Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nail of the Week: Purple Gradient Nails

Today, I shall share you my "Nail of the Week". In fact, I've been wearing this for more than a week already. =D

All of the polishes I used were from HBC. Wanna recreate it? Here's how:

1. Make sure your nails are clean and sanitized. File it to your desired shape. =)

2. Apply base coat. For me, since I don't have one, I used Caronia colorless nail polish. Let dry.

3. Take a duochrome pearl-pink nail polish like San San Nail Polish in Lilac Pearl and apply on entire nail. Again, let it dry. 

4. Get a piece of sponge and a small piece of plastic (to be used as a palette). You can use an old CD case like I did. =D

5. Put a few drops of pink nail polish. I used San San Tea Rose. It is actually mauvey-pink. Dab the sponge on the pink polish and dab on the middle half of your nail. Let dry.

6. Then take a purple shade. Put a few drops and dab the sponge there. Apply it on the tip of the nail, about 1/4 of the nail. I used San San Violet Glam.

7. Since my purple polish was a bit dark, I toned it down using San San Lavender Blush, a lighter purple nail polish. If I used Lavender Blush alone, the purple won't stand out and it won't look like a gradient. that's why I had to use a darker purple nail polish before Lavender Blush.

8. Top it off with your clear nail polish to smooth out the top coat and seal it. =)

9. Let it dry completely.

10. You're done! Haha! ^__^

Here's how mine turned out.

There you go! Thanks to HBC and Miss Kat V for these pretty nail polishes! I'll be posting a review soon! ^__^

Hubby thought it's a French Tip... What do you think? -___-

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Hazel☺ said...

they do look like french tip :)


angelamhiere said...

Haha! It does... Imperfect French tip... But if you stare at it closely, you'll see the thin strip of pink there... hmmm... Eureka! I got an idea! =D

Another nail post might be on its way soon!!! ^__^

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