Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Weekend of June (Part 1)

Hello! It's nearly July! ^__^

My June was a busy and a happy one! I was able to spend time with my hubby on weekends and he spoiled me with his home cooked meals! I want to catch up on my backlogs and share with you my June Weekends... =)

9th of June.

Let's start with...

My adorable little sister-in-law...

On the morning of June 9th, we went grocery shopping at the nearest SM SaveMore. My 1-year old sister-in-law loves riding the cart and doing funny and cute antics. Isn't she cute and "arte"? =D

FOTD: Powder + Lip Stain
I was supposed to have my L'oreal Chroma Straight Hair makeover done that day. An hour before the said schedule, Ms. Nikki of L'oreal Professionnel called me and informed me that the makeover was cancelled. Honestly, it killed my excitement but it's okay. =)

We just decided to go with my hubby's uncle to SM North Edsa.... =)

Lookie!!! NaRaYa bags! So pweeetee!!! ^__^

Naraya bags are so pretty and they look sturdy! I will convince the hubby to return there and buy me a pretty bag! I don't have much bags (since I work from home and I won't be needing them much anymore... hahaha!). I am thinking of buying some for me. I will be needing new bags soon. I MUST go to graduate school this year! =D


Next stop: Manels

I brought with me the GCs I won from Ms. Charles because that was mainly the reason why we decided to go all the way to SM North. There's no Manels branch at SM San Lazaro and SM Manila.

Izza and I goofing around while waiting for his "Kuya" choose for his new shoes...

She's such a cute (and not to mention HEAVY!) girl! ^__~

Hubby getting annoyed at the SA... When she learned that we'll be using GCs, she told us that items bought with GCs will be sold in their regular price... in an annoying way. =(

Hubby and Mom-in-law got annoyed because the SA and the staff were unfriendly. No wonder, their store doesn't have a lot of customers on that day even if there was a mall-wide sale on that day. =(

Anyway, Hubby didn't find a style he liked, so he told me to use the GCs instead. =)

Oh my! I haven't taken a pic of my new shoes! =D

Mom-in-law bought 4 packs of Kettle Korn in Sweet Corn and Original "Sweet and Salty" Flavor... =D

I love popcorn a lot! ^__^

Hubby bought me a dress at Cinderella! ^__^

I'll wear this on our Mid-Year Thanksgiving and the shoes that I bought at Manels... ^__^

Izza enjoying popcorn while the brother buys some drinks... ^__^

Funny that the first photo I showed was my little sister-in-law and ended it with her photo, too! =D

Fun day it was!!! ^__^

Watch out for more Happy June Weekend posts! ^__^

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