Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nail of the Week: Purple Glam!

Happy Thursday every one!

I am supposed to be taking a nap now, but I just can't wait for my video to be uploaded in Youtube. So, while waiting for it to upload, let me share with you my nail of the week... ^__^

If you can remember, the last NOTW that I posted had been a couple of months ago, if you wanna see it, check this link out! ^__~

Last Friday, I got all excited for my Chroma Straight Makeover courtesy of L'oreal Academie. I couldn't sleep so I decided to paint my nails instead. The excitement kept me awake, which was good for two things:
1. I could do my nails, and;
2. I could look over the feverish hubby... =)

Earlier in the day, I have been thinking of what to do with my nails. I was undecided if I would do a polka dot s nail art, a water marble nail art, or just paint my nails. Before my classes, I tried to experiment with water marbling. However, I think the consistency of my nail polishes ain't good for water marbling. Or maybe, I was in a hurry and got impatient. Teehee... =D

I got loads of classes on Fridays (so much for working hard before the weekend!) and I wasn't able to do my nails in between my classes. I ended painting my nails at bedtime. =D

Like what I said earlier, it was a good thing that I didn't get sleepy right after my classes...

And this was what I did:

Step 1: Clean, file and buff nails. =)

Step 2: Apply base coat. I used The Face Shop Nail Polish in PP405. 

 Step 3 and 4: Apply a layer or two of San San Nail Polish in Purple Glam. Then top off with a clear nail polish. =)

Oh, and by the way, don't forget to clean up the sides! ^__~

So quick and easy, right? ^__^

Yam-y! XD

I am so in love with my current nail polish that I want to wear it again next week... =D

What about you? What nail polish are you wearing now? ^__^

P.S: A hair tutorial is coming right up! ^__^

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