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My Christmas Wishlist + Firmoo Giveaway Winners

Christmas is around the corner!!! Yay!!! The wifey (me) is super excited for my long weekend. For people who work in this kind of industry, we all rejoice in rare holidays like these. Usually, we follow Korean Holidays, and the only non-Korean Holidays that we have are Christmas and New Year. So, I'm really looking forward to a long weekend with the hubby. Oh, I forgot! Hubby has to work on the 24th, I am just lucky that our boss gave as a break on that day. So, I'll go to hubby's office on Monday and we'll go straight to our relatives after his shift. Or maybe go on a date first, since our family reunion starts in the evening. ^__^

There are only a few days left before Christmas! Wow! Time flies so fast! Anyway, let me share with you stuff I want for Christmas...

Charm PRO Makeup Brush Set

Charm Travel Pro Set

This has been part of my birthday wishlist this year. I got a Beauty Cosmetics Travel Brush set already, one that I won from Jannah's giveaway. I want to have any Charm Brush Set to be able to compare the two. =D

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Samsung Galaxy Camera

Samsung NX1000

I really want to own my own camera, one that could take really crisp shots of anything. Also, it would be an advantage if I get to own one that could capture the real condition of my skin, for product reviews. =)

For now, I shall rely on my trusty smartphone camera and I'll just borrow my sister-in-law's digital camera if I'll need take sharp photos. ^__~

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Jeffrey Campbell Lita Shoes

I've been bugging the hubby to get me these shoes. We saw a similar one at SM but I got kinda disappointed since the heels were made of PVC plastic. =(

Hopefully, we could find and buy a few good pairs like these.... =)

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I want to use these kinds of bags when I start teaching next year. These bags look sturdy and roomy, good for teachers like me. =D

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I like reading. I have lots of E-Books sent by Ms. Dee of Skye Avenue. So plenty that I don't know what to read first! Haha! Hubby gave me the idea of owning a Kindle. I was already contented reading books from my smartphone, until he asked me "Do you want a Kindle for your e-books?" and it sparked my interest in owning a this gadget... Hehehe... =D

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Starbucks 2013 Planner
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Random Cute 2013 Planner

Being the OC between me and the husband, I want things done on time (or even before the deadline). Really. I don't know if he noticed it, but I started despising cramming. =D

I want to start the year right by planning my actions and jotting them down. It will help me both as a blogger and a teacher. Honestly, I want more than one planner! Maybe not another planner, but a sketchpad (yeah , I'm a paper monster!). =D

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Classic Bike

I know how to ride a bike but honestly, I can't ride it in the streets! =D However, I want to conquer my fear and be able to exercise as well! If hubby would get me one (which is impossible), I'll ride this every Thursday morning, going to church. By the way, church is just at the other street, near our house. =D

Photo taken 2 years ago...
Skinfood Aloe Sun BB Cream

I've tried a lot of BB Creams out there and I must say, this is still my HG BB Cream. I want to reunite with it soon... =D

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I am hoping to get to teach in the school next year. I hope to be a good, if not the best, teacher my students could ever have. ^__^

Of course, I want to have lots of love next year! ^__^

I want to be a successful teacher, blogger and most importantly as an individual. =)

Thank you for reading along my wishlist. ^__^

By the way, since I only gathered 95 entries for my Firmoo giveaway, I'll consider all of the participants winners! ^__^

Here are the lucky ones:

Andrea Celestial NoroƱa
Ella Dalistan
Cristiane Cleofas
Ally Matute

I shall e-mail you for the details. ^__^

Thank you every one! I hope every one participates on my next giveaway. Don't worry, I'll make sure it'll be fun! ^__^

How about you? Have you made your Christmas wishlist already? Or, should I say, are you ready for the holidays? ^__^

This is going to be a long weekend! Woot!!! =D

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