Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Weekend of June (Part 2)

10th of June.

More Happy Weekend of June updates because they were so fun! ^__^

Let's start! ^__^

It's hubby's grandpa's birthday! My in-laws cooked Sinigang na Lechon and Lechon Paksiw...

Sinigang na Lechon: Yummy! ^__^

Lechon Paksiw: nomnomnom...

Dad-in-law also grilled some Tilapia... ^__^

Yummy lunch!!! ^__^

Cholesterol galore! Hahaha!!! >__<

My cute nephew hugging his Patrick the Starfish toy... =)

Huggies Endorser? XD

He looks like my hubby when hubby was a baby... so, I imagine how our baby would look like when we have our own... =D

Maybe the baby would look like my little sister-in-law or nephew above... =D

Nevertheless, hubby wants our baby to look like me. Hey Hubby! You're handsome, noh! ^__~

Hello Kitty Nerd Glasses on a bare face! =D

A little later, Hubby's uncle asked us to accompany him to SM North. In a flash, I changed my clothes and hopped to the car! Hahaha!!! XD

There she goes again... =D

Powder + Blush + Lipgloss = 

I am trying to show you my HOTD... But it's a fail... =D

HOTD: Hair Bow

My Hair Bow that day was successful... I just wasn't able to take a decent photo of it... =D

Me and Izza on our way to SM...

We actually just dropped by ACE Hardware and BonChon.

It was our first time to try BonChon. I've been reading about it a lot but haven't got a chance to try it out until that day. Hubby's uncle challenged my hubby and Mom-in-law to replicate the recipe. =D

I wasn't able to take photos anymore because my phone was already drained. =(

More posts on June weekend fun coming up! ^___^

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