Thursday, December 06, 2012

Sample Room Haul: Benefit and Calvin Klein

Hello! I'm here to share with you my haul from Sample Room! If you have not heard about Sample Room, head over to this link and join the sampling craze! ^__^

Look what arrived in our doorsteps today! ^__^

Packages wrapped like these makes me giddy!!! ^__^

 LOOK!!! My first batch of samples from Sample Room!!! ^__^

 Sealed for your protection? =D

Love, love, love the pink and white combination of their label sticker!
Don't you think the logo looks so luxe? ^__^

 The items I got were wrapped safely in bubble wrap. =)

 My first Benefit product: The Porefessional
I've been meaning to try this product as well as the other products from Benefit but they are just expensive for me. When a product is expensive, I get hesitant in buying them. Why? What if it would not work for me? Moolah down the drain! TT__TT

 Small but (hopefully) terrible!

How to use

It's a really good thing that Sample Room tied up with Benefit. Now, consumers will be able to road test a product before they could shell out their precious money. =)

 Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua

Smells so good!!! ^__^

I love this! I love it so much that as soon as I unwrapped it, I immediately spritz it on myself. ^__^

That's my very first Sample Room Haul. Have you tried getting samples from the Sample Room?

If not, I recommend you to try it! ^__^

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