Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just Got Lucky Series: Mon Petit Boudoir Corset and Skirt

This is the sixth post of seven "Just Got Lucky Series". =)

I am so into fashion blogs these days. Maybe because I want to upgrade my style. I feel like I got a lousy style. Hehehe...

My go-to outfits would always be the shirt and jeans combo, sans the accessories.

On days that I need to go to church, I would go between dresses, skirts and blouses.

You'll find that I usually wear the same kinds of clothes each time. =D That is because I rarely shop.

But this year, my goal is to "upgrade" my closet. I plan to improve my style. I'll grab some basics and add some accessories to amp my style.

And to help me with that, I decided to follow some fashion bloggers. One of them is Ms. Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibriums. I love her casual style, exactly my style! If I got more pairs of shorts and  my legs are flawless and toned like hers, I would definitely flaunt it! =)

With that said, my next plan is to keep my skin smooth and hoard on a few pairs of shorts! =D

Last March I won in one of Ms. Aisa's giveaways. Here's what I won courtesy of her and Mon Petit Boudoir:

A cute zebra printed corset and a pretty blue skirt! ^__^

Both will probably be part of my church wear. The corset top could also be part of my "night out" outfit. ^__^

The tag of the skirt...

Could it be a coincidence? When you turn the tag the other side around, it spells "Aisa"! ^__^

Who is your favorite fashion blogger? 

Share them down in the comments section below! ^__^

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Hazel☺ said...

ang cool pag binaligtad yung tag :P

angelamhiere said...

Super cool, db? =D

Ang cute!!! ^__^

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