Tuesday, December 04, 2012

FOTD 100512: Ulzzang Peg

Good morning! ^__^

I learned about ulzzangs when I started working in a Korean company years ago. Since then, I admire the simple but dolly look that Korean ulzzangs wear. There are times that I would google and ogle ulzzang pegs and try to recreate them. 

FYI: If you are new to K-Pop or anything Korean, the term "ulzzang" means "best faced". It is also "eoljjang", and both ulzzang and eoljjang is pronounced as /ul-jang/.

Ulzzang pegs can be quite challenging sometimes. For me, since I have acneic skin now, my main concern is my skin. I have to do lots of concealing and I have to layer on BB cream. For the eyes, most ulzzangs would stick to the neutral shades, although others like having a splash of color to go with their look.

Taken outside our house, under natural light. 

I chose to stick with neutral colors this time, lined my upper lash line with cream liner and coated my lashes with mascara.

The eye makeup for the ulzzang look can be as simple as this, or if you have lots of time to spare, you can make it as elaborate by adding top and bottom false eyelashes or drawing lashes to give the illusion of doll-like eyes. 

Sorry, no list of products used. I forgot to take note of them.  =D

The holidays are fast approaching! Who's excited? ^__^

Hubby is sick but he decided to go to work. I'm worried about him. I wish he goes home soon...

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