Friday, May 11, 2012

Saturday Getaway! =D

Hello! How have you all been? I just wanna share with you how my last weekend was. Yeah, late again! Haha!

First, we went to Quiapo and dropped by SM Clearance...

Guess what? Children's Clothes and other items were as low as P15! Really!!!

 Hubby really wants to get an Avengers pillow for our cute little nephew at home... =D

After having a quick lunch at KFC, we just accompanied them to get a ride. Then we headed straight to my aunt's house.

 Instagram photo of my favorite view at her house.

I love that house! It's heaven for me! Aunt cooks and bakes well. In fact, she's gonna be having a stall at a bazaar in June, at SM MOA. Do watch out for that because I'll be there to "man" her stall. ^__^

Instagram Photo: Izza: Puchu? =D

In the evening, we went to SM San Lazaro to catch the last full show of...


Yay!!! ^__^

FOTD/N and OOTD: Cool and Casual

That night, I wore my trusty jacket and my new Gigi Amore tank top together with a pair of shorts and flats.

For my makeup, well, I didn't have time to put on a lot, so, I just retouched it with my Avon Simply Pretty Powder Foundation and applied my Natasha Spalistick. I also dabbed a bit of my new Bath and Body Works Liplicious lip gloss (courtesy of my Aunt).

Hubby and I... Oooooh! He's so cute! ^__^

 Spidey! Hmmm... Is this something to look forward to?

Hubby mentioned something about this version of Spiderman...

If he's got smaller eyes, it's Stan Lee's version...
If he's got bigger eyes, then, it's McFarlane's version. 

Pretty interesting, right?

Avengers, Baby!

 I love Ironman and Black Widow! ^__^

Photos with the In-Laws a few minutes before the movie...

Although mom-in-law was there with us before the movie, she didn't really go with us in the theater. So, it's a movie date for us five - Me, hubby, sis-in-law, bro-in-law and his girlfriend! ^__^

Look at hubby's happy smile! Priceless!!! ^__^

Avengers, we're ready for you!!! ^__^

The following day, we went to church in the morning then we all stayed in the house and helped around the household chores. =)

It was a tiring but a great weekend for us! How was yours?

It's nearly the weekend, do you have any plans already? 

I guess, hubby and I will just stay home this weekend... I was supposed to go to SM MOA for the food bazaar but my Aunt said that the event was postponed for June. Please watch out for that! I will be posting details on my blog soon as I get word from my Aunt! ^__^

Are you ready for the weekend? ^__^

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Carizza Chua said...

yay i wanna see again avengers tuloy hahaha are you going to komikon next month? ;)

angelamhiere said...

I want to! When exactly is it? I would have to check my schedule first. =)

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