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My Flawless Beauty Transformation

Who wouldn't want to be flawless and gorgeous? Let me first tell you a tale of a girl who dreams of becoming flawless...

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She was born to lovely parents and every one adored her.

She had a pretty face but...

 Are you angry, baby?


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...she had really sensitive skin.

With Aunt, little girl trying to play the piano...

 Merry Christmas!

Little girl's pretty face... Hmmm...

Flower girl!

Little girl and dad... =)

I love how Papa looks lovingly at me... sigh! I miss him! Gotta see him soon! TT__TT

It was said that she had been cared for too much that she grew to have overly sensitive skin.

Look closely at her legs...

There were plenty of scars... =(

See the little girl's leg? The photo is old and blurry so you may not see it clearly that her skin is discolored... Due to scars.

Good thing, stockings look cute on kids... =D

Little girl trying to entertain her relatives...

When the girl grew up into a young lady, she became conscious of her scars... And she can't let others look at them, especially her legs. Those scars didn't just leave marks on her skin, but marred her confidence.

In 2nd and 3rd Year High School

Frankly, the girl's High School life was not as fun as the others. She lacked confidence and she thought that she can't match the beauty of the other popular girls in school. Anyhoo, she's realized that she can't keep hiding inside her shell. She need to divert the attention of other people from noticing her physical appearance.  In what way? Well, the girl has the talent and brains, so people around her look up to her because of those things. She tried to find a way to erase the marks of the past by resorting to whitening lotions, for they helped in lightening some of the scars.

Success! Graduation Time! Oh! There's a band-aid?!?

In college, she's still hesitant to wear short pants, anything that exposes her scarred skin. She continued her whitening regimen until... She joined a beauty pageant in her college.

She won Ms. Photogenic...

And won 2nd Runner Up

That pageant helped boost her confidence. It made her accept herself a little bit. She kept telling herself, "It's not the physical appearance. It's the brains." 

Canadian Group: Mother

In drama class, she learned that she had a talent for acting. She took the roles of mothers, an angel (the antagonist), and a duchess.

When it comes to love, she wasn't so lucky at first. But when she met him, she learned another thing. That love sees no imperfections. 

Who is that girl? Well... It's me! =D

To tell you the truth, I still feel embarrassed when people would give me a strange look once they see scars on my skin. It's as if I had a disease all because I got scars. =(

On the other hand, if you didn't know, I suffer from a condition called PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)...

You may ask... "Uhhh... What's that?!?"

It is a condition wherein a woman experiences hormonal disorder, causing combined signs and symptoms. It is called "polycystic" because of the occurence of the small cysts along the ovaries.

Here are some of the common symptoms of PCOS (Source) as well as how it affects me:

  • Abnormal menstrual cycle: 
    Do you want proof? Here...

    Hahaha! You thought I'm gonna show you icky stuff? No way! XD

    Yep! I used to skip my period for months. In fact, the longest time I lost my period was for three months!

  • Weight gain: 
    Way back in August 2010

    I had been diagnosed with PCOS January that year. But my body was still "normal" that time...

    July 2012
    The dress covered up my growing belly... To think that I'm not pregnant, it's disappointing to see your tummy grow. =(

    Now, I am flabbier. And there are some bulges here and there... concentrating on my tummy area... =(

  • Acne and oily skin: 

    This is the worse symptom of all. The last time, I had terrible and painful breakouts that I had to postponed my trip to Flawless for the Advance Acne Control Facial because the zits were so tender to the touch. =(

    Aigoo... this makes me want to sing the Healing Incantation...

    Rapunzel, help me!!!
  • Excess hair growth: 

     Oh no! I'm growing a mustache!!! Kidding! =D

     Mr. Pogi?

     Nah! Mr. Swabe! >__<

    Hi girls! XD

    "Sabi ko sa'yo, Ney, lalaki ako, eh! Ayaw mo pa maniwala... ayan, ibidens!" ("Honey, I told you, I'm a guy! See! Here's an evidence!")

    Good thing, I don't suffer from hirsutism... But wait... Would I look handsome if I turned into a guy? XD

  • Hair loss: 

    Thank you, Lord, my hair doesn't thin out...

  • Sleep problems and fatigue or exhaustion: 

    Lookin' good here... but I was really sleepless here...

    This is also sometimes my problem. No matter how much I wanted to sleep, I can't. On the other hand, there were also times that I want to just rest and laze around because I felt so burned out...

  • Depression, anxiety, irritability, and mood swings: 

    This is so true. Sometimes, I get anxious just about nothing! o__O

  • Fertility problems: 

    Hmmm... Not sure about this yet! We don't plan to have babies yet, at least hmmm... by next, next year? =D

  • Metabolic syndrome: 

    I haven't reached this point yet... I hope I won't have to...

Why am I sharing you these facts? Well, its all because it is my main concern now. Since I had PCOS, my life had gotten worse! I had to always put on makeup to conceal my imperfections before I head out of the house. If before, I was embarrassed of my scarred legs, now, my face is included. I am getting sick of people asking me what happened to my face, that sometimes, I just want to wear a big placard or a shirt that says, "MY HORMONE LEVELS ARE IMBALANCED. THAT EXPLAINS THE FACE WITH ZITS AND THE FLABBINESS." Its difficult to make other people understand that. They sometimes blame me for putting on makeup, that I might be allergic to the products that I'm using. Little did they know, I just use makeup because it helps me be confident, helping me feel good despite the growing number of acne scars on my face. 

Are you now curious of why I used the title "My Flawless Beauty Transformation"?

It's because I am hoping to try the Fractional Needling Therapy or any Flawless service that will help address my main issues: scars and acne. Scars had affected me all my life and I want to get rid of them for good. I want to be confident without having to wear makeup, just like before.

December 2009

Life without PCOS was a breeze... There were not much to conceal... just a little BB Cream, eye brow and eye liner, blush, lippie and you're good to go! I miss those days...

This photo reminds me of a conversation me and my student had last week...

Student: Teacher, when was this photo taken?
Me: Uhmmm... it was taken last 2009. Why?
Student: Hmmm...
Me: Do I look prettier?
Student: YES!
Me: Oh... Yeah... Those were the days... (heartbroken, but still smiling)
Student: (Types "I'm sorry" very quickly)
Me: (Seeing the message) Hey! Don't be sorry, I'll tell you why I was prettier that time... *winks*

I am hopeful. I know Flawless will be able to help me be confident again. I will be gorgeous again! Hahaha!!!

By the way, let me share with you awesome news! Since Flawless is celebrating their 11th birthday, they have a 1 + 1 Beauty Blowout this December! Let's rejoice beauty junkies! December is National Flawless Month! ^__^

Go to the nearest Flawless Branch and take advantage of this offer! You can visit their website, to check out their services!

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