Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Do you ever get bored or so stoked that you turn yourself into a beauty guinea pig some times?

This is what happens when my fringe grows long but I won't need a total hair makeover for me to take a salon visit...

Did it scare you? =D

Don't worry, it wasn't that bad...

When I get lazy or too stingy to go to the salon, I cut my own fringe. =D

Sometimes, I'd be lucky to get a perfect full fringe, sometimes, I fail...

But I'm glad I got it right this time... I suppose! =D

This was the last time I trimmed my fringe. It was a couple of months ago, the same day as I did my HyunA Gangnam Style-Inspired FOTD. For now, I shall grow it out first. I will get a full fringe again soon. ^__^

Do you ever cut your own hair? How do you do it and when did you start doing it? ^__^

See you around! I'll check on the hubby first, he's sick. He went home early because of that...

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