Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Teacher FOTDs

Hello again! I recently posted about my SKP 2012 experience. This time, I shall share with you the looks I wore to school. Most of them are plain-looking and simple, as I don't want to wear much makeup. =)

FOTD: Class Picture

 FOTD: Graduation

FOTD: Graduation

My makeup for a month (or so) was really plain. But I am very happy to be reunited with my makeup... ^__^

Gosh... I missed my stash! I better make use of them soon!!! ^__^

Don't worry, I am still working on the Back-to-School Series... Please do check out my YouTube tutorials! ^__~

Here's the first of the series:

On a sidenote... I need colorful palettes! =D

Any sponsors out there? Kekeke~!!!

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