Friday, August 12, 2011

My Birthday Wish List

With only 7 days left before my birthday, here are the things that I am wishing to have.

This is only my wish list. If someone would grant me any of these, then, WOW! Thanks a lot!!! If none, then, I would just save up for them after the wedding. =D

I’d post the stuff randomly.

Let me start off with…

Beauty and the Beast Blu-Ray 3D DVD

We still don’t have a Blue-Ray or 3D DVD Player, but I really want to have this. I super love Beauty and the Beast!!!

Urban Decay Naked Palette or the 15th Anniversary Palette

Why the Naked Palette? Because I love wearing neutrals every time I go out. I think it is safe wearing them on. You can go subtle to smokey!

Why the 15th Anniversary Palette? Well, aside from the lovely colors it offers, I am very attracted to the pretty box! I believe that although I am a neutral lover, I can come up with amazing looks using this palette! ^__^

Any MAC Product

I’ve never owned one until Ms. Nikki sent me some items as an advanced birthday/wedding gift… The only MAC product I have is the Strobe Cream.

A Good Make-Up Brush Set like Charm Pro Brushes

Charm Pro V.3

I feel the need to invest in good quality make-up brushes. I guess my make-up skills have improved already. I am ready to have a real set of make-up brushes! Hahaha!

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium U Style Flat Iron

When Honey and I were shopping at SM San Lazaro a couple of months ago, I came across the Hairstyling section of Watson’s in the department store and saw this lovely and multi-purpose hair iron. I learned the technique of curling the hair using a flat iron but it won’t seem to work with my Watson’s ceramic hair iron. TT__TT

I showed this to honey and told him that I’d like this as his birthday present for me. Hehehe… He only answered, “After the wedding”. Aigoo!

A New Phone: Apple IPhone or Samsung Galaxy S

IPhone 3gs

IPhone 4

Samsung Galaxy S II

Honey and I had been using our overused phones for about three to four years already. Mine (My ever trusty (Sony Ericsson P990i) has started to give up. I can’t take decent pictures anymore and I miss camwhoring so badly. It hangs sometimes and the on/off button is also starting to malfunction, too. While Honey’s phones (Nokia E71 and Sony Ericsson W__) got broken too. I think they were scared of heights! Hahaha! As of the moment, Honey is using an old Nokia ___ phone borrowed from his younger brother.

Portable Hard Drive

My laptop is getting over crowded with lots of files that I can't let go. I badly need a portable HD!!! TT__TT

Apple IPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab


Samsung Galaxy Tab

Well, this is not really a necessity. It’s just cool having these gadgets around! Hahaha! I actually have an A-Pad Tablet, but I rarely use it. I can’t install some games and I found it a little useless, as compared to the original and high-end ones. Well, I think it's good to have these to be able to blog on the go, sync my stuff with my laptop and do other wonders. =D

An MP3 Player

I love music a lot. I listen to music while I make reports, while I clean the house, while I take a bath, in between classes, before going to sleep – Music is life to me! Hahaha!

I want to pair the MP3 player with these cute Clipper Ear Phones

Well, these are the tangible things that I am wishing for my birthday.


Here are the intangible things that I want to have:

A peaceful and safe world

So commonly cheesy, right? But yeah! I am still hoping for the best! I am still hoping that the world would still be a safe place for my future kids. I know well that God won’t forsake us.

More Time

I am focused so much with my work as a teacher (and I don’t have any complaints about it) and I think I should have some time to spend for myself. I think I’ve been locking myself in too much and I feel the need to go out sometimes. I feel that I have to socialize! Hahaha!

Learn more about Make-up Artistry

Yeah! I am so into make-up now. I know how to put on make-up and do other’s make-up but I still want to improve my current skills. I also want to earn a certificate and venture into a new career. *wink, wink*

So far, these are what I am wishing for. So, if you’re planning to send me a gift, you can choose one above. Hahaha! – Joke! Kidding! I am not choosy in reality. I will accept any gift wholeheartedly with so much delight! ^___^

See you around! ^__^

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Pinaywriter said...

Ang dami naman...ahaahhahah

angelamhiere said...

@Sam: Yep! Hahaha! Wish list lang naman... pero its up to you kung reregaluhan mo ko! hahaha! see you soon! mishu! ^__^

Marie said...

Nice list!:D I want more time too, haha!

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