Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Just Got Lucky Series: Luview and Korea Cosmetics

Belated Merry Christmas! ^__^

I have almost forgotten this post! If I had not checked my drafts folder, I wouldn't have known that I still haven't finished this.

Anyway, these were stuff I won from a previous contest that Korea Cosmetics held. I won 2nd place! ^__^

You can check out the look here. ^__^

I got Luview products all the way from Korea!!! ^__^

Luview Triple Baked Eye Shadow in Lovely Gold (01), Charming Violet (02) and Luview Mascara

Their packaging matches our duvet!!! ^__^

I find them so lovely that I can't bear using them yet! =D

Thank you to every one who voted and to Korea Cosmetics for sending these goodies!!! ^__^

Nomu Kamsahamnida!!! ^__^

Please wait for the moment that I get over their cuteness! I will be writing my reviews soon... ^__^

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