Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Kindergarten Program (SKP) 2012: Experience and Graduation

Hello every one!!!

How's your Friday? I hope you're having a blast! ^__^

As for me, I have to enjoy spending time with my students before I can fully enjoy Friday. Oh well! Spending time with my little ones make me happy! ^__^

Anyway, let me share with you my experience on this year's Summer Kindergarten Program. ^__^

Here's a short account on my experience on my second year in teaching in SKP...

During the classes... I think this was during the second or third week... I can say, they are more playful than the last batch. But in fairness, they are smarter than the last batch! Clever, should I say! =D

Our class picture...

After a month.... it's time for them to march... ^__^

The Graduates: all excited! ^__^

 The awards and ribbons... Yes! Every body got not only one, but more than one ribbon! We teachers were generous! hahaha!!!

The Audience: mommies, daddies, guardians and more (left)... students (right)

Teacher Angel and some of her adorable students...

As for Teacher's hair and makeup...

I decided to go for a no fuzz hairstyle that actually looks fab... It has some pieces braided and there was a bun at the back. I just wrapped the bun with the braided pieces. Sadly, I wasn't able to take some photos of it. However, I'm glad it stayed intact the whole day! ^__^

Graduation FOTD

For my makeup, like what I said on my previous posts, I will go for a "bongga" look. Haha! I went all out with the eye makeup. I wasn't able to pick up most of the colors but I hope you can see a bit of it on the first photo. ^__^

I only wore a brown tube dress and a cream bolero with hints of gold. I paired it with a pair of black heels. =)

One of the things that I won't forget on that day was, I felt a different feeling when they called in the Teachers and they called me by my new surname. I felt happy and all different! =D

It always felt good seeing the little kids graduate. It was only my second year teaching in the kindergarten program and it never fails to give me the warm and proud feeling. =)

Soon, I will level up and be teaching Alternative Learning System (ALS) students. Wish me luck! It will be a big jump! ^__^

Any teacher readers here? Mommy readers? Anyone here who has experienced SKP? ^__^

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