Friday, December 14, 2012

Just Got Lucky Series: e.l.f Disney Villains Palette

Yay for Friday!!! ^__^

I got another notice the day my postal office notice from Hawaii came. I knew where this came from! It's from California! ^__^

I asked my Dad-in-law to claim it for me. He's my personal representative when it comes to claiming my parcels! =D

By the way, my parents-in-law both work in the Central Post Office. *wink, wink*


And here's what I got...

Pumpkin candies and the e.l.f Disney Villains Cruela De Vil Palette
There's also a note from Wendy of Turtle Beauty! ^__^

It reads:
I hope you enjoy the palette and the candies. Thanks for reading my blog.


I am itching to use the palette but I am saving it for product mug shots... I have borrowed my sister-in-law's camera already, so, I am going to be swatching stuff all the way! ^__^

Do you have weekend plans? ^__^

It's our Church Thanksgiving this weekend. ^__^

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