Thursday, June 14, 2012

Back-to-School Series: Lesson 1: No Heat Mermaid Waves

Hello! I'm back with another (hopefully) helpful post! This is for all students out there, specifically high school students. ^__^

As a high school teacher, I would like my students to look good without going overboard. During my practicum and even before that, I've seen some girls who have (sorry, girls!) horrible hair and even makeup! C'mon girls, you wouldn't want to look older than teacher, right?

So, as a teacher, let me guide you on how you should look at school. ^__~

Let's start with hair.

Today, I shall be teaching you how to create a  pretty hairstyle.

I'll show you how to get this hairstyle without using any heat...

Our lesson for today is the "No Heat Mermaid Waves".

Are you ready?

This is especially easy for girls who want to look glam without having spending too much time on the curling iron... =)

I used to have short hair way back in High School. I guess, if I had long hair that time, then I shall be sporting this... 

I hope that helps! So girls, don't forget to do your homework! Leave a comment below! ^__~

Next Lesson: Makeup Tutorial (How to wear makeup in school)... ^__^

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