Friday, July 13, 2012

Saturday Fun

Annyeonghaseyo! ^__^

Whew! What a week! I had headache for the past three days so I couldn't concentrate on blogging. Yesterday, I watermarked my photos and now... I'm on a spree!!! =D

Last week, my favorite aunt - I'm not saying this because she'll get to read this - I've already mentioned her on my past post, on my 30-Day blog challenge, the 29th day. - sent me a message and asked me to call her. So, I did and I found out that she needs help in her kitchen. =D

If you don't know, (or if I haven't mentioned), my aunt is a master in the kitchen... Oooops! She's a GODDESS!!! She could could whip up a delish menu and bake yummy treats - one of the reasons why I love staying there is I get to try eating other kinds of food! Hahaha! =D

Peace, Tita ("Aunt" in Tagalog)! But one of the things that I love about going to her place is getting to bond with her. She's the mom that I wish I had! Well, I'm still lucky to have her as my aunt! She treats me like her own, even telling me that I'm like her daughter already. ^__^

Anyway, my sister, me and my hubby went over to her house to help her. I had a blast teasing my dear sister. It's just my lambing to her, you know. We haven't seen each other in months. =D

Aunt's kitchen was very busy last Saturday. She had to prepare food for about 90 people. The menu for that day was Japanese: Tonkatsu/Karaage + Kani Salad. It was tiring, yes, but being with the people that I love made everything an easy task for me. ^__^

The food were to be served to the orchestra. One of my amazing cousins is part of the Manila Symphony Orchestra. There was a concert that night. ^__^

I think we finished around 3:45pm. We went to the venue at 4pm.

My aunt and I agreed to do our makeup magic at the venue. =D

Lookie! A cute bear hanging from Tita's bag!

The food! I got full with the smell of the cooking  Tonkatsu/Karaage! XD

Hubby: Why so serious? =D

Hubby isn't the camwhore-kind of guy. But on times that he's game to do so, he can make the cutest poses!!! ^__~

Me: Before

Look at the messy hair! I wasn't aware that my hair was that messy! I had my Firmoo glasses on, to at least hide my ugly, bare face! =D

Me: After

Ahhh! The wonders of makeup! The concert will start at 8pm, so we still had plenty of time to do some magic. I was supposed to do my aunt's makeup, but her sister(?)-in-law came early. They'll discuss some matters so I was left alone in the powder room.

I think it took me about 20-30 minutes to complete this look. And! I used only one palette for my eye make up! ^__~

My EOTN: Smokey Taupe

Since there was no one else but me in the powder room, I took the opportunity to take a few photos. =D

I missed doing my makeup! It felt good to be reunited with my makeup!!! ^__^

Aigoo! You tricky cellphone camera! Y my head smaller than my body? Boobies look big?!? o__O

Outside Philamlife Auditorium

I got hungry, so hubby and I went to KFC and we had a light meal. =)

Yay! Excited to watch the concert! ^__^

Uhhh... Blurry! >__<

Am I Ulzzang worthy? ^__^

Regina Buenaventura, Violinist

Soon as I saw her photo, I was stunned at her beauty. She's pretty, her face looks so classic! I must say, her beauty is timeless and exquisite! ^__^

Philamlife at 65

Our passes are so sosyal! =D

I think my cousin designed it herself! *Proud cousin!*  (Insert big grin here! Hahaha!)

The passes were surrendered to the ushers in exchange of our tickets. =)

Our tickets. I can't help but stare at the violinist's classic beauty. ^__^

We sat at the best spot: Orchestra side, middle part. One downside is, I can't see my dear cousin doing her magic! TT__TT

Nevertheless, the performance was _________! (I gotta stop blabbering about this now, I will write about the concert in a separate post! =D)

Before the performance

Happy girl! Haha!

Me and my cousin after the concert

One more souvenir before going home! =D

It was a tiring but awesome day for me and the hubby! He likes performances like that. You know, he's the kind that would listen to all sorts of music: from classical music to rock! =D

Imagine, he listens to Pavarotti, Montserrat Caballe, Sutherland and Horne! Not familiar? Here's a video clip:

And because I can't get enough of my eye makeup, I continued camwhoring at home! =D



Nice that my cat-lining skills hasn't gone yet! =D

I'm in love with my eye makeup!

I assure, it's pretty in real life! My aunt could attest to that! =D

Waaah!!! I really can't capture the beauty of my eye makeup! I badly need to invest in a good camera!!! =D

I give up! Final shot! =D

I'll write about the concert in a separate post. Please watch out for it, okay? ^__^

Do you enjoy concert performances by an orchestra?

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Nicole said...

I so love your skills with the liner! sapian mo naman ako ng iyong kagalingan girl :) kainis yung akin pag tintry ko hindi kasi pantay... :)


angelamhiere said...

Thanks, Nicole! Naku, kung pwede lang! Hahaha! Wait, check mo tong tutorial ko... it's not detailed, but I hope it could help! =)

Don't be discouraged, practice ka lang and you'll get it din! ^__~

Check mo na rin iba kong videos! =)

Bee Zeuqirne said...

you look lovely! nung pinost mo to di ako mkpgconcentrate sa pagod kaya n-like ko muna :D had fun reading it sis <3

angelamhiere said...

Thanks, Bee!!! Naku, andami ko nang backlogs! Anyway... Sana makapagblog ako this week... =)

I super love my makeup that night! Sayang I don't have a decent pic of how lovely it was! I'm also glad hubby and I could go out once in a while na. At least, we could bond, di ba? ^__~

I'm happy you had fun reading it, dear! ^__^

I'll post about the concert itself... hopefully this week! ^__^

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