Challenge: Day 16-30
Bridal Make-up Dilemma
Yesterday, I tweeted @Blogger:
It reads: I would wait until Friday before I reblog my recent posts... Aigoo! , please fix it...
I'm still hoping for it to be fixed this week, until Friday...
but it seems hopeless...
Looks like I have to reblog them...
Oh well, might as well do it over the weekend... my 30-day challenge is looooooong overdue... TT__TT
Wish me luck...
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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Ferreti Shoes is ♥

Sassy, huh?
Want to have this? There are more to choose from!
Actually, I want this, too! =D
I actually learned about Ferreti from Ms. Liz, whom I later found out was the Brand Manager of the said brand. =D
I have wanted to visit Ferreti for my wedding shoes but I didn't have the time. Well, there's always next time! ^__^
For now, Ferreti Shoes will serve as my eye candy... =D
Visit Ferreti Shoes on Facebook or their blog and find more sassy, classy pairs!
Follow them on twitter, too! ^__^
They are currently running a contest. Details here. Check it out! ^__^
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