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Ulta Nail Polish in Little Black Dress Full Review


How was your holidays? Ours was so bitin but it's better than having none. =D

I was supposed to blog about this before the year ended. But I was too busy helping around. Anyhoo, I think I was able to road test this product well. ^__^

I've been joining the House of Flair's Monthly raffle to be their Guest Blogger of the Month. I think I only missed a month or two and when December came, I was a bit hopeless already. But still, I joined and I think, December was my lucky month! ^__^

It took only a day before this little blue bag arrived in my doorstep.

They use Fast Track as courier. Hmmm... It's the first time I've received something that sent through Fast Track. Fast indeed! =)

The product was carefully wrapped to prevent from getting damaged during shipping.

Guess what I got?

 Ulta Salon Formula Nail Lacquer in Little Black Dress

Ms. Suyen of the House of Flair offered me an array of interesting products to review. However, I chose to pick this nail lacquer because I felt that some of the cosmetic products won't match my skin tone. As for nail polish, you can use it in various ways to make it work. =)

First things first. Let's talk about its packaging.

The nail lacquer was housed in a chubby but classy looking bottle. It doesn't look tacky like other nail polishes.

As for the brush, it's nothing too special. It's like the ordinary nail polish brushes. Moreover, it doesn't make application difficult. =)

I find the Little Black Dress an interesting shade: it is a beautiful black with a cream, shimmery with glitters finish.

Let's road test it! ^__^

So, because I have less time and I don't want to fuzz around and cut my fingers, I had my nails done at a local salon, near our house. I brought the Ulta Nail Lacquer with me. By the way, the service was good. They are careful not to murder your nails. I think I better blog about it once I return to that salon. ^__^

Going back to the nail lacquer, here are my honest thoughts about it...

What it claims...(According to
Salon Formula Nail Lacquer by ULTA is a quick-drying, chip-resistant lacquer that is free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP.

Hmmm... I would agree with the quick-drying part, as for the chip resistant... Hmmm... we'll find out later...

How to use:
     Apply on freshly-cleaned nails and apply two coats for a more pigmented look. Finish off with top coat.

What I love about it...
  • It is free of the big three - formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP. Safe for everyone, even pregnant ladies and kids! =)
  • It is definitely quick-drying. I like my nail polishes to be quick-drying because you all know that I am a busy bee! I hate to work on my nails for a long time for it to get marked on or ruined a single second after I do my nails. =D
  • A layer of it gives a pretty shimmery gray shade but two coats will give a pretty shimmery black shade that's perfect for a galaxy-inspired nail art (that I've been meaning to do for the longest time!)
  • The formula is not too thick nor too runny. I like the texture of the product. It's easy to apply.
  • Has fine microshimmers that doesn't dull even after a week on your nails. Most glitter polishes dull after a week or only a few days of use, but the microglitters in the Ulta Nail Lacquer didn't get dull! ^__^
  • It remained shiny until now. Although it is already chipped and the cuticles around my toe nails needs TLC now, it remains shining shimmering splendid! =D
  • It made my fingers look fairer and lighter.

What I don't love about it...
  • Not locally available.
  • The fine, microshimmers can be a bit of a headache to remove. See tip below. =)
  • Gets chipped easily. I guess it is because I washed my hands frequently, but I'll try to wear this again soon. =)

 I got this for free, but you can pre-order this from the House of Flair. ^__^

Where to buy?
 You can buy this from the House of Flair. In fact you can buy a lot of stuff from the House of Flair. From cosmetics, clothes, toys, books... name it, you can pre-order it! Ooops! Well, except for food and electronics, that is! ^__~

Whom would I recommend this to?
 I'd recommend this to nail polish junkies! Those that love sparkly nails that never dull. =)


4.5 out of 5
I love every thing about it... except the chipping part. Well, I'll give this another chance soon! ^__~

  • Since it has microglitters, it could be a bit difficult to remove. Get a piece of cotton ball then unravel it. Divide it into five small pieces. Dampen with nail polish remover and wrap around nails. After a few seconds, do a back and forth motion while pulling the cotton towards the tip of the nails. Voila! Nail polish gone in seconds! This tip is not only cool for removing glitter polishes, but in removing all kinds of nail polishes! ^__~
  • To prevent it from chipping off easily, seal the nail polish. How to "seal" it? Simply run the brush across the edge of the nails. Do the same with clear polish to ensure you that it will not chip off quickly.
  • To keep polish from looking freshly-applied, re-apply top coat every other day to maintain its luster. 

Pics and Swatches:

Day 1
I took photos of it when it was freshly applied, but, I think either my Mom-in-law or my Sister-in-law deleted it. The memory card is nearly full so, they could have deleted it. Anyway...

Day 2
There's not much task to do on Day 2 of wearing the Little Black Dress, so, there wasn't much chipping off.


Under Artificial light


Day 3
On Day 3 of wearing the Little Black Dress on my nails, I helped in taking care of the kids and cleaning the house because it was a Sunday and the house helper won't be around until after Christmas Day.

 Oh no! It's starting to chip off!

Closer look...

Day 4
Day 4 of wearing the this lovely polish. I didn't do much at home as I went out with my hubby and little Sister-in-law. We went to our Family Reunion. =)

By the way, no photos for Day 4. I was very busy to take photos of my nails that day. =D

Day 5
We stayed home and ate a lot. I washed the dishes and kepr the kitchen counter clean. This really tested the lasting power of the Little Black Dress! =D

 Left hand

 Small chips on the thumb nail

 Right hand

My right hand is my dominant hand, therefore it received a lot of damage.

Day 6
Back to work. But the house helper almost gave me stress when her husband sent me a text message saying that she can't make it to work because they'll go see the doctor - something that we already expected because she already has this habit of not coming to work after a long vacation for various reasons. We told them that no one would look after the kids because we all should go back to work. Since it was a Wednesday, I got a load of students from morning till evening. Sorry about the mini-rant. =D

While waiting for her to arrive, I gave the kids a bath. =D

 Left hand

Right hand: It has chipped off already but you can still see how sparkly it is. =)

Day 7
I only washed my cosmetic brushes on Day 7. That explains the white buildup on my cuticles. =D

Dry cuticles!!! >__<
Please pardon my cuticles... >__<

Day 8
On Day 8, I have done plenty of things. In the morning, I did my hubby's grandmother's makeup. Afterwards, I washed my brushes right after my last class in the morning... You'll see how busy I was here:

Click to enlarge
See? =D

 Left hand

Right hand

It was so chipped but the shine is still there. I think anyone who loves nail polishes but has horrendous tasks to do will fall in love with this nail polish.

The one-week test is over but the busy Holiday rush prevented me from removing it right away. Teehee! I removed it only... last December 31st, MONDAY, the last day of 2012! =D

In my honest opinion, trying this nail lacquer made me curious about the other shades Ulta offer. I've seen their website and they have a lot of pretty colors to offer! But if you are on a tight budget, you may find dupes locally. Nonetheless, I am in love with this nail polish and I am planning to wear this again soon, this time, I'll challenge myself to create a galaxy-inspired nail art. ^__^

If you are interested in buying this nail polish or anything in that's only available in the U.S, contact Ms. Suyen. You may reach her through the following:
For pre-orders, you may visit

On-hand items:

Facebook Page:



Gone are the days when you fret because the products that you are lemming for aren't available in our country. Just visit the House of Flair and they'll take care of it! ^__~

I hope you found this review helpful! ^__^

Thank you, House of Flair for this wonderful opportunity!!! ^__^

What's your favorite polish at this moment? What nail polish are you wearing now? ^__^

Teacher Angel's Project this 2013: Be a better blogger! ^__^

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CarmisCaprice said...

The color is nice but if it gets chipped easily, its a big No, No!

angelamhiere said...

I agree. I'll wear it again next time and see if it's going to get chipped easily. The week that I wore it was a very busy time for me, a crazy time because of the holidays, which required me to help around the house and wash dishes because the helper wasn't around. :D

Sarvin Sidhu said...

love the color but sadly it chips off easily! :(

angelamhiere said...

I agree! =)

But maybe its all because I was busy that time... =D

I'll try it out again and see if it will chip like crazy again... =D

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