Monday, December 10, 2012

Love from Sky(e Avenue, that is! =D)

Well, hello there! How was your weekend, lovely readers? ^__^

Mine was busy and tiring. I did some general cleaning on my baby doggies' cages and gave them a thorough bath last Saturday then on Sunday, I had to help and assist my Mom-in-law with my two year old sis-in-law and nine month old nephew. I cleaned the house and played with the kids. It ruined my original plan of creating lessons for my students and editing the photos of my sis-in-law's first birthday party but it's okay. Mom-in-law asked me to edit them (put them in collages) so she can have them printed. I love tinkering with my Photoshop so I gladly accepted it. It's like a challenge for me since I'm really a noob when it comes to PS. I only know how to create invitations and layout stuff using brushes and patterns. Anyway, I'll just make time for those tomorrow. =)

Tonight, I shall be sharing with you awesome stuff I got from Ms. Dee of Skye Avenue. ^__^

I met her through twitter and I'm happy that she's fond of my Soundcloud recordings. Wanna hear my recordings? Here's the link if you're interested. *wink, wink*

Look at what I got:

 Strip It! Sugar Wax, Aloe Vera Gel, Barry M Lipstick in Dolly Pink, Miner's Tin O' Tint in Vanilla, and Beauty UK Liplust in Barbie Girl

Right after receiving my loot, I got so excited and wore two of my goodies right away!!!

Miner's Tin O' Tint in Vanilla + Barry M Lipstick in Dolly Pink

I love pink! I love how youthful it makes me look. =D

I am about to write a review on Strip It! Sugar Wax. Please watch out for that! ^__^

Have a happy Monday!!! ^__^

I am in the hunt for my sister-in-law's gowns for her event on February. Multi-tasking mode again! ^__^

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