Friday, December 14, 2012

My Two-Year Old Sister-in-Law (Featuring her Pinkbox Clips and Outfit Shots)

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Some of you might have seen my adorable little sister-in-law, and I think some of you might have mistaken her as my daughter. Actually, I pray to have a very pretty daughter like her! ^__^

This is a post dedicated to my cute and kikay two-year old sister-in-law...

She was only a year old in these photos... =)

 On Izza: SM dress (not sure about exact name of the brand), Darlington black stockings and Sugarkids shoes

Hairstyle by me! ^__^

That's our nephew, my sis-in-law's then one month old baby. =)

First Pinkbox clip of the day: Pinkbox bow clip in black

The bow clip was used to secure her hair.

Second Pinkbox clip of the day: Pinkbox bow clip in checkered blue

She's really showing off her clip! =D

 Oh... That cute, round face! ^__^


 She's pouting at her elder brother... =D

Ang gandang bata!!! (Such a pretty child!!!)

 Emotera! =D

 Are you hungry, little girl?

 Feeling model... model ng lata (tin can model)! XD

Can she pass as a TV/Print Ad model? =D

 She loved her milk... loved, because she doesn't like it anymore... She now drinks Lactum Choco...

 Emotera talaga!!! XD

 She's excited. It will be a long day for this baby because there's a party in the afternoon...

It's Marc Justine's birthday party that day. He's known for his role as "Wally the Wonder Walis" in GMA 7's "Alice Bungisngis and her Wonder Walis". It was his big break. ^__^

And I'm proud to say that he's my hubby's uncle's talent. ^__^

So... We had to go get him a present for his 7th birthday party, which, I became the official photographer! Haha! =D

 Izza and I at the giftwrapping section...

 The camera loves her... and she loves it, too! Mana sa akin! Joke!!! Hahahaha!!! >__<

Third Pinkbox clip of the day: Pinkbox bow clip in pink

Fringe braids for the little girl...

 Hairstyle by me again! =D

 Styling babies can be tricky, you gotta work fast, especially on their hair, so they won't get bored.

Let me kiss you!!! - Izza

 Arte lang! Izza and her elder sister

 Peek-a-boo! I see you!!!

 Naks! Outfit shot!!!

I'm unfamiliar with her clothes here, I'll check them later...but her shoes are from Snoopy.

Hala! Patayin sa sindak si Izza? 
I think she saw the clown here... But she's not actually scared of clowns because she had clowns during her 1st birthday. ^__^

Hayzt... My little sis-in-law... She's so pretty! She's also talented! I can foresee that she'll be a good singer and dancer. I wish that my future baby girl would be as pretty as her! I especially love the shape of her nose! Who agrees with me?

I was about to share you a video clip of Izza... While searching my smart phone, I noticed that the video I'm going to share is gone! 

Suspect: HUBBY! -__-

Oh well!!!

What are your weekend plans?

This weekend, it's going to be our Thanksgiving. I shall attend the Sunday service. ^__^

I'll try to take outfit shots. =)

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Anonymous said...

your sister in law is really cute and adorable :)

angelamhiere said...

I definitely agree with you! I wish to have a baby like her! =D

Too bad, the video I'm talking about got lost... Anyway, I'll try to record another one soon... ^__^

Thanks for dropping by, Nic Nic!!! <3<3<3

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